The Eternal Story

The Eternal Story

War has raged the world of Edenspire for thousands of years. Corrupt kings and their families are constantly battling over the fabled relic, "Eschelon's Gift" which holds god-like power, but only one person will emerge victorious.

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You will take on the role of a member of one of the four kingdoms in Edenspire, fighting for your kingdom to acquire the relic, or creating alliances with other nations to work together. Perhaps those with the purest of intentions will not focus on the relic, but on defeating the corrupt nations. The four kingdoms are:
-Northern Skypeaks, an icy region, lead by King Admos- having a slower economy, and smaller army, the region offers solid natural defenses.
-Alrehawke, a smaller, forest-covered nation, lead by Chancellor Seron- located in the forest, this area can easily confuse those nonnative to the region, their army uses the vast forests as their means of defense and attacks.
-Titansward, a mountainous land lead by King Atticus, a region that boasts a large economy due to heavy ore trades and having a decent army, nestled into a cliff-side, this kingdom proves deadly to naval fleets as all but one corner is surrounded by water.
-Archaedea, the largest and most corrupt of all four nations, secluding itself on a large continent, its economy is second to none, showing off an impressive army, it is the strongest, yet most evil, kingdom- ruled by The Order of Exile.

You will also take on the role of a certain class, using your skills whenever they apply to life- among these classes are: (Icons will be added on portraits to denote each class)
-Paragon: A spirited warrior, specializing in spears and inspiring allies through battle commands- natural leaders on the battlefield.
-Warrior: None surpass their fighting skill, wielding a wide array of weapons, they charge into combat, demolishing all that stand in their way.
-Rogue: Sneaky and deadly warriors who ambush enemies with stealth attacks and assortments of venoms, traps and other techniques.
-Hunter: Superior bow wielders with the eyes of a hawk that also have the unique talent of befriending local wildlife.
-Warlock: A magical warrior, commanding the elements to destroy their foes or assist their allies.
-Cleric: Healers of the battlefield, supporting and aiding their allies in combat using various spells.
-Phantom: Scholars that harness the powers of the dark arts and the dead, able to conjure undead allies.
-Rune Fencer: Hybrid warriors with the fighting spirit of a warrior, but the magical capabilities of a warlock, showing off amazing spear and sword talents - a jack-of-all-trades type class.

Characters Sheets (Copy and Paste-able)

Thanks and Good luck on your journey.

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I misread the synopsis as saying the Endar Spire and thought this was something for Star Wars. I'm disappointed.

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