"These red shoes... they can't stop dancing..."

a character in “The Fairytale Resistance”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Karen

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Head of Torture

Appearance: Image
Karen is a fair girl with pale skin, long blonde hair and a slender physique. Her eyes are a very dark green but due to the dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep they appear very wide and quite frightening. She has no feet, having to make do with a rough pair of wooden feet and crutches to move around but sometimes she doesn't even bother, just pulling herself along the floor like a snake.

Abilties/Skills: Very skilled in methods of torture, driving people mad and getting people to tell her anything she wants.

Strengths: Cold/Manipulative/Unemotional.

Weaknesses: Insane/Still slightly vain/Very paranoid, especially about the shoes.


Personality: Karen is quite simply insane. Driven to a raging madness by those shoes and paranoidly protective of them, she won't let anybody into her life. Her vanity has dwindled, spending so long focused on the shoes that she had quite forgotton about her beauty, but she can still let it go to her head should anyone call her pretty or compliment her in any way. She is cold and manipulative, discovering as much as she can about a person before torturing them, so she knows exactly what will drive them insane. Her temper is extremely violent and can appear at anytime, otherwise she appears quite unemotional and very distant unless being addressed by the queen.


Equipment: Any kind of torture instruments, although her favourite seems to be the scalple. This way, she can inflict physical damage whilst still talking about such things that will send the person absolutely mad.


History: Karen was a young peasant girl adopted by a rich old lady. Not long after her adoption, the old lady brought her a beautiful pair of bright red dancing shoes, which Karen insisted on wearing everywhere, even to church despite the terrible scandal this created. One night, while the old lady lay helpless and sick in her bed, Karen went out to a ball to dance in her beautiful shoes but once she started she could not stop. The shoes continued to dance... she could not control them... she danced down the street and into the woods where an Angel confronted her, condemning the girl to dance forever, even after death, and to dance to the homes of vain children as a warning. But she could not do this and, happening upon an executioner, got her feet chopped off. The executioner gave her wooden feet and crutches to walk and on the sunday, Karen intended to go to church. But her feet, still encased in the red shoes, danced in her way, they would not let her go anywhere... she was trapped.
The well known ending of this story is that Karen learned her lesson and her soul passed into heaven, where she was no longer haunted by the red shoes. This is as far from the truth as one could get.
Karen always believed she was not vain, that she had been punished for no reason. She never attempted to go to church again. Instead, she had the shoes placed in a glass case and would sit for hours upon end, watching her feet in the shoes dancing in their little glass cage. Slowly but surely, a twisted madness took over her mind. She became harsh, violent, paranoid. Anyone who came to see her would find themselves tortured, both physically and mentally, in the most horrible ways possible. This was what caught the Queen's attention, and soon she was offered a position in the castle as head of torture. It was perfect, she could take out her anguish upon anyone and everyone given to her by the Queen. She still keeps the shoes in their case, still watching them all night long and never getting any sleep.
Now her violent thoughts turn to this rebellion...

So begins...

Karen's Story