GaiaAedan Rinnan

Sole-survivor; mercenary

a character in “The Fall of Azazel”, as played by almostinsane

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Name: Aedan Rinnan
Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Human

Appearance: Image
Aedan is usually dressed in simple light leather armor with light green clothes underneath and a slightly dirty, dark green cloak and hood which he uses to conceal himself both among the foliage and plant-life of nature and to hideh is face when he walks in the crowded cities in humanity as he takes comfort in at least having his face hidden at times. On his back, he has a light green quiver of arrows strapped as well as set of harnesses for sheathing his bow. His face is weathered from exposure to the element, both blistering cold and sweltering heat. Aedan's dark brown hair falls to his upper neck and is often slightly unkempt and gets greasy if he goes too long without a bath. His body is lean and muscular with more than a few scars here and there, but Aedan's most striking feature are a set of intense grey eyes that has a mixture of determination and sadness.

Weapons: An often-used but well-taken-care-of recurve bow, a quiver full of steel-tipped arrows, and two long daggers strapped to his sides.

Personality: Aedan is withdrawn and keeps to himself for the most part, only opening up to traveling companions and then only if he trusts them enough. He still remembers and honors the way of his family: respect nature, harm only those that deserve it, defend those that cannot defend themselves, and be loyal to the clan. He can be gruff at times and holds himself responsible for his clan's death (see below). He is, however, a loyal friend and generally compassionate. Though quick to feel his anger brew, Aedan generally stays calm during battle, knowing that emotion can cloud your judgment and lead to one's death.

Magic and/or other abilities: The only spells Aedan knows are ones he uses to preserve and maintain his weapons. However, Aedan has good hearing, keen eyes, and a good sense of smell. He is also a proficient tracker and knows what wild plants could be used for healing or poison. He is also passable at treating battle wounds, at least, enough to take care of minor wounds and patch someone up enough to take them to a real healer.

Bio(graphy): Aedan often looks back to his early life with longing and regret. He was born in a small clan of wilder folk, those that preferred to live in woods of the wilds rather than on farms or in cities. Aedan was brought up to know how fight and live in forests as well as track and hunt wild animals. For the first 13 years of his life, Aedan knew sight, smells, and sounds of the forest he and his clan lived in, occasionally visiting small villages or towns to barter for goods and well game that his clan could spare for a little money and supplies they could not make for themselves. They were poor but truly unique, living among the trees and nature.
That all changed when his clan entered a dispute with a local nobleman. He desired to expand his estate into their forest and profit off it by cutting down most of the trees and sell it as timber. After they drove off the loggers, his clan eventually met with the nobleman and the clan elder attempted to negotiate with him. The nobleman was unimpressed and demanded that they leave the forest at once, offering them a bag of silver for their trouble. Aedan's family protested, claiming that they had always lived there, but the man balked and insulted them. Angrily, Aedan shot at arrow through the man's hair, cutting him just a little. Thus, the noble grew angry and ordered the band of troops with him to bring sword and fire upon them. Witthin minutes, Aedan regretted his decision as the negotiation took place with his clan's camp, meaning that through one rash action, Aedan brought doom to everything he loved. In the ensuing chaos of the battle, Aedan was separated from his family, his father telling him to run away as the forest burned around them and he saw the people he loved bleed around him. In fear, Aedan complied and when he returned hows later, nothing was left.

There was little that Aedan could do after that. Unwilling to remain anywhere near the home he had lost, he left, blaming himself for his clan's deaths and his own misery. Eventually, he was found by a mercenary group and he spent some years as first a servant and later another member before leaving them entirely. Since then, he's taken any mercenary job he could, but careful not to do anything that would hurt more innocent people.

So begins...

Aedan Rinnan's Story