Ara Xiana


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a character in “The Fall of the Angels”, as played by Aniihya


Name: Ara Xiana (Adraxia)
Age: 1901
Gender: Female
Race: Angel but hiding her wings to appear human for the time being
Appearance: http://danbooru.donmai.us/data/e098fd07 ... 7060a1.png her hair grew very long while in captivity, her eye color is red
Clothing: A tattered dress and a cloth choker when first out of the hole. But generally dresses.
Side: Insurgent
Likes: Justice, peace, sweet things
Dislikes: Killing even though she has to because words do nothing in this world
Weapon: A greatsword
Skills: Inhuman strength, high speed, powerful jump and excellent swordsmanship
Weaknesses: She has a weakness towards fire magic
Personality: Ara is a sweet person in peace and calm as well as motherly. Yet she hates injustice and not bowing to her sense of justice will result in her committing atrocities such as the near angel genocide 1000 years ago. She hates to kill but will kill to achieve equality and justice.
Background: Ara was known as the angel goddess Adraxia for nearly 750 years before her imprisonment. She grew up like any other angel and achieved the status of goddess after saving the angels for their former oppressors, the dragons. She reigned supreme but increasingly the angels turned away from her and started to enslave the humans. One day after a massacre, she decided to end this. She tried to eliminate slavery by peaceful means. But she was increasing the target of assassination plots. Soon she had enough and set out to destroy all who opposed her. While a number became her allies, the vast majority of angels opposed her. She began something the angels call the most heinous crime in the existence of angels. Many angels fell. As a last resort, the angels threatened to kill a child of Ara. This let to Aras surrender and imprisonment. Yet instead of sparing the life of Aras child, they decapitated it and threw the corpse and head into her prison. She was then called the devil of the world. All she got to eat were those who were sentenced to death. Her captors threw the still living humans into the hole for her to kill and eat. As time went by, they forgot who was in the hole and ended up saying they were keeping a unseen monster. Now the chains rusted and broken, she can escape, rescue her followers unless they escaped themselves and end this once and for all.

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Ara Xiana's Story