"Yeah. I'm the Princess of the Underworld"

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a character in “The Fallen Gods and Goddesses”, as played by MotherDragons


Name: Adara
Age: 17
Any details that aren't on the picture: nope
God/ Goddess of: Death, suffering, Imortality, dreams
Special powers or affinities: She has the ability to control minds(only mortals that are not being played by someone) and reading them,
Reason for getting banished: She went up to Mt. Olympus to talk to Zeus about the war. She was seen as an enemy by Zeus and he banished her.
Personality: Angry and brooding, she is often on a short fuse on the inside. She is untrusting and quiet. She is cunning and likes to manipulate people with her beauty and charm.
Weapon: she has a bow with enchanted arrows that never miss a shot.She also has a dagger.
Anything else? She does not take lightly to people calling her banished princess
History: After a couple of days on earth, she was at a bar one night and Akira sat down next to her. They both ordered the same drink. They reached out for it at the same time and started talking. they've been best friends ever since. Perhaps they get along because they both despise... Err. HATE Zeus.

So begins...

Adara's Story