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a character in “The Fatespinners of Kimom'e”, as played by Kiina

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Name: Burnholdt Armand Kinsaral

Nicknames: Burn, Bubby

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Profession: Bodyguard for Miss Cassandra de Viles

Abilities: Swordsman - favourite weapons is a longsword with a broad fuller blade. (General appearance: ) Skilled strategist, though this is mostly theoretical, and only a small amount of practical use.

Affinities: No magical strengths. However, he is one of the top fighters employed by the de Viles family, having been trained in both combat and strategy. Does not possess Fatespinner gene.

Appearance: Standing at about 6’3”, Burnholdt is undoubtedly on the tall side. He is tanned from large amounts of time spent outside, and well-muscled from extensive training. On a general basis, he keeps his face emotionless, and speaks in a near monotone. However, this doesn’t mean he’s incapable of showing emotion.

Burn has straight, dark brown hair, almost black. It comes to his shoulders, but he keeps it tied back in a small ponytail, at the nape of his neck. He has intense gray eyes, always watching and alert.


Personality: Generally reticent, Burn will talk with those around him, although he generally seems distant or distracted, as he is constantly watching all those around himself or Cassandra.

Should anyone attack Cassie, he is liable to attack first and ask questions later. He is completely devoted to keeping her safe, and follows any order she gives him. Raised solely for the purpose of protecting her, he is also bound to her by way of a magic bond. It prevents him from ever abandoning her, from not defending her whenever possible, and - gods forbid - attacking her himself.

Burn is a generally caring person, although Cassie does occasionally grate on his nerves. He worries about her quite a bit, although he’d never admit it. He is well-focused on what he sets his mind to, and doesn’t give up easily, whether prompted by his bond or not.


Armour - Open-faced helmet, light mail shirt, breastplate with de Viles crest emblazoned on the front, cuisses to protect his thighs, and high, heavy leather boots to protect his shins while serving as footwear.

Weapons: Longsword with broad fuller blade. Dirk kept in a sheath attached to his saddle.

Burn has his own horse. A bay stallion named Bob. He didn’t name him - Cassandra did.


Family: Burn is the oldest in a family of seven. His father, Kallan, is a senior guard within the de Viles court. Cerys, his mother, spends her time taking care the other six, all girls. In order from oldest to youngest, his sisters are Aderyn (19), Lowri(16), Elin(12), Tegwen(9), Seren(7), and Nia(5).

History: Burn began his training when he was five. It was almost guaranteed that he would be a member of the court guards because of his father, but it was a surprise when he was referred to bodyguard training at age 12.

Over the next eight years, he was painstakingly trained as a personal bodyguard specifically for Miss Cassandra de Viles. He learned combat and tactical skills, and at 20 years old, was made her formal bodyguard when she began to travel.

The first summer he spent with her was almost enough to make him resign. However, after (mistakenly) confiding this in his father, he received the sternest lecture possible, and the reminder that if he could put up with six younger sisters, he could deal with one spoiled noble. He managed to work it out, both by himself and with help from the bond that was conferred on him shortly after, and has since worked harder than ever to keep Cassie safe.

So begins...

Burnholdt Kinsaral's Story