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A careful, quirky girl out to learn the ways of the world.

a character in “The Fatespinners of Kimom'e”, as played by Kiina

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Name: Kaena Dariella Veresh

Age: 19

Race: Human

Profession: Junior Priestess of Iyanu

Ordinary - Trained in armed self-defense with dual anelace, short knives used in close combat. They are used purely for self-defense, and kept in special, concealed sheaths at her sides, for quick access. She is also trained in routine surgery - from dental work to the removal of foreign objects from delicate areas.

Magical - Minor healing; she is able to affect the body’s natural healing processes and speed them up, at the cost of her own energy, which she inserts into the patient to augment said processes.

Kaena also possesses the Fatespinner gene.

Affinities: Divine magic.

Appearance: Kaena is of moderate stature, standing at only five-foot-four. Being raised as a candidate for priestesshood, the trait of perfect posture was drilled into her from an early age. She carries herself with a straight back, usually with her hands folded together in front of her out of force of habit.

She has long, dark brown hair, nearly black. It is worn in a single braid that reaches to her waist. It is tied with a black leather thong spiked with shards of sharp metal. This is a subtle weapon used as a garotte in a last-resort situtation.

Her skin is white, slightly paler than normal due to the fact that she has spent a great deal of her life indoors. Her eyes are generally watchful, a light greenish-blue. Other general facial features include a small, straight nose and a full-lipped mouth that is ever ready with a sarcastic smile and comment.

She is athletically slim, with most of her strength in her legs. She wears an ankle-length, dark blue, hooded robe with long, loose sleeves. She wears a leather equipment belt around her waist, with anything she might need for a medical or religious situation.

She also carries a flute for amusement and religious purposes. In a Temple, it is used as accompaniment for a ceremony or ritual. She’s quite good at playing it, often using it to calm patients with her music.


Personality: Raised to be a compassionate and comforting presence, Kaena has an irrepressible sarcastic side. Using it as a defense mechanism, she keeps herself from being taken in by thieves and conmen. She is careful to keep this side of herself from patients, as it’s not generally considered good bedside manner.
She will also typically treat strange people with indifference until getting to know them better, as an automatic defense mechanism.
She can be kind and caring, but the person on whom that little honour is bestowed has to earn her trust first, and maintain a place in her good books. Or be severely wounded, either one.
She does have something of a temper, something she works to keep under control. However, she will occasionally let it slip, and it’s generally considered better to avoid letting her get quite that angry. 

Pastimes: Reading, practicing her flute-playing, travelling, and recording her journey in a journal for posterity.

Weaknesses: Kaena’s sarcastic nature often forms a barrier between her and potential friends, rather than a bridge. She is highly suspicious of strangers who approach her out of the blue, having been warned repeatedly not to trust anyone to readily. It is because of this that she travels alone, relying on her fighting skills to keep her safe from highway robbery.


Weapons: Two anelace, each appearing as shown here. ... lian06.jpg ]

Supplies: Besides the typical bedroll, clothing, and rations, Kaena also carries medical and religion-oriented supplies in a brown leather utility belt around her waist.

Medical - (kept on the left side of the belt) Scalpel, bandages, mortar and pestle, common healing herbs, small book of healing notes, etc.

Religious - (kept on the right side of the belt) Set of two silver bracelets engraved with ritualistic symbols, facepaint needed for rituals, small reference book for ritualistic proceedings, small religious book with passages to be read during rituals, etc.


History: Kaena was born in Hadar, to a strongly religious merchant family. As a baby, she was brought by her parents to the Temple of Iyanu to be blessed and consecrated as a member of the sect. At the age of five, she was given over into the care of the priestesses, along with twenty other girls her age, in the hope that she would someday grow up to become a religious leader at the temple.

As she grew, Kaena was taught the principles of religion, as well as self-defensive fighting from her superiors, using the anelace - a sharp, double-edged blade - one in each hand. She studied hard, and proved to be a good scholar, maintaining high status in her classes. By age 15, she was named a Junior Priestess, meaning she took an active role in religious ceremonies and rituals, short of leading them herself, as that’s a job for the Senior Priestesses.

Once a girl has held the position of Junior Priestess for two years, she is allowed to leave the temple for five years as part of a sabbatical. She is to use this time to observe the outside world and learn about it as much as possible. However, she must return to the Temple from which she started at the end of those five years or be forever excommunicated and disowned by her family and peers.

Kaena is now two years into her time away. Back in Hadar briefly, to make a report on her progress, she will be leaving quite soon. With no specific destination, she will merely wander, although something inside her suggests going North. She doesn't know why, but North seems the direction to go.

Dekall Veresh (father)

Maestallah Shinsin-Veresh (mother)

Kirio Veresh (older brother)

Kolun Veresh (older brother)

As a priestess-in-training, Kaena was allowed limited contact with her family, on religious holidays and occasions when she had finished with her duties. She is especially close to her oldest brother Kirio, sparring with him and Kolun whenever possible. Her mother worries about her fighting; understandably, she doesn’t want anything to happen to her only daughter. Her father places heavy importance on status and position, taking pride in Kaena’s accomplishments.

So begins...

Kaena Veresh's Story