The First Twelve

The First Twelve


Twelve adults are hand-picked by God to be apart of Earth's rebirth.

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A war-torn Earth has left the land in turmoil. Skies were black with fog of industrial plants, most species of animals were hunted to death, and nearly more than half the population of the planet has died to disease or fatal wounds. Those who survived, if you want to call them lucky, hunkered down and waited for Death to take them away as well. God, distraught with sadness at what his children did to one another, decided to start from scratch and recreate the planet. Instead of using new models, he decided to pick humans who shined brighter than their peers and had a general goodness in them. He also did this because He figured the experience in his chosen children would lead them to creating a better and more enlightened future. Now, he has placed his chosen children in a field of wheat, and waits for them to wake so they can explore and learn their new world.


- Me

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~ We will all post in order of who was first accepted. This rule is not strict though, and I will allow you and whomever you're RPing with, an additional TWO responses if the next person has not yet commented.
~ Characters MUST be 25+
~ Characters will be heterosexual, ya know, for the sake of the planet
~ NO Mary/Gary Sues, no heroes, no overpowering
~ There Will be 6 girls and six boys
~You can only claim one slot, unless I permit you to have another
~No anime pictures
~ Yes, you may reserve a spot, but after two days it will be free again
~ Be respectful, include others, and have fun!

** I would like for you to add your character's "Special Quality" to your character description. This is what makes your character unique, and mainly the reason why God has chosen them for the Rebirth. Do not copy others' qualities and really try to be original, which can be hard for something like this. This quality can be something to do with their personality, their physical attributes, their intelligence, or even a special talent of theirs that could prove useful!

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