Peerland, Maine.Erus Lamia

"Life is merely a game, one that can be made more interesting if one just plays around with the pieces." -Erus, Lord of the Vampires

a character in “The Frenzy”, as played by syrafay

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Erus is a tall being, elegantly outfitted in long coats and tall boots that complement his stature. His hair reaches just above is waist in a waterfall of black, silken strands, and he likes to leave it free about his shoulders most of the time. His eyes, generally a placid black, glow a burgundy red when he is hunting or experiencing strong emotions. His skin is a creamy pale, smooth and and eerily flawless. As for appearances, he doesn't dress or hold himself in the flashy way a normal lord would, but there is a natural authority about him that causes no one to question his leadership.


Erus has been alive for centuries, long enough for his connection and memories of his human life to become faded like an old photograph, not present enough in his mind to cause him to feel any un-vampiric guilt at his actions. Strangely, he appears friendly, but a hard glint in his coal eyes and a tendency to take his jokes forward to the point of cruelty prevents anyone, vampire, demon, or human, from ever placing trust or belief in his friendly appearance. Erus needs only entertainment and essence to live his life, but because of his lack of restraint or conscience, he was propelled forward into a leadership position. He uses his position only to fulfill his own desires, but no one dares take it from him, because he is too dangerous, even for a vampire. People are his toys, and he enjoys finding 'pets' to spend his time with, but if they fail to please them, he uses them for fodder and moves on to the next one. He has no scruples, no guilt, and only lives for his own benefit. The last quirk to Erus's bizarre personality is his strange attraction to music. He, himself, loves to play instruments when able, and he is especially delighted when he finds a musically talented pet. Those usually last longer than the others.


Erus's one piece of significant equipment is a flute. He's had it for many years, it's age almost rivaling his own, but because he takes very good care of it, it shines and plays just as clearly as any newly created instrument. It is connected to his past, so he is instinctively protective of it. He plays it skilfully, almost mystically, and it is often used in his seduction and initial capture of his toys. He has even reached an ability with the flute, due to years of practice, where he can use the flute's beautiful tone to destroy the mind and drive mad some of his victims. It is such an exquisite torture that he uses it only on those with strong wills, a worthy opponent to force into submission.


Erus was raised as a high class noble in his human life. He was a casanova, and because his family had money and influence, he was able to get away with having scores of lovers, and his sadistic tendencies are quickly hidden up. No one but a select few of his ex-lovers and his family know of his strange tastes when it came to living his life. It stayed that way until he had reached about 22 years old. At that time, he was still an eligible bachelor, well known in all levels of society, when he met Meena. She was exotically beautiful, and he seduced her almost immediately. They were together for many months, but even her high grade beauty could not keep his attention for long, and his interest soon waned, causing him to look for entertainment in other perfumed and giggling ladies. Meena, unbeknownst to Erus, was a vampire, and in a jealous rage, she vowed that Erus would be no one else's but hers. She tried to convince him to return to her, but Erus could not be swayed. His turning was violent with Meena's spite and bitter determination, but he almost enjoyed it, strange man that he was. Because of his debt to her, giving him centuries to live the carefree life he was used to, Erus stayed with Meena a few years longer, but she bored him, so he killed her, takign all the strength from her blood and moved on.

Erus stumbled on a clan of vampires almost a century later and joined it out of vampires. They were the stronger, more well-known vampires of the world, but even they, for the most part did not possess the cruel nature he did, and he quickly rose in the ranks. He did not care much for it. In fact, his rank mattered little, but coincidental run-ins made his ascent faster and more glorious than any of the vampires had ever heard of before. He eventually reached the position of just below the Vampire Lord and was content there. The two had become friends, having similar tastes in women and sport, but it was their similar tastes that brought on their fall-out. The Vampire Lord had found a particularly juicy specimen, one he meant to keep to himself, even make her his bride, but Erus was too attracted to that slip of a thing to let the Lord keep her for good. In fact, it was the Lord's over-possessiveness that spurred on Erus's attraction. He seduced her in good time and made her his, and the Vampire Lord was, of course, outraged. He attacked, blind with hatred and jealousy, and Erus destroyed him, neatly clearing the way for him to become Vampire Lord. Of course, due to his personality, Erus threw the girl away once the previous Lord had died, her worth gone once no one was there to take her from him. From then on, he jumped fro toy to toy, no one in the clan brave enough to stand against him.

So begins...

Erus Lamia's Story