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The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard » Places

Places in The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard.

All Places

The Garden

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         River looked between the column of water, the drowning man inside and the steady flow of water, his soul being tugged towards the open white thread by the wails of dozens of dead families. He smiled sadly to himself and clicked his fingers, ice surging from the veins in his left arm and ebbing it into the air like strange blue blood, waving strangely in the air around him. He waved his arms across his chest once and the ice instantly solidified into a cage of ice-spikes and blades positioned around his now anchored arms.

"Not too long ago I would have fought anything to the last and then stepped through that portal....but if I do I'll go through on my own terms. Rain already buried me once, so when I set you free, I'm not going to leave anything to bury, and I'm done fighting for nothing but the cause of my survival...This is the end." He growled, clicking his fingers again, the dozens of ice spikes instantly impaling him in every part of his body, the spines sticking through his legs, his chest, his ear and even his hands. Hands that now lay cold and dead on the floor, severed from his body a long with the remainder of his arms up to the elbow, the Incubus roared in pure agony and stumbled, coughing and spluttering blood as the remaining ice anchored his legs so he could stand.

In a single moment a rush of pink-ish red energy roared out of every open wound and gap, within the miasma small star like specks were floating, the souls of the dead. He simply stood, shuddering and shaking as he bled and the storm of souls wavered behind him. He weakly snapped his slick fingers a few times, eventually creating a click between through the ever-flowing blood and finally sending the cloud onward through the portal to freedom. One small orb stayed behind, a black spined sphere that emanated a mixture of blinding cold and disgusting warmth as it slowly sunk itself back into the Incubus through a wound in his throat, closing it off slowly.

The ice anchoring him shattered and he faintly recalled the feeling of falling.
'Whatever that thing is, at least I have an audience for my end...I guess I won't get to pay Rain back until the after life...but I'll make sure I'm waiting with an ale and our friends..' He thought slowly, his mental functions dropping to almost nothing as the little black sprite pulsated in its new position at his heart, the blood around him flash-freezing and slowly creeping up his body, dropping his body to sub-zero temperatures and freezing his slowly dying form. With every inch of him that froze, another inch shattered and fell away, and he wouldn't want to leave this world any other way.

With no evidence that he ever existed.


Phyrexian Grassland

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         The ghost who had just entered the room to hand Aera her 'other sword' as she refered to it asked Aizen a couple of questions that Ivan would have asked in one way or another. However he had many more, perhaps more than Aizen could answer. And it wouldn't be helpfull if they flooded Aizen with questions, nor would it be nice to do it. The other one in the room, who sat there silently, would most likely have questions of his own.

"These games you talked about, are they similar in construction to the maze? And what makes them so important that you'd make this shot in the dark, taking in a group of strangers from whatever existances we came from?" He asked more or less in addition to what the ghost had asked Aizen.

It seemed quite strange to him that 'games' like the maze would hold such an importance that they could bring a guild to glory or to whatever you'd want to call the state that he could see all around him. On Anracria there were games that perhaps could be seen as similar to the maze they were trown into, to name one there was the yearly siege of Ancestor Castle where two groups of poeple would fight eachother with fake weapons with wet dye on the striking surfaces and dye bomb tipped arrows. Of course that hardly compared to the maze, as from that event you'd go back home probably sore from getting hit and covered in dye, but very much alive.

Vast plains of grass and large fields were the norm at one point here near Kerris, but after a game with a Demon Lord the Phyrexian Grasslands are withered and barren waste-lands devoid of all but a tiny almost village area home to The Nameless.

Thawmound, Southern Corner

The Southern Corner of the Garden, A city sunk into the glaciers of ancient ethereal ice. Kind-hearted and hardy are the people here, and ironically its trade of food and all things heat-related is well known in The Garden.


The Eastern Corner of The Garden, vast cities spread across the tops of ancient and nearly indestructible mushrooms grown from the earth. All things natural, pure magic and genetic tampering are the norm here, seen vastly as the symbol for peace.

Kerris, Northern Corner

The Norther Corner of The Garden, a floating city reliant on its vast hub of guilds and sky trade routes.


The Western Corner of the Garden, home to the hardiest monsters and roughest terrain. Will and Law is an Iron fist and its residence and guilds hold true to this standard, Kreigland is known for its seclusion from the other corners and cities.