NorrFaera Shanir

Talae's younger sister- and her counterpoint. [DECEASED]

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Full Name: Feara Maurenne Shanir

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Mage- Faera's most easily-disposed toward spells that manipulate the natural world, working with what is already present. She's also a fair hand at healing; she's needed to be, given Talae's choice of profession. All her magic is self-taught, which makes for interesting results on occasion when it gets the better of her. It's obvious that there is a tremendous amount of potential there, but in the meantime, she has been known to accidentally catch things on fire and cause assorted disasters when placed in a bad situation.

It is believed by a number of those she fled that her magic somehow drew the dragons to the village, because she can't properly handle it, and as such, she was treated as something of a pariah before she left. Occasionally, she wonders if this might be true, and feels quite guilty about it. All in all, her magic's effectiveness is rather unpredictable, and as much a danger to herself as anyone else.

Physical Description: Unusually fair for one of her kind, though dark still for most anyone else, Faera's unusual traits extend to her eyes, which are the extremely light gray of the sightless. She is clearly not a soldier of any sort, being small and on the frail side, and though her features do echo her sister's, there is no trace of the hardened cynicism in her expression that tends to show up on Talae's face. Her hair is most frequently left loose in soft waves, only the one braid close to the front a break in the trend.

About 5'5', she is less muscular than willowy, and it's painfully obvious that she wouldn't be much use in a physical confrontation. She's most often seen not-quite-yet-smiling, though her expression is still best classed as "pleasant."


Quite sheltered generally, Faera tries to find the best in people. She's prone to bouts of melancholy, but over all, she's cheery and not at all shy around new people, though she has had to learn to be cautious. Truthfully, she's been shielded from a number of unpleasant truths about the world by her sister, and remains a bit naive for all that. She tends to enjoy things in an almost-childlike way, being fascinated with the most trivial details, though this too is perhaps attributable to how little of the world she knows.


Starting Armor: Faera doesn't own armor, and is garbed most of the time in a simple, white linen dress which hits just below her knees, and well-worn travel boots. Oddly, though, she does wear a single bracer on her left arm, she scuffed leather indicating much use, and a single small leather pad on her right shoulder. Both have curious scratch marks on them.

Starting Weaponry: None- she would have no idea how to use any weapon she might be handed, much less hit anything with enough force to do damage, especially since she wouldn't be able to see it.

Fighting Style: Should she ever be forced into a confrontation, Faera does have considerable command of magic, though not being able to see a target is something of an obstacle, and large-scale, area-of-effect spells are usually her best bet. Close quarters fighting, she is absolutely hopeless at, and in times like those, tends to rely on either Talae or Zek.

Weapon of Choice: Magic- primarily elemental, since she doesn't know anything of other applications.

Other: Some travelling provisions, and a bit of currency, but not much. Aside from that, she is accompanied everywhere by a strange little creature that resembles a dragon, but is no bigger than a housecat and does not speak. The wyrm is white and blue-eyed; she refers to him as Zek, and a spell allows her to "see" through his eyes, though the images are rendered in black and white and quite difficult for her to process, so she only uses it in extreme emergencies. Zek seems to understand speech even if he cannot communicate, and is quite obedient towards Faera.


Shortly after she was born, both of Faera's parents were killed by a dragon attack, and from then on, she and her sister primarily raised themselves. Talae assumed most of the responsibility, giving Faera the most ordinary childhood possible, though this was difficult. She was blamed for her parent's deaths, as some of the more superstitious folk in her village believed that she had drawn the dragons there in the first place, with her magic.

She was almost afraid there might be some truth to that when the place was attacked again seven years later, and she and her sister were forced to flee or face the wrath of the entire village. They took to wandering about, never staying in one place for long, surviving on what Talae could make as a mercenary and Faera as a doctor, healing the injured. Talae is insisting that she can find a more permanent job, but won't tell Faera what that might be, and so she simply follows, trusting that this will be enough.

So begins...

Faera Shanir's Story