NorrKrealthanos Veldrin

An infamous dark elf assasin.

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Cheeseymonkey

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Full Name: Krealthanos Veldrin, likes to be called Kreal though

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Dark elf

Class: Assasin

Physical Description: Image


Starting Armor: Full body leather armor and his rare black assasin cowl. His boots are enchanted to make no noise even if he was wishing to make some. His body armor is covered in black for the shadow blend effect.

Starting Weaponry: Two long swords for close combat and a hand cross-bow for ranged kills. His cross bow bolts have been seperated to discern the ones with sleep poison and mortal poison.

Fighting Style: Agility based, quick-paced combat. It always seems he dances while fighting. He uses his agility to strike fast and make his enemy believe he has no weak spot in his defense.

Weapon of Choice: His favourite weapon is his two long swords preffering close combat more then long ranged.

Other: He has the poison for his crossbow bolts and the remedy for the mortal one.


He doesn't remember much of his past other then being trained in the ways of the assasin. His stay at the academy wasn't a fun one. He hates speaking about his past and when he does he mostly gets nightmares from remembering them.

So begins...

Krealthanos Veldrin's Story