NorrNeira Valtegan

Nightmarian pugilist- call her a fairy again, and she'll rip out your throat.

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Full Name: Neira Kanaa Valtegan

Age: 74

Gender: Female

Race: Nightmarian- Dragonfly

Class: Monk- a class that combines the hand-to-hand arts of a pugilist with psionics. Primary abilities revolve around utilizing the strength of her natural chitinous exoskeleton to cause damage. Secondary abilities invoke psionic abilities to try and stay one step ahead of opponents by predicting their movements, and occasionally confusing them completely by transferring foreign thoughts.

Physical Description: Neira is pale of complexion and red of hair, generally being of a thin build, which is ultimately irrelevant given her unique racial traits. Her exoskeleton, black in color and glossy, covers the outside half of her upper arms, encasing fully her forearms and hands, lending both sharpness and dexterity to her fingers and armored protection to her knuckles. The same goes for her shins, her spine, the sides of her torso, and a thinner residual line from her shoulders to her earlobes. Two antennae are planted in her hair, just in front of the crown of her head, and a set of four diaphanous wings sprout from her shoulder blades, most of the time hanging down to the midway point of her calves. She can fly with them over short distances, but can't gain much in the way of altitude.


In a word, Neira is harsh. Proud and disdainful matched with bitter and jaded, to say that she carries a deep disrespect for just about everyone would be no mistake. She hates you, but it's okay, because you don't need to worry until she doesn't care anymore. Then you might be in for some problems.

Despite her rather innocuous (all things considered) looks, Neira speaks with enough venom to make a viper jealous, and her favorite battle mantras are strings of curses and oaths. If you talk to her, chances are the response will be rude, or maybe just sarcastic if you're not so bad in her books. Her permanent facial expression seems to be a sadistic, feral grin, all the more terrifying for appearing on such a fair face. Fairies aren't real, idiot- but her fists are, and she'd just as soon sucker-punch you as buy you a drink and tell you stories of days before dragons and wars and shitloads of stupid.

Racial pride is for idiots- everyone snuffs it eventually, so who cares what you are in the meantime? Coin makes the world go round, and you'd better have it if you want her help, or a damned good reason, one of the other. She'll take an order if she's paid to, but don't expect her to bow and scrape. Then she'll think you're compensating for something, and you won't like where that conversation goes. Respect isn't something you get to demand; you'd better be willing to earn it.


Starting Armor: None- Niera has her exoskeleton for the most part, and is otherwise generally covered by black robes with patterns stitched on them in red. She can rarely be bothered to wear shoes, either, since her feet are completely encased in Arc Shield.

Starting Weaponry: None- weapons are for people who can't stab with their fingers or pummel with their limbs.

Fighting Style: Neira fights hard, fast, and dirty, being a fundamentally pragmatic soul means that no blow is too low with lives on the line, full stop. This includes messing with minds, and the beautiful thing is if she's been in your skull, you won't know it. She can't force you to do anything, but she can make the suggestion seem damn reasonable.

Weapon of Choice: Her fists.

Other: Neira's robes are belted in place with a leather band that has several pouches attached to it, usually filled with food items or assorted traveler's oddities such as a compass or basic herbs and bandages for treating field injuries.


Her history's a little different each time someone asks, though she'll usually oblige, there's no way to tell if any of it's truth or not. Most of the time, though, it revolves around common themes of nothing exciting until the dragons came, after which she got bored of sitting around waiting for her people to die and decided to find something more interesting to do with her time. She doesn't seem to much care about who wins, and rumor has it she'll work for anyone who pays enough- including dragons, if they should feel so inclined. Like anything else, her response to being asked the direct question changes almost daily, and most people have given up the effort, deeming her dishonest or frivolous. Both designations suit Neira just fine, thank you very much.

So begins...

Neira Valtegan's Story