The Gift: Chapter Two

The Gift: Chapter Two Completed

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

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Setting: Norr2011-03-24 22:37:44, as written by Ark Reahver
Gileas walked into town after being assigned into the human captain's group. He was pleased that he would be led by some one of his heritage. Alll his life he had more respect for the humans who lived above ground. He found something about the deep humans to be somewhat weak. The appearance that they hid, that they had escaped the danger's of the above ground, and their lack of interest to save their own kind. If he had not lived in the underground for a few year's of his life he would naively believe that all deep humans were cowards.

His legs were tired from the long march, but unlike the other deep human he had walked with, Gileas was more accustomed to using his legs. He took a seat next to the fence next to where they had met up with the human captain. He watched as the other soldier's scattered off in all different directions. They all had something on their minds it seemed, the expressions on their faces were a mix of longing, fear, and anticipation. He watched for some time as they drifted apart from they large group they were. Some went into the Inn right away others stuck around at the market and browsed the many goods on sale.

Gileas stood up and let out a deep breath. He pondered his next move, being somewhat of a loner he was not very inclined to social interaction, although sometimes it could be pleasant. Gileas decided it would be best to head to the Inn. He would glance at the stores and see if there was anything of interest. He was aware that for such a small town there would be little to offer. He browsed through a couple of food stands but found nothing that appealed to his appetite. The smithy was small, and the weapons and armor they produced were of fairly good quality but his current equipment should be enough for the time being. He acknowledged a few shields on the wall to have been made with great care, but Gileas did not restrain the desire to correct the smith on his designs. The man took the criticism well and thanked him for the advice before he left.

The door opened for him as one of the townsfolk left. He caught the door and walked inside, closing it behind him. There was a lot of activity going on now, since most of the soldier's had made their way there. Many of the tables were taken up by multiple soldiers. The bar had already been filled and Gileas wan't in the mood for too much company. He spotted the table where the other deep human from the march had sat down and Gilleas made his way to one of the chairs at the table. Before sitting down Gileas unstrapped the thick shield from his back and set it on the ground and partially under the table. He stretched his shoulders and proceeded to sit down. He ordered a small meal. Just a slice of beef and a cooked potato. His hunger was not very great but the importance of eating did not escape him.