The Gift: Chapter Two

The Gift: Chapter Two Completed

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

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Setting: Norr2011-03-26 04:52:47, as written by Talisman
Boulon Brother's

Another swig from the bottle, another smooth burn sliding down his throat. That was all the coin Caine had, and he spent it on booze. Good booze, but booze nonetheless. He still hadn't received his last pay from serving in the legion before the 40th, but he doubted that he was ever going to see that money. Times are desperate as it is without him begging for handouts from the Legion. He completely understood the reasoning, but understanding doesn't fill his belly nor his wallet. Perhaps if he just drank a little more, than he wouldn't feel as hungry.

He tilted the bottle slightly once more, another river of dark amber liquid down the hatch. The nagging hungry feeling dampened and Caine began to feel a bit more cheery. He held the unlabeled bottle away from his face and examined the dark bottle. No evidence of what liquid it held. Perhaps Scotch? Maybe Brandy? Whiskey? Either way, the drink was smooth and the burn was pleasant. Not bad for all the loose coins he had on him at the time.

What's this? Two deep human's were at the bar. When had they arrived? Was Caine already that deep into the bottle that he hadn't noticed two of his new found comrades. A slip like that could end him in battle he though with a tilt of his head and a mischievous smile. As if that was the only way he could end in battle. A missed parry, a misstep, over-extension of the arm, slowed reflexes, all these things could result in Caine's head detaching from his body. Or his skin being boiled. Either option was neither too pleasant. He snapped out of his thoughts and returned to the two deeps at the same table. About this time, Caine heard one remark "Hard day's march." Caine closed his eyes in thought. What had Captain Wrath called this man... Kisikoni Ayalen! Sid's squad, that's right. He remembered now. And the other? Another pause, another thinking spell... Gileas Arkha. Guardian! Chances were, he would be put up in front with Caine in order to help soak up heat... Well, in order to refrain from mistaking the man for a foe during battle, and no doubt during his berserker lust, Caine would have to know the man...

"Hard enough. Had worse," Caine grunted in a reply to Kisikoni. Upon reflection with Caine's scarred face, it was clear... He had had worse. "Could be worse," He added quickly, "Could have ended up dry," He said tilting the bottle in his hand back in forth for an example. He paused his gaze on the bottle for a moment before speaking once more, "To the fortieth, Cheers," He toasted and took another swig. Another cheerful wave came over Caine. He stayed quiet for a bit, switching gazes between the guardian and his shield and then back to Kisikoni. "Looks like we're goin' to be on the same side Guardian... Uh, Gileas is it?" He asked, temporarily forgetting the name in his buzz. "Mighty big shield for someone so young.." he added, just trying to make small talk. He needed to know this man in order to avoid attacking him in the heat of a berserker rage, should one come over him.

He then turned his attention to the older Deep Human. Kisikoni. He spoke with the same tone that he used with Gileas. "An' how about you? Where you think they goin' to fling us first?" More small talk.

"I hope you don't mind," His buzzed mind had shifted to directly in front of him. Talae had seated her sister, , in front of him and took a seat herself. Caine shrugged a shoulder slightly, he wasn't going to say no, wasn't his chair. Another swig albeit smaller than the others. He didn't want to get passed out drunk just yet.

"It's been a while. Where have you been for the last few months?" Talae asked. Another shrug as if he wasn't completely sure himself. "Here and there. Wherever the Legion decides to send me, ya know? I think it has something to do with my small anger tendencies." He said with a crack of a smile. Small was an understatement and Talae knew it. She had seen him in a anger induced bloodlust once. Caine believed she knew that he was too dangerous to stick to the same place for long.

"How 'bout yerself?"