The Gift: Chapter Two

The Gift: Chapter Two Completed

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

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Setting: Norr2011-03-26 10:11:26, as written by Hunter_Killer
Outskirts to Laeral

The small town and the glowing lights of the few remaining places that remained awake within glowed calmly in the distance when Illeyssa stopped on the road. Her head turning to the left and watched out at the shadows of the sleeping wilderness and fields. Her apprentice drew up to her shoulder on the right and stopped, the guard behind as well as the youngest brother trailed ahead five more steps before he halted. Each Orc frozen in place as she gazed over every shadow that grew wise the rise of night fall. The faint glimmer of stairs budding on the dark canvas of the sky, the small trickle of moonlight pooling on the edge of the horizon. Her golden eyes rested on one curious shadow for a moment, determined to draw out whatever was there. Then another rose up, far to her right, pulling itself from a place no shadow existed and approached.

Her eyes moved to it with a hurried glance, picking out vague details as the thing drew closer. A beast of dark black, its form large and muscular, head bent low to the ground as two gleaming red eyes looked up at her. All four legs walking on the ground with little effort as its moves seemed natural and fluid. The creature drew close and stopped, head lifting up displaying its height without fear as its shoulders stood slightly higher than her waste. Silvyar looked over Illeyssa's shoulder as the great Worg sat down and yawed, eyes regarding the Shawoman.

"There are no animals close to here." The voice materialized from the shadows as quickly as the body.

Illeyssa felt her mind flinch but her body showed no reaction. She felt a hand tighten on her arm, her apprentice clearly spooked by the arrival of the last member of their party.

Dormund stood tall and proud, much like his other three Worgs that trailed behind him. Thick black hair lay tangled and tied in large sections, pieces of leather and worg fangs mixed within it. His face was broad and thick, broad cheek bones and slightly sunken eyes, large tusks protruding from his jaw, curved upward with thick cracks and pieces missing from it. He stood two heads taller than her, though his eyes showed no superiority only deep traces of devotion and respect. His form was thick with muscle, skin deep gray-green stitched with scars across his shoulders and chest. He looked a lot like his father, Talik, and his skills as a hunter were arguably even better. Of all of her guards, he was certainly the most formidable with the instincts much like the Worgs that followed him.

"What of your walk on the plains?" He moved beside her left shoulder, slightly behind to be equal with Silvyar, his Worgs dispersing all save the first that approached her, dark forms that watched just out of their sight.

Illeyssa began their procession forwards once more, each Orc in their respective place, her head looking forwards again, "Once we have a room or a safer place to rest I will tell you of what I saw... This is not the place or time to remain with the elements."