The Gift: Chapter Two

The Gift: Chapter Two Completed

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

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Setting: Norr2011-03-27 06:50:43, as written by Ark Reahver
The previous night had been uneventful for Gilleas. Aside from a small conversation at the inn during dinner he had passed on much social interaction. The bed was comfortable, it was much easier to rest on than the cots and the academy and the legion camp he had been living at. He wondered how many of them would survive, although he found it difficult to get close to people, he found the soldiers last night had gotten on his good side. He was weary about the berserker though. As a human Gilleas placed a lot of respect in the man but the stories about his rage made him hesitant to trust the man.

"Alright soldiers! Form up!" The young human captain snapped Gilleas out of his daze. The armor they presented was of good quality, although his plated leggings provided more protection than the armor the legion provided, he decided he would trade it for more mobility. The march had left him pretty tired last night so he figured it would be best if he shed the heavy plates. The armor fit well, he had been informed on the magical properties Living leather possessed and found the curiass and leggings to be quite comfortable. He did however keep his gauntlet's and shield finding the ones the legion provided to be of very low quality compared to his own. He also kept his own sword. He was already used to the weight of his own blade and did not want to experiment with a new sword in the middle of battle. He took his place among the formation, he was at the head of the group with the close range fighters. That probably meant Caine would march alongside him.

Lailanae donned the light armor uniform well. She like how comfortable it was, and was pleased that she would be more protected that with her old armor. She began to take formation. She found herself watching a blind mage, and her older sister. They were dark elves, Laila had not seen many of their kind. She was intrigued by them, to her they were distant relatives she had not yet met and decided she would try and become a friendly face. They would march under Girmsmirk's command. So she decided to wait until they were in formation to speak to them.

When they began to march Laila extended her hand to the older of the sisters and introduced herself. "Hello, I am Lailanae, Laila for short. I am glad to meet you."

Gilleas struggled to find words that he could use to begin a conversation. He tried to stray away from talking about battle but in the end found it to be of no use.
"Caine was it?" Gilleas began looking straight ahead, avoiding immediate eye contact. "It seems we are to fight soon, and as the captain suggested it would be wise to pair up. I figure my heavy defensive ability would compliment your berserker offense well. Do you agree?"