The Gift: Chapter Two

The Gift: Chapter Two Completed

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

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Setting: Norr2011-03-27 20:39:25, as written by Machina Ex Deus
Laeral: Jurial Plains

Talae hadn't indulged much the evening before, so she had no issues waking the following day. Getting Fae up and moving was a bit of a challenge- she seemed to have exhausted herself with the previous day's activity. Hopefully, she'd be able to make it through the rest of the day without incident. A slight frown crossed Talae's face. This really was a sink-or-swim situation, and if Fae was serious about helping, she couldn't continue to coddle her like this. In the end, it would only be counterproductive. She wasn't perfect; she would not always be able to be there, and if Faera didn't know how to work with the others or defend herself, she was as good as dead already.

The thought that her methods of watching out for her sister were doing her more harm than good was not a pleasant one, and Talae resolved to find some way to remedy this. If something happened to her, Fae would need other people to rely on, and to know that she could be relied upon in turn. "Blind spellcaster" was not exactly the most inspiring of categorizations, and she hadn't missed the skepticism it induced, even if Fae had.

They formed up outside, and she listened carefully to the instructions they were given regarding the Children- she'd fought them before, and they were indeed nasty pieces of work, and damned hard to kill. Nobody had never really put numbers like "twice as" to it before, but that didn't really change much.

Ten minutes was enough to slide into a suit of curious dragon-leather and inspect the available weapons. She already had her double-bladed knife and several smaller ones, but... it never hurt to have a spare or three, especially when you might not have time to retrieve things you had thrown. Checking each of the shortest blades for weight and balance, she took two more, plus a third, slightly longer one, which she pressed firmly into Fae's hand. "Never be without a defense," she informed her sister flatly, then turned as she was approached by another woman.

Fae chirped introductions before Talae had a chance to do more than grasp the archer's hand, and a thought struck Talae. That could work...

The three were approached by one of the Deep Humans Caine had been talking to last night, and she nodded in response to his tentatively-voiced request. "I can do that," she replied, turning to Leila. "Would you be willing to partner with my sister? I'm guessing you both fight at a range, so it should not be problematic..." she resisted the urge to add something about how people really could trust Fae's casting; he never let a spell go unless she had a definite target and nobody in the way. It wasn't as though Leila would be the one worrying about it anyway; she'd be quite close. Normally, she would not have even thought to speak that much, but where Fae was concerned, Talae tended to bend her own rules and tendencies a bit.

This could be the best opportunity she had to get Fae accustomed to working with other people; she rather hoped the other woman would agree. She'd already agreed to help this Kisikoni, and she did rather hate second-guessing her own decisions.