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The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The land of Amesha has been changing for many years and the arrival of new faith has changed it for the better. Save for the house of Raven Home, wherein a strong tradition still holds true after all these generations.

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~Welcome to the Land of Amesha~


The land of Amesha has been slow and calm to grow for the past six centuries, only changing its government once in the very beginning of its new age. Replacing its once royal family with the altruistic and guided hand of a conclave, formed from the most powerful families who can call to act on any notion they see fit. The age of industry has been slow to grip the whole country, but Amesha has taken to such a change well and is more equipped with sea faring vessels then any other on the eastern shore. Amesha itself sits near the edge of a peninsula, sharing the edge of each of its three provinces with a formation known historically as The Kings Blade. A massive natural stone formation that shunts out into the side of the sea.
Each province that sits within Amesha's borders are Halden, Far Crown and Dire Ridge. Each boasting several small towns and in the case of Far Crown a large city that surrounds the shore lined fort upon which it was built. Far Crown is the lowest sitting of the provinces within Amesha and is by far the most wealthy, being the seat of its government and focus of its entire trade organization.

Magics end-
Though magic still exist within the world and has since recorded history. It has begun to meet opposition from the populace at large. From either those that see it as a past form or trickery, or those that have secretly been wishing for its removal over the generations. No matter the reason, its practice has begun to dwindle and there are those that believe this age of industry is the final note in age of magics long song.

-Raven Home-

The home and center point of our current story, Raven Home is the main attraction of the Kings blade. A grand building of stone and metal that sits on the very tip of the blade itself, looking out into the sea. Though above the ground only nine floors can be seen, from there on down the structure descends another seventy floors, going past even the oceans water level. Not many people know what the whole structure looks like, or even how it was built, because it was present even during the time of the first kings and has always done business with the surrounding countries.

The structure itself is ancient and even though its decor changes from age to age, there is not denying that it has sat for centuries. Its walls filled with momentary and permanent tenants alike. All working within the laws of the Raven Homes astute ringmaster Kenner, a man who has not been seen outside its walls for the whole recorded memory of the houses dealings and a man who commands extreme respect from those within and without. It is his influence that keeps Raven Home alive against the current change in Amesha's political power and were that to fail, his walls are guarded by a vast force of personal militia. Ever present and stern against the coming influences of the outside world. Kenner himself does not run the entire body of the house and has placed several individuals in command of certain aspects of the day to day living. Though it is his word that the new intakes hear and it his by his command that they are allowed to be trained within the walls of such a powerful house.

-The Political Arena-

For generations Amesha has been a strange and daunting land, many of the wealthiest people within its boarders have enjoyed a life of opulence and hedonism beyond the reproach of most. Its people were free to practice whatever beliefs they held dear and many were able to pursue whatever lifestyle they sought. As long as the seeking of this life did not directly destroy or interfere with the civil liberties of another citizen, one would never be sought for any kind of retribution.

Though the land had many dealings and vast exports, one was wanted far more throughout the country more so then any other and that was their slaves. The land of Amesha was one of the last to keep its power to control slave trade and even though it is illegal to purchase in many other places, the right to own one is not. Though the years the local government has destroyed the trade of slavery and the training of such servants, however the political power of Raven Home has kept them relatively untouched by outside influences in this generation. People of all creeds and bonds come from leagues around to purchase a slave of their own and now that the government has destroyed all other sources of such treats in the land, Raven Home is that last remaining bastion they all seek.

-Things of Note-

*All slaves will be given a introduction of their own by the GM, not long after their character sheet has been approved of.

*The slaves can be of any gender, race and origin that the player creating wishes to choose. Though a warning is to be placed, extremely exotic races can possibly entail special treatment and accommodations. Lamia's for instance require a large amount of food to keep themselves active and are cold blooded, so they must have heated aspects in their accommodations. This is not to dissuade a player from choosing such a race, but just to make sure you know what kind of reaction the slave will receive when it comes to Raven Home.

*There are multiple NPC's within Raven Home, many of which that will not be met or heard of until the story get fully underway. Their inclusions may be short at one moment, or extremely taxing at the other, but you will all come to know them well.

*Upon entering Raven Home, slaves will be inspected and sent on their way by Kenner. This will double as their introduction and as the time their fate will be chosen. Their fate will be normally up to the player creating them, who has the choice of listing the desired color of the slaves ribbon. This color determines their training and the kind of role they will be given within the halls of Raven Home.

Ribbon Guide

The Ribbons worn by all slaves within Raven Home are for two reasons. First it is a reminder to the slave themselves that they are bound and cannot fight against this bond. The Ribbon is applied by Kenner himself and lightly bonds with the flesh of the slave, even allowing him to restrain them if need be. Secondly it is used to identify what they wearer is meant to be doing, making sure that those inside Raven Home give them the training they require.

-Blue- Slaves bearing this ribbon are not meant for the harshest of lives, they are to be trained in the fashion of etiquette and court structure. Many such slaves are bought by dignitaries and ambassadors, even going so far as to fill such functions themselves. Those that acquire this ribbon must be of good breeding and possess a social nature, as well as having some skill or knowledge of higher society.

-Green- Green is given to the slaves who are trained for physical revival, those that heal and treat their masters ill wounds, or to simply ease their troubles. This is the second most personal path of a slave and though like all others, they could still be called upon to relieve other physical needs. They can become some of the best personal physicians and caretakers possible. Many begin with some knowledge of the body and are one of the most emphatic of many other slaves.

-White- White is the most common among many slave that are trained in the service of a house more so then a single master. These usually are donned the term of maid or caretaker and are trained in all manners needed to serve their master dutifully. Many that take this ribbon were maids before being sold or captured into the trade and are best suited for returning there. Raven Home itself contains several hundred such individuals and they all work in unison to ensure everything is in its place.

-Orange- Orange is the mark of an Artist and creator, those that bare this ribbon are the most inventive and inspired in any group. Being trained across the whole to either master the brush or instrument in an effort to fill that singular need for entertainment in their masters lives. Those that take this ribbon are highly attentive and can notice slight details in all things. However this also translates into a fervor for their own emotions as many artist thrive off of such burning needs within themselves.

-Pink- In the past, Pink was the most common form of slave especially among all houses. They are trained with the most essential means of "tending" to their masters needs. These are the most personal form of slave that someone can possibly own and the training with witch they are given is nothing short of conditioned. Though because of such a personal nature that their lives take in the hands of a master, many of these slaves are given rigorous mental conditioning, making them wholly dependent on their master and loyal to a fault.

-Red- One of the hardest to control and contain, those bearing a red ribbon are ones found with an intense inner fire and some of the most unwilling to be controlled. It is these who are sent into a life of pain and destruction, as many masters have found that prize fighting certain slaves is a rather lucrative method to making money. There are those places in Amesha were such arenas can be found, however Raven Home possesses its own coliseum to host such events. Though this path is most looked down upon by many of the houses inhabitants, even by Kenner himself. Though even the most powerful must bend to the will and demands of their own clientele.

-Black- Even before the shrinking of the slave industry, there were many who would not deal in such trades. Those of the most exotic breeds and powerful monsters are known to exist within this classification of slave. They tend to be physically powerful, or highly intelligent and destructive. Coming from lands far from mortal eyes or even coming from other planes of existence. There is talk that the head Warden within Raven Home, Kenner's second, is actually one such creature and in fact was once his own slave.

Characters are encouraged to interact with one another and even attempt to explore Raven Home in its entirety.


-No god Mod, or meta gaming. I.e Using information at your disposal that your character would otherwise not know.
-Two characters max per player and they can be of any race, gender, orientation that you desire. However the more exotic races will be met with some drawbacks, just a fair warning.
-Anything starts to happen that breaks RPGs rules, we will fade to black, or take it to PMs.
-Any arguments get started, they should be handled swiftly in the OOC or in PM. We all come here for fun, so there is no reason to stir the pot.

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"Silence is golden."
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Alexander understood he would get used to the place, to the way of life but the idea that he might share the inclination or desires of the others made his stomach churn. He vowed to focus on his music, to let the others do as they would as long as he could do as he so desired.

He watched as Stern rose, spoke to another and then left. His mouth was dry with nerves and Alexander took a drink from his glass to help. He did not do well with new situations. He was learning but they were still not something he was extremely comfortable with.

The hand in front of him caused Alexander to immediately stand. He was a little clumsy causing his chair to almost tip backwards in his haste. He awkwardly grabbed it, righted it and faced the figure in front of him.

Alexander took in the woman and immediately wanted to write music about her. "I-yes.." He took the offered hand and leaned down to place a chaste kiss on the gloved top.

He straightened, releasing her hand. He had been taught gentlemanly manners. Alexander wanted to focus on music but it had been beaten into him at a young age that he would need to learn to socialize. He got better at it as he got older though his unease often appear in stumbling over his words or lack of speed at which he completely the socially acceptable acts.

"I am pleased to be here and-and to meet you. This place is strange to me but wonderful. I am excited to get to work composing. Do you play music?"


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Selakir was a bit confused. Her head tilted a little as she looked over the woman's ribbon. The ribbons it seemed designated their roles here. She could understand that sort of identification. It made sense. Everyone knew their place and with a glance others did as well. It added a layer of security that Selakir liked.

What had her confused was that this woman, a maid and good at her job was talking about working as a nurse as well. Learning skills and doing tasks that were not part of her role as maid. Selakir could not wrap her head around the idea that the woman wanted to, was allowed to and seemed to be working towards that.

"I do not wish to work in the infirmary." Her eyes lifted to look at the woman's face. "I am a servant. I serve my master in all needs. I am not a nurse. I do not wish to qualify for another..."

Selakir knew she was only suited for one role in a household. She was raised, bred and sculpted for this role alone. She could not fathom the idea of being something she was not. She would never be good at anything else. She knew this, she accepted it. Her last master had told her over and over the things she was only good for. The idea of anything outside of that was scary. The concept of the freedom to learn, change was scarier.

"Will the master be pleased with me? I do not know anything about him. I am a quick study. Please, tell me all you know so I can ensure I am serving him properly."

She didn't want to talk of other roles, of change. She had already had enough change. New place, new master, new rules, new people.

"Can you tell me the household rules so I may follow them and not be punished?"


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Chlorra looms over Babble for a small moment before reaching down to take hold of him. Cradling him as an adult would cradle a child. He size, though not too much larger then his own. Did not seem to hamper her ability to lift him in any way.
She turned over her should and looked back towards Agnus. Who for some time now had returned to slowly tuning and playing her cello. Paying little attention as it was for now, she continued to play as the front of her hood turned towards Chlorra. Giving a slight nod to the both of them before Chlorra tucked Babble in closer and for him the world began to grow dim. A he peered up at the ivory mask before him and the blank expression upon it reflected the same.

His eyes tried hard to focus and as he blinked to clear the haze a faint realization donned on him. They were no longer in the same room that they had been standing in. Her hold on him slightly relaxes as the world around Babble began to settle back to as clear as was possible for him at this point.

They were now in a long stretched out corridor. With several sections that contained closed off curtains. Several maids were moving back and forth as they worked at their own duties. The air was heavy with very sweet smells, so much so that Babble could start to taste them on his tongue without much effort.
"To think, I used to come here much more in the past." She begins to walk with him in tow. "Lets find you an empty bed."


The maid takes hold of Selakir's hand, holding it softly. "No one is going to force such a thing on you." She begins to stroke along the young elf's fingers in an attempt to ease her. The other maid doing her best to finish with Selakir's hair as she worked undeterred. "If you wish to keep serving as you have all this time, then that is fine. The master is not one to force you into doing something that you are not at the very least capable of doing." The maid spoke through the small burned hole in her veil. Ruby colored lips, with pearly teeth danced along the seem as she talked. An odd point could be seen at the end of each and it was slowly becoming more obvious why many of the maids worse such veils while doing going about their work.

"Done" A voice rang out behind Selakir. She could feel a lite tug on the length of her hair as a pin was set to hold a loose braid in back. The maid holding her hand smiled as their task was complete "I am sure the Master will be pleased with you and rightfully so." The tallest of the maids leaned down to retrieve some items from the cart's bottom shelf. One was produced and shown to be a silver framed mirror that was held out for Selakir to take. The other was a small bottle of roiling amber fluid. A sweet smell emanating from the bottle showed that the contents must have been some sort of perfume.

"It is not my place to tell you the rules, or your place in our house." Releasing Selakir's hand, the maid stepped back so the elf could gauge herself and prepare. "When you are ready, I can take you to see the Master." She motioned towards the same side door that Kenner had used to leave earlier.
The other maids began to clean up their things and gather everything back onto the cart in preparation for returning back to their other duties.


The young woman smiled back at Alexander as he raised to take her hand. Slightly giggling at how he was acting with the introduction. "I know, its rather jarring on the first day and dealing with the captain can be a chore all its own." She responded with a smile.
Her eyes turned down to her ribbon as Alexander asked if she played music. She responded with a nod only to add exception however "I do play if that is what you are asking. However my profession is that of an artist." She lifts her hand and begins to pull back on the left glove, revealing that she has tattoos covering every inch of flesh that Alexander can see. Possibly meaning the gloves were a way of maintaining decorum while moving about the house.

"The captain has requested that I take you to the see the twins and see if your instrument has been brought up from the lower levels. Its only a small walk from here as it is and I was going that way at the very least so I would appreciate the company."


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Like a limp vessel he was hardly responsive to the world. When once things mattered, though not often things most people cared about, now he cared not for all. The images in front of his eyes were like a slideshow, a series of visuals that he was removed from despite being apart of them.

There was nothing to say, nothing that could be said. There was nothing to do, no info to act upon. All he could do was be and though tired as he was of it existing was the only thing his master had yet to strip him of. Smells had no real meaning, his sense of scent was poor to begin with and now he couldn't even tell what senses were still real anymore. He couldn't hear what he was seeing, he couldn't listen to what his ears were hearing. His taste was intact for whatever that was worth.

What's left to infer?


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Akhira was not happy with this turn in events. If only her trick had helped to keep her hidden a little longer. She moved so very quietly, to coil herself into the wall further until finally, she launched herself forward.

While in mid-air, her jaws opened and in a split second a black fiery smoke hit the guards below her. It was not one meant to blast them to bits, but to confuse them for the mere second it took her to land and leap away.

She let her legs take her away, her draconic eyes catching every detail as she bolted through the hallways. Taking turns and jumping up floors to hopefully confuse her captors for some time. It wasn't until she turned a corner and ran snack into a wall that she was halted. She had just turned into a dead end? Who puts a dead end around a corner?! How misleading!

With a groan, she put a hand to her scale like horns on her head, "Ugh." Who does that!? She didn't even leave a crack in the wall... someone must have put it there for a reason. Maybe a hidden door? Who knew for sure? Kenner, of course. But, she didn't really care for secret doors at the moment. So she got up and continued walking up the levels, finding that the further she went up, the more people she encountered. Though most of them still ignored her. I wonder if I'm too high up. She wondered what to do... there were no windows to check, and there were no signs.

It was then that she heard the talking of people that she froze. People, coming this way? Akhira wanted to hide up toward the ceiling again but- Too late!

They turned the corner, and soon they would see her.


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Alexander bowed his head a little, acknowledging that it was indeed jarring here. As she mentioned the captain his eyes raised to hers and he inhaled slowly. "He is a very particular man. I do not think I have met any like him before but like this place, I am sure I will get used to him." He was trying to sound more confident than he felt.

This place will allow you to create, to sit and live in music. It will be alright... Alexander's thoughts were rife with anxiety.

His eyes went wide as Purna pulled on her glove and he caught a glimpse of her tattoos. He had never seen someone who allowed their skin to be used to that extent as canvas. he had questions but he reminded himself of the rules of decorum and kept them to himself.

"An artist. It would seem that Master Kenner favours the world of art in all aspects." Alexander hoped it was diplomatic enough. He had no patience for paint or other forms of expression. Music was all he knew, all he wanted. He knew that others saw other aspects of life as he did music even if he didn't understand it.

He perked up at the mention of his harp. "Yes, I am eager to see her unpacked and settled. I made need time later to oil the wood and check the strings but for now I long to touc-" He blushed and looked away as he realized how it might sound to her.

"For-Forgive me. I miss my instrument. At times it feels like an extension of myself, missing when I am not near it." Alexander felt the embarrassment wash over him.

Wishing to move on, he step in stride beside her. "How large is this place and how many reside here?"


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0.00 INK

Selakir felt herself blinking back tears. She was still afraid and unsure though at least she was clean and dressed better now.

"I only wish to please him." It was all she would say on the matter of her role, the master, this place. It was her sole purpose in life. Please her master, whoever that may be. Without that she was like a piece of wood adrift in the ocean. That was not a feeling she liked at all. There was a security that lay in having a master. Selakir knew she had one role in life and it was to be and do what her master said.

Her eyes watched the women as they moved, handing her the mirror and getting a perfumed oil. A tiny part of her wondered what it would be like to be in their role but that part was so small it rarely appeared. The life she knew, the life her last master had given her, had decided for her was overpowering.

Selakir sucked on her lower lip lightly as she lifted the mirror to inspect the women's work. Gone was the filthy woman who had been in the cage. Her hair had been carefully brushed and pinned. She dabbed a little of the perfume on, behind her ears. She assumed that because they had taken it out it was something her master liked.

She handed the mirror back. The maids would not tell her the rules of the house so Selakir's only hope now was that the master was willing to explain things.

"I trust I am prepared for him in a way the master likes so, I am ready. I wish to take my place in the household."

She gently clasped her trembling hands in front of her. Selakir had been raised, groomed for her place as slave with her last master. This was entirely new to her. She would mold, change and adapt as he wanted but in this moment of uncertainty it was frightening.

What if he didn't find her attractive? What if he did not like her at all? What would happen to her?

Selakir forced the fears down. She lifted her chin, kept her back straight and followed as the maid led her to the door and beyond it to her new master.

The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need: Out Of Character (OOC)

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