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The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The land of Amesha has been changing for many years and the arrival of new faith has changed it for the better. Save for the house of Raven Home, wherein a strong tradition still holds true after all these generations.

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~Welcome to the Land of Amesha~


The land of Amesha has been slow and calm to grow for the past six centuries, only changing its government once in the very beginning of its new age. Replacing its once royal family with the altruistic and guided hand of a conclave, formed from the most powerful families who can call to act on any notion they see fit. The age of industry has been slow to grip the whole country, but Amesha has taken to such a change well and is more equipped with sea faring vessels then any other on the eastern shore. Amesha itself sits near the edge of a peninsula, sharing the edge of each of its three provinces with a formation known historically as The Kings Blade. A massive natural stone formation that shunts out into the side of the sea.
Each province that sits within Amesha's borders are Halden, Far Crown and Dire Ridge. Each boasting several small towns and in the case of Far Crown a large city that surrounds the shore lined fort upon which it was built. Far Crown is the lowest sitting of the provinces within Amesha and is by far the most wealthy, being the seat of its government and focus of its entire trade organization.

Magics end-
Though magic still exist within the world and has since recorded history. It has begun to meet opposition from the populace at large. From either those that see it as a past form or trickery, or those that have secretly been wishing for its removal over the generations. No matter the reason, its practice has begun to dwindle and there are those that believe this age of industry is the final note in age of magics long song.

-Raven Home-

The home and center point of our current story, Raven Home is the main attraction of the Kings blade. A grand building of stone and metal that sits on the very tip of the blade itself, looking out into the sea. Though above the ground only nine floors can be seen, from there on down the structure descends another seventy floors, going past even the oceans water level. Not many people know what the whole structure looks like, or even how it was built, because it was present even during the time of the first kings and has always done business with the surrounding countries.

The structure itself is ancient and even though its decor changes from age to age, there is not denying that it has sat for centuries. Its walls filled with momentary and permanent tenants alike. All working within the laws of the Raven Homes astute ringmaster Kenner, a man who has not been seen outside its walls for the whole recorded memory of the houses dealings and a man who commands extreme respect from those within and without. It is his influence that keeps Raven Home alive against the current change in Amesha's political power and were that to fail, his walls are guarded by a vast force of personal militia. Ever present and stern against the coming influences of the outside world. Kenner himself does not run the entire body of the house and has placed several individuals in command of certain aspects of the day to day living. Though it is his word that the new intakes hear and it his by his command that they are allowed to be trained within the walls of such a powerful house.

-The Political Arena-

For generations Amesha has been a strange and daunting land, many of the wealthiest people within its boarders have enjoyed a life of opulence and hedonism beyond the reproach of most. Its people were free to practice whatever beliefs they held dear and many were able to pursue whatever lifestyle they sought. As long as the seeking of this life did not directly destroy or interfere with the civil liberties of another citizen, one would never be sought for any kind of retribution.

Though the land had many dealings and vast exports, one was wanted far more throughout the country more so then any other and that was their slaves. The land of Amesha was one of the last to keep its power to control slave trade and even though it is illegal to purchase in many other places, the right to own one is not. Though the years the local government has destroyed the trade of slavery and the training of such servants, however the political power of Raven Home has kept them relatively untouched by outside influences in this generation. People of all creeds and bonds come from leagues around to purchase a slave of their own and now that the government has destroyed all other sources of such treats in the land, Raven Home is that last remaining bastion they all seek.

-Things of Note-

*All slaves will be given a introduction of their own by the GM, not long after their character sheet has been approved of.

*The slaves can be of any gender, race and origin that the player creating wishes to choose. Though a warning is to be placed, extremely exotic races can possibly entail special treatment and accommodations. Lamia's for instance require a large amount of food to keep themselves active and are cold blooded, so they must have heated aspects in their accommodations. This is not to dissuade a player from choosing such a race, but just to make sure you know what kind of reaction the slave will receive when it comes to Raven Home.

*There are multiple NPC's within Raven Home, many of which that will not be met or heard of until the story get fully underway. Their inclusions may be short at one moment, or extremely taxing at the other, but you will all come to know them well.

*Upon entering Raven Home, slaves will be inspected and sent on their way by Kenner. This will double as their introduction and as the time their fate will be chosen. Their fate will be normally up to the player creating them, who has the choice of listing the desired color of the slaves ribbon. This color determines their training and the kind of role they will be given within the halls of Raven Home.

Ribbon Guide

The Ribbons worn by all slaves within Raven Home are for two reasons. First it is a reminder to the slave themselves that they are bound and cannot fight against this bond. The Ribbon is applied by Kenner himself and lightly bonds with the flesh of the slave, even allowing him to restrain them if need be. Secondly it is used to identify what they wearer is meant to be doing, making sure that those inside Raven Home give them the training they require.

-Blue- Slaves bearing this ribbon are not meant for the harshest of lives, they are to be trained in the fashion of etiquette and court structure. Many such slaves are bought by dignitaries and ambassadors, even going so far as to fill such functions themselves. Those that acquire this ribbon must be of good breeding and possess a social nature, as well as having some skill or knowledge of higher society.

-Green- Green is given to the slaves who are trained for physical revival, those that heal and treat their masters ill wounds, or to simply ease their troubles. This is the second most personal path of a slave and though like all others, they could still be called upon to relieve other physical needs. They can become some of the best personal physicians and caretakers possible. Many begin with some knowledge of the body and are one of the most emphatic of many other slaves.

-White- White is the most common among many slave that are trained in the service of a house more so then a single master. These usually are donned the term of maid or caretaker and are trained in all manners needed to serve their master dutifully. Many that take this ribbon were maids before being sold or captured into the trade and are best suited for returning there. Raven Home itself contains several hundred such individuals and they all work in unison to ensure everything is in its place.

-Orange- Orange is the mark of an Artist and creator, those that bare this ribbon are the most inventive and inspired in any group. Being trained across the whole to either master the brush or instrument in an effort to fill that singular need for entertainment in their masters lives. Those that take this ribbon are highly attentive and can notice slight details in all things. However this also translates into a fervor for their own emotions as many artist thrive off of such burning needs within themselves.

-Pink- In the past, Pink was the most common form of slave especially among all houses. They are trained with the most essential means of "tending" to their masters needs. These are the most personal form of slave that someone can possibly own and the training with witch they are given is nothing short of conditioned. Though because of such a personal nature that their lives take in the hands of a master, many of these slaves are given rigorous mental conditioning, making them wholly dependent on their master and loyal to a fault.

-Red- One of the hardest to control and contain, those bearing a red ribbon are ones found with an intense inner fire and some of the most unwilling to be controlled. It is these who are sent into a life of pain and destruction, as many masters have found that prize fighting certain slaves is a rather lucrative method to making money. There are those places in Amesha were such arenas can be found, however Raven Home possesses its own coliseum to host such events. Though this path is most looked down upon by many of the houses inhabitants, even by Kenner himself. Though even the most powerful must bend to the will and demands of their own clientele.

-Black- Even before the shrinking of the slave industry, there were many who would not deal in such trades. Those of the most exotic breeds and powerful monsters are known to exist within this classification of slave. They tend to be physically powerful, or highly intelligent and destructive. Coming from lands far from mortal eyes or even coming from other planes of existence. There is talk that the head Warden within Raven Home, Kenner's second, is actually one such creature and in fact was once his own slave.

Characters are encouraged to interact with one another and even attempt to explore Raven Home in its entirety.


-No god Mod, or meta gaming. I.e Using information at your disposal that your character would otherwise not know.
-Two characters max per player and they can be of any race, gender, orientation that you desire. However the more exotic races will be met with some drawbacks, just a fair warning.
-Anything starts to happen that breaks RPGs rules, we will fade to black, or take it to PMs.
-Any arguments get started, they should be handled swiftly in the OOC or in PM. We all come here for fun, so there is no reason to stir the pot.

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A hand laid on her shoulder. Selakir sat very still. Her master gave his permission to eat though his phrasing was strange. It was not cruel to keep a slave from a meal. It was about the master's desires.

"Thank you master." Her voice was soft. She gave a slight bow of her head to him in thanks to accompany her words before delicate picking at her food.

It was incredibly tasty but her body was so empty that even the small bites felt heavy. Selakir was slow to eat, pausing often to allow her body to adjust once more to the solid and nutritious food. It was different than she was used to. Her previous master was very much a lover of fatty, roasted meats and heavy drink. The juicy pieces of fruit were so perfect that Selakir closed her eyes to focus on just the feeling of the sweet juice dancing over her tongue as she chewed and swallowed.

She opened her eyes once more as her master spoke of a room for her. She watched the woman, Peach as she began to gesture emotionally. Selakir found herself realizing that perhaps the woman could not speak.

"Whatever master feels is best." The question of her opinion puzzled her. Why he was concerned with that confused Selakir. She did her best to make it clear that she in no way would be a troublesome slave. She had seen them, the new arrivals who would fight and push against master's desires. It never ended well and Selakir could not understand why they did that.


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0.00 INK

The smells of ink, blood and magic were written in the very stones where she presumed Purna to spend her time, with other tattoo artists. And somewhere near, she was sure she smelled paint. This really was the hall of artists, wasn't it?

Akhira tried really hard not to smile. Humans had never really fascinated her but the humans and beings here in the castle were really something else. She had to applaud Kenner for the caliber of his collection.

Although, in the end, they were still humans.

From the moment she heard the music ring loud enough for Alexander to notice, she saw him change. The sound of his breath and heart quickened and his pupils looked like they had widened. His poor excuse senses were trying their best to catch everything while hers weren't even trying. Ah, so the music is his Love.

And it was this change in him that she knew for certain. He saw nothing else but his Music.

She let out a sigh, ignoring the way Purna spruced her up. As if a dragon needed to be spruced up just for the meeting of lower beings. She was already beautiful enough. "The teachers are somewhat particular about anyone new they meet and to be honest, they can be a bit harsh. Also, don't let their appearance fool you, as the bother is far more agreeable than the sister."

"Is my harp in there? Did they bring it here or to my room? I would like to see her."

Akhira wanted to laugh, but she contained herself and something dark twisted her insides. Her reptilian eyes sharpened, humans really are all the same. She tapped Purna on the arm gently, and with a look that suggested she was taking her leave from them, looked down the hallway and began to walk away.

Maybe there were others to bother. Maybe she could go back to the library and speak with Peach or... There wasn't any maybe, she was going to go back to the balcony area Kenner had showed her earlier. Yes, where she could feel the wind and air. Flight was her Love.


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Philippe looked over Babble as he stared back at her. It wasn't entirely possibly that she could supply something for him to eat and when an idea hit her, she pulled a small pad, scribbling quickly. Babble could see that she was murmuring the words as she wrote them, letting the information flow as easily as one would breath.

She looked over the top of her notes and asked him as she continued to write. "We are going to try a few things, hopefully one of them will work for you. Several of them will be up in about an hour.." She quickly tears the page out and hands it off to the nurse across his bed, who barely glances at the page and trots off down the hall, while she returned to examining Babble.

She lifted his right arm and began to inspect where the bandaging began, asking him questions as she scanned across his forearm. "Can you still feel anything here, or..." Babble saw her eyes stop where his armed ended and even though bandaging had been applied, it was apparent that she was staring at something. She leaned over his body and examined his other arm in the exact same way. Her eyes focusing on the very end where his wound was and it was obvious that she was drawing a conclusion, even with how strange her face appeared to him.

Her touch was strange to him as well, like her fingers were damp and each point of contact reminded him of the days where pain was applied through magical means. Not the pain, not the sensation, but the contact itself was still there. Like a strange phantom that he was vaguely aware of as it traced over his flesh. She looked over one last time before placing his arm down and drew back up to stand. "Who took your hands Babble?" She asked bluntly.


Kenner smiled over and nodded across the room in regards to Peach's anticipation. The maid practically bounced with happiness as she leapt from the room, hurrying down the hall towards her destination. Kenner and Alia both shared a softly toned chuckle between one another. He pulled another chair from the side of the table closer towards Selakir and took a seat beside her. "Another few days of this and maybe she will have all of this excitement out of her system." He added with a slight sigh.

"Not very likely..." Was what Alia responded with as Kenner fished a strawberry from the plate in front of Selakir and kept his eye cast towards her as she ate. He with the edge of the fruit sitting firmly in his teeth as he looked her over. He lifted up his other hand on the table and revealed an item that was in his grasp. It was a silken, pink ribbon. Twirling the two ends of it together with his fingers as he leaned against the edge of the table and looked onto Selakir, as she enjoyed her meal.

He looked on and as her eyes caught his out of the edge of her vision, she could see that he was content to just sit there and watch her do exactly as she was doing. Though the silence did not last long in general, Kenner decided to ask a rather straightforward question of her.

"Besides serving your master, what is it that makes you happy Selakir? He sat down the last of the strawberry in his hand and began to hold the ribbon more predominately in front of her. "Because this family can offer as such." Alia leans forward and adds "You can go far in this house, even at your age you are still young and very beautiful. You can go places and do things that not many of us really had a chance to ever do..." She went quiet for a moment after that. Her head fixed as she looked down onto her hand in silence. Aside from a dejected sigh, there was nothing else that could catch Selakir's hearing when it concerned this woman across from her.

Kenner reached across and placed his hand on hers, visually puller her back from whatever place her mind was currently in.

"Everyone has a place here Selakir, so long as you wish to take it."


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Akhira & Alexander

Purna was finishing, picking a few stray stands of hair off of Alexander's shoulder. She looked over to Akhira as she received a tap on the shoulder. "If you're going to leave, than I suggest you refrain from whatever you did before." She returned her eyes back to Alexander as she pulled off the last hair she could see. Giving him a wink as she did "Your instrument will be fine, as we do so much appreciate the arts here and treating it poorly would only reflect upon us as a whole." She reached down and took his hand, stopping the rapping that his fingers were going through in that instant. Somewhat interrupting his line of thought in that instant.

She began to tug as she gave a nod to Akhira. "If you really want to leave, then I suggest..."
The room went cold, fast and even the words lightly froze in the air as she began to speak them. Though her expression did not change, in fact. It was apparent that she was well used to such a sensation and it was then that the group felt it.

An oppressive shadow cast over them, quickly passing from one side of the hall and ebbing behind them as it moved. Causing the lamps on the walls to flicker and wane on their mounts. Purna slowly closed her eyes and lightly adjusted her stance and the oppressive feeling passed behind them after the shadow had gone.

Akhira could feel her scales tilting up on their end, a defense mechanism that she had been born with and one that had served her very well in the past. Almost like her body was screaming of immanent danger. The flesh between her knuckles tingled, her hair began to follow suit to her scales and even her body was now tugging at the bonding of her ribbon. As small patches of ice began to form along the surface of the fabric.

Purna looked over Alexander's shoulder and smiled a calm smile as she spoke. "Masha, I thought class was already going." Alexander and Akhira could both see a slight pang of panic in eyes and Akhira herself could make out the telltale skip in her pulse. As they turned, the only thing there to greet them was the figure of a young boy. Barely up to Akhira in height and even then his nose only reached to the nape of her neck. The formal wear of his vest and slacks, mixed with the short cut hair that sprayed out in several directions were off putting, more so was it's pale blond coloration. Almost like that of Kenner's yet more dull and flat in appearance. His features were soft for a young boys, full cheeks and soft round eyes with just a hint of an androgynous trappings.

His eyes on the other hand cut, almost to the bone with how strong the stare he was giving the small group. They were deep and dark, a look that Akhira off the start could tell was giving away his age to not be that of a child. Almost like the look she would receive from the older dragons she ran across. A deep ocean filled by the experience of a vast lifetime and it was obvious now that he, like kenner himself. Was something else entirely.

A smile bridged across his face as he looked back at Purna and glanced between the other two. "I was hoping to see this new student that was scheduled to arrive. After seeing such a finely cared for piece enter my music hall, I was interested in meeting someone who could care for it so delicately." Like his eyes, his voice was betraying the appearance he wore.

It was calm and assured, with eloquent connotations as he spoke, much like that of a noble addressing a small court. Yet he spoke just as softly as his small stature might suggest.

"Alexander, I presume." He gave a sharp nod with that statement. Not even stopping to question the target of his attention. Greeting Alexander as he did and then sliding his eyes over to Akhira, his smile returning. "I thought you would still be asleep in your little scholastic mound of books.. Akhira, I take it?

Chlorra wasn't too forthcoming with your name earlier."
He added with a soft chuckle.

The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need: Out Of Character (OOC)

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