The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The Gilded Cage - Slaves in need

The land of Amesha has been changing for many years and the arrival of new faith has changed it for the better. Save for the house of Raven Home, wherein a strong tradition still holds true after all these generations.

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~Welcome to the Land of Amesha~


The land of Amesha has been slow and calm to grow for the past six centuries, only changing its government once in the very beginning of its new age. Replacing its once royal family with the altruistic and guided hand of a conclave, formed from the most powerful families who can call to act on any notion they see fit. The age of industry has been slow to grip the whole country, but Amesha has taken to such a change well and is more equipped with sea faring vessels then any other on the eastern shore. Amesha itself sits near the edge of a peninsula, sharing the edge of each of its three provinces with a formation known historically as The Kings Blade. A massive natural stone formation that shunts out into the side of the sea.
Each province that sits within Amesha's borders are Halden, Far Crown and Dire Ridge. Each boasting several small towns and in the case of Far Crown a large city that surrounds the shore lined fort upon which it was built. Far Crown is the lowest sitting of the provinces within Amesha and is by far the most wealthy, being the seat of its government and focus of its entire trade organization.

Magics end-
Though magic still exist within the world and has since recorded history. It has begun to meet opposition from the populace at large. From either those that see it as a past form or trickery, or those that have secretly been wishing for its removal over the generations. No matter the reason, its practice has begun to dwindle and there are those that believe this age of industry is the final note in age of magics long song.

-Raven Home-

The home and center point of our current story, Raven Home is the main attraction of the Kings blade. A grand building of stone and metal that sits on the very tip of the blade itself, looking out into the sea. Though above the ground only nine floors can be seen, from there on down the structure descends another seventy floors, going past even the oceans water level. Not many people know what the whole structure looks like, or even how it was built, because it was present even during the time of the first kings and has always done business with the surrounding countries.

The structure itself is ancient and even though its decor changes from age to age, there is not denying that it has sat for centuries. Its walls filled with momentary and permanent tenants alike. All working within the laws of the Raven Homes astute ringmaster Kenner, a man who has not been seen outside its walls for the whole recorded memory of the houses dealings and a man who commands extreme respect from those within and without. It is his influence that keeps Raven Home alive against the current change in Amesha's political power and were that to fail, his walls are guarded by a vast force of personal militia. Ever present and stern against the coming influences of the outside world. Kenner himself does not run the entire body of the house and has placed several individuals in command of certain aspects of the day to day living. Though it is his word that the new intakes hear and it his by his command that they are allowed to be trained within the walls of such a powerful house.

-The Political Arena-

For generations Amesha has been a strange and daunting land, many of the wealthiest people within its boarders have enjoyed a life of opulence and hedonism beyond the reproach of most. Its people were free to practice whatever beliefs they held dear and many were able to pursue whatever lifestyle they sought. As long as the seeking of this life did not directly destroy or interfere with the civil liberties of another citizen, one would never be sought for any kind of retribution.

Though the land had many dealings and vast exports, one was wanted far more throughout the country more so then any other and that was their slaves. The land of Amesha was one of the last to keep its power to control slave trade and even though it is illegal to purchase in many other places, the right to own one is not. Though the years the local government has destroyed the trade of slavery and the training of such servants, however the political power of Raven Home has kept them relatively untouched by outside influences in this generation. People of all creeds and bonds come from leagues around to purchase a slave of their own and now that the government has destroyed all other sources of such treats in the land, Raven Home is that last remaining bastion they all seek.

-Things of Note-

*All slaves will be given a introduction of their own by the GM, not long after their character sheet has been approved of.

*The slaves can be of any gender, race and origin that the player creating wishes to choose. Though a warning is to be placed, extremely exotic races can possibly entail special treatment and accommodations. Lamia's for instance require a large amount of food to keep themselves active and are cold blooded, so they must have heated aspects in their accommodations. This is not to dissuade a player from choosing such a race, but just to make sure you know what kind of reaction the slave will receive when it comes to Raven Home.

*There are multiple NPC's within Raven Home, many of which that will not be met or heard of until the story get fully underway. Their inclusions may be short at one moment, or extremely taxing at the other, but you will all come to know them well.

*Upon entering Raven Home, slaves will be inspected and sent on their way by Kenner. This will double as their introduction and as the time their fate will be chosen. Their fate will be normally up to the player creating them, who has the choice of listing the desired color of the slaves ribbon. This color determines their training and the kind of role they will be given within the halls of Raven Home.

Ribbon Guide

The Ribbons worn by all slaves within Raven Home are for two reasons. First it is a reminder to the slave themselves that they are bound and cannot fight against this bond. The Ribbon is applied by Kenner himself and lightly bonds with the flesh of the slave, even allowing him to restrain them if need be. Secondly it is used to identify what they wearer is meant to be doing, making sure that those inside Raven Home give them the training they require.

-Blue- Slaves bearing this ribbon are not meant for the harshest of lives, they are to be trained in the fashion of etiquette and court structure. Many such slaves are bought by dignitaries and ambassadors, even going so far as to fill such functions themselves. Those that acquire this ribbon must be of good breeding and possess a social nature, as well as having some skill or knowledge of higher society.

-Green- Green is given to the slaves who are trained for physical revival, those that heal and treat their masters ill wounds, or to simply ease their troubles. This is the second most personal path of a slave and though like all others, they could still be called upon to relieve other physical needs. They can become some of the best personal physicians and caretakers possible. Many begin with some knowledge of the body and are one of the most emphatic of many other slaves.

-White- White is the most common among many slave that are trained in the service of a house more so then a single master. These usually are donned the term of maid or caretaker and are trained in all manners needed to serve their master dutifully. Many that take this ribbon were maids before being sold or captured into the trade and are best suited for returning there. Raven Home itself contains several hundred such individuals and they all work in unison to ensure everything is in its place.

-Orange- Orange is the mark of an Artist and creator, those that bare this ribbon are the most inventive and inspired in any group. Being trained across the whole to either master the brush or instrument in an effort to fill that singular need for entertainment in their masters lives. Those that take this ribbon are highly attentive and can notice slight details in all things. However this also translates into a fervor for their own emotions as many artist thrive off of such burning needs within themselves.

-Pink- In the past, Pink was the most common form of slave especially among all houses. They are trained with the most essential means of "tending" to their masters needs. These are the most personal form of slave that someone can possibly own and the training with which they are given is nothing short of intense conditioning. Though because of such a personal nature that their lives take in the hands of a master, many of these slaves are given rigorous personal training, making them wholly dependent on their master and loyal to a fault.

-Red- One of the hardest to control and contain, those bearing a red ribbon are ones found with an intense inner fire and some of the most unwilling to be controlled. It is these who are sent into a life of pain and destruction, as many masters have found that prize fighting certain slaves is a rather lucrative method to making money. There are those places in Amesha were such arenas can be found, however Raven Home possesses its own coliseum to host such events. Though this path is most looked down upon by many of the houses inhabitants, even by Kenner himself. Though even the most powerful must bend to the will and demands of their own clientele.

-Black- Even before the shrinking of the slave industry, there were many who would not deal in such trades. Those of the most exotic breeds and powerful monsters are known to exist within this classification of slave. They tend to be physically powerful, or highly intelligent and destructive. Coming from lands far from mortal eyes or even coming from other planes of existence. There is talk that the head Warden within Raven Home, Kenner's second, is actually one such creature and in fact was once his own slave.

Characters are encouraged to interact with one another and even attempt to explore Raven Home in its entirety.

Toggle Rules

-No god Mod, or meta gaming. I.e Using information at your disposal that your character would otherwise not know.
-Two characters max per player and they can be of any race, gender, orientation that you desire. However the more exotic races will be met with some drawbacks, just a fair warning.
-Anything starts to happen that breaks RPGs rules, we will fade to black, or take it to PMs.
-Any arguments get started, they should be handled swiftly in the OOC or in PM. We all come here for fun, so there is no reason to stir the pot.

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft Character Portrait: Selakir

0.00 INK

As they walked Selakir did what any proper servant would do and began to map out, memorize the path they were taking. She would need to know her way around without a lot of guidance if she was to prove her usefulness here. A good slave was attentive in all things including one's environment.

She noted but said nothing about the way her companion walked. She also made mental notes on the woman's constitution. The seemingly frail frame made Selakir wonder at the position the woman held and her abilities here. Surely she wasn't as Selakir had been, a consort among other things. Perhaps a performer, a diplomat for their master...

Selakir did not let herself muse on it long as it was not her job to speculate but to watch, listen and learn all she could.

"No-" The notion that she might be looking to cause trouble had not occurred to Selakir and now she panicked that it might be taken that way. What if it was reported back to the master and he thought her too much trouble-

The chuckle made Selakir relax, just enough to stop the stem of worried thoughts.

"His second, his wife?" Selakir was trying now to understand the power structure of this place. She had nothing against a wife for the master, her place was not to question or hold grudges but she did need to know who to serve and who to listen to. If Chlorra, the master's second was in charge of discipline then it was like she was also Selakir's master in a way. Not the same, of course but someone to be aware of and listened to.

"I do not wish to be punished and thus would like to know rules and possible punishments. It is easier to avoid crossing the boundaries when one is aware of them. I can learn as the days go. I am very good at observing." Eyes fell to the ground, showing her passivity.

"I only wish to know my place and do as is asked of me."

Eyes lifted as she took in her surroundings. Later she would go over all she could remember and map out the path in her mind over and over again.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft Character Portrait: Selakir

0.00 INK


"Wife? Oh no, I wouldn't be so bold as to put it as such." The Door opens once more as the lift clicks down on it's final stop and Selakir is lead out. The lone attendant bowing slightly as they both exited and closing the door. It's frame ascending back into the spire of the building as they walked away.

"All you must currently worry about right now is getting settled in" Alia adds with a pat on the back of the young elf's hand. Right as they both stop between a large number of paired doors. The one they stood in front of had the number 22 on it, with the other door being 24. A quick glance showed her that the pairing doors were on the other side of the hall and that each door was incrementally spaced. Showing that each door opened in the very edge of each of their respective rooms.
Alia turns the handle and pushes the oaken door open, allowing Selakir to enter first.

The room contained many of the same enmities that any other would contain. Despite being bare of decoration and any other embellishments. There was a bed, slightly larger in size than one needed for a singular person. A dresser sat along the wall with a small vanity sitting next to it, along with a second door. While there was actually a closet across the room from that one.

Despite what was already in the room, there was a considerable amount of floor space still available.

"I hope it's up to your liking. Though given how many come here with nothing, you'd probably need some time to adjust to all of this." She looks around for a moment and leans back to check the hall. "Strange, Peach was supposed to be here waiting for us. Though it does seem that she was able to get your quarters ready before we arrived."


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Babble Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo

Silent silence silently. The tall nurse offered the short patient a glass of water.

Drawn from odd chanteys by the urging of the tall woman who remained still, glass of water in hand, he looked down, which is to say he looked up, at the glass vessel. With his focus drawn to it the water inside began to tremble. Small ripples emanated from the center of the pool, small waves rolling in an expanding ring towards the sides of the glass. Able to keep the water from churning violently he sustained the pattern, slowly putting a slight spin on the ripples as a dimple started to form in the center of the water.

Swirling up upon the sides the water spun faster and faster, a whirlpool forming in the center. Soon there was a clear hole right down the center with all the fluid riding the sides of the glass, not a single drop spilling out over the rim. The glass itself was perfectly still, the weight of the turning fluids distributed evenly against the sides so as keep it from shaking from the g-forces.

He simply watched the water dance to his unheard song, the wavelengths well below the level where sound is still audible to the human ear. He didn't often have opportunities to practice his music so it was a welcome diversion from the suffering that was just life for a creature called Babble.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft Character Portrait: Alexander Demaires Character Portrait: Selakir

0.00 INK

Alexander ~

He kept sorting his papers, forgetting there was another in the room with him. It happened often. Any pause, any silence and Alexander would be off into his own mind once more.

Selakir ~

Selakir frowned a little. A woman who was in charge but not the lady of the house? The concept felt foreign to her. The elf vowed to be on her best behaviour and to learn what she could about Chlorra.

Selakir memorized the doors, the hallways as they walked and when they stopped in front of room 22 she made a note. Her new space. She entered slowly when Alia opened the door. She noted the bed, generous in size. The dresser which Selakir would not need as her dress was gone and now she only owned what she wore. She slowly moved around the room taking it all in.

"It is more than what I need. Thank you." Selakir gave a slight bow of her head. "I do not own anything and I am used to much less space. It will take time, yes, to get used to it all."

She stood on the spot and slowly turned. She was noting the location of every piece of furniture from her location. She needed to be able to move about the room in day or night.

"Perhaps she was called away for a task." Selakir faced Alia once more and sat on the floor. "I will wait until I am summoned for a purpose. Thank you for showing me my space."


Characters Present

Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft Character Portrait: Akhira

0.00 INK

"That explains more than a few things at this point."

"I should say that I'm surprised to see one such as yourself, but this is Raven home and you'll quickly find that there are many wondrous things here. Though I think we can give your assumption a try, if you ever have the inclination."

Akhira licked her lips and tried not to yawn. This feeling of being drained made her sleepy, reminding her of poison. The kind that you unknowingly take and begin to fall under it's sleepy death.

"Also; You may want to refrain from that in the future. Especially seeing as you're currently in hiding from the guards, as that will only serve to draw their attention. Because I doubt the master gave you full leave to wield such power without restraint."

The dragoness let out a small grumble under her breath. "Where's the fun in that?"

"Worse yet, that could lead to someone else finding you instead and many of the people on this floor don't have a easy time with someone like her around."

Akhira blinked, and was a tad bit confused before understanding dawned in her eyes. She was sure that the ink master was now speaking of Chlorra, and if she wasn't... there was someone more sinister and disgusting than the Necromancer herself? Either way, it was best to heed the Ink master's warning.

Akhira ducked her head in a rare show of acknowledging someone else's words and wrapped her hands around her belly, trying hard not to let the 'feeling of less' bother her.

If she ever found out how to remove the black ribbon on her arm.... The damage and chaos she would cause would be a delightful thing.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Selakir Character Portrait: NPCs - The Raven's Loft

0.00 INK


Alia looked at the young elf as she turned and giggled slightly. The jingle of the metallic wring coming through the grill on her mask, making a small harmonic tune. "I'm sure you'd have no issue coming to terms here. Many do and very few ever really have problems, even after coming from hard lives." She looked across towards the other door and approached it, setting her head to the wood. She gave a small sigh as she wrapped her knuckles against the wood twice. Only a rumble of noise to come barreling towards it. "Found her" Alia exclaimed as the door swung open and Peach came hopping through, spreading bits of cut paper, in varying colors.

Stood there with a gated stance, still somewhat heavy with breath as she rushed out. Apparently being caught in the middle of doing something and that something was apparently the making of a small sign, complete with colored streamers and leafy tassels.

The sign read "Welcome to your new home Sela.." in what appeared to be a stylized form of elven script.

So stylized in fact that it was somewhat hard to read at fist glance. While there she stood holding it out in front of her as proudly as she could. It took a moment for Selakir to even register that he made opposite of her was no longer wearing her veil and the reason for the script became even more apparent. Because she was apparently an elf as well. All smiles with bright turquoise eyes and straight blonde hair that looked to touch the small of her back.

Though it was obvious that she was a different kind of elf at one point in her life, then Selakir was. Her ears were longer, yet they've been clipped back at one point to be shorter. Like what someone would've done with certain breeds of dog. Her skin was flawless, save for a long faded scar that transected her mouth from one side and curved down her throat. Making it apparent why she used a form of sign language to speak and her appearance was complete with a wide smile. Revealing three silver teeth at the point where the scar touched her lip.

Alia spoke up as Peach took another breath, almost waiting to exhale on the instance. "It's very pretty Peach. But you really didn't have to go to such lengths."


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Babble Character Portrait: Akhira Character Portrait: NPCs - The Raven's Loft

0.00 INK


Purna smirked with Akhira's movements, still working at her art. "There is no real need to be worried. She is just as locked to the rules as the rest of us and if you were to get comfortable here. You'd find that the rules are there for your own benefit in most cases." The scaled woman gave a slight hiss as Purna began to move her needle across the rear of the arm. Apparently a tender bit of flesh was to be found there.

She glances back over at Akhira for a moment, as if to examine her slightly. "The ribbon you wear is a sign of your station here, just like everyone else's and given what you've been donned with. Given enough time, you'll be allowed to leave on trips that usually dignitaries are only sent on. Even being allowed to leave of your own accord, so long as you come back to check in from time to time." She slows her work after that and even places her tools back on the stool next to her.

"It's really not that bad." She says as she begins to wash the excess ink from her hands. "You could be much worse off at the very least. I'd for one never want to be just a maid, or a servant. Though I make no assumption that their lives are worse than mine." She switches the needles on her tool and begins to bathe them in ink all over again.

"If you really want to see how bad it could be. I would suggest taking a look at those poor souls downstairs before making such brash decisions."


Gia looked down at Babble, not paying much heed to the glass in her hand. With the water inside swirling around for some time. Like it was just a solemn moment that happened in an everyday event.
Gia tilted the glass forward slightly, dripping several droplets upon his cheek to see if he would take interest.

The water slows in it's spinning and the glass eventually gets sat down next to his side. Where it was before all of this began. The maid begins to reach forward, going for his shoulders. Only for a voice to call out from beyond the food of the bed.

"That would be enough Gia." It was Anton. Staring down the bed at Babble, his eyes leering past Gia in all matters.

"Babble I presume... do you have anything to add aside from playing with one of my orderlies?"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPC - Raven Loft Character Portrait: Akhira

0.00 INK

Akhira opened her mouth to let out a toothy dragon's yawn, finding it hard all of a sudden to focus on Purna. "There is no real need to be worried. She is just as locked to the rules as the rest of us and if you were to get comfortable here. You'd find that the rules are there for your own benefit in most cases."  The dragon snorted, trying hard not to let out retort.

"The ribbon you wear is a sign of your station here, just like everyone else's and given what you've been donned with. Given enough time, you'll be allowed to leave on trips that usually dignitaries are only sent on. Even being allowed to leave of your own accord, so long as you come back to check in from time to time." Akhira didn't know if she should feel so lucky. Kenner had already given her leave to stretch her wings whenever she wanted. It was actions like this that made Akhira confused. Was he just trying to confuse her even more? Ensnare her with his... charity?

"It's really not that bad. You could be much worse off at the very least. I'd for one never want to be just a maid, or a servant. Though I make no assumption that their lives are worse than mine. If you really want to see how bad it could be. I would suggest taking a look at those poor souls downstairs before making such brash decisions."

Akhira let out a small groan as she stood up to stretch, feeling more like herself with every movement. "Well, I guess I can look. Splendid chat." With that, the young dragon stood and walked out, ignoring the other beings in the room.

The hallway was as quiet as she left it, so she decided to keep it that way by moving silently on her toes. She checked every corner before turning, and once clear dashed through to the next. She didn't want to run into anyone. Especially not Kenner or the Necromancer. Though with her luck, maybe she'll run into both of them at once.

Akhira licked her fangs, suddenly remembering her starving stomach. How long has it been since she ate? Her claws found their way to her stomach as she fought the hunger pangs.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Babble Character Portrait: NPCs - The Raven's Loft

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo

Water drops. Like rain drops in a way. Also kind of like blood drops. They all fell in a pitter-patter, ran in trails and spilt over the cup's rim be it the cup of glass, cup of sky or cup of flesh. Today's cup was of glass but who knew what the future held. It wasn't particularly hard to guess though. Rain, water and blood all flowed readily here. That much he was certain.

Such thoughts of blood were what occupied Babble's mind as the cool sensation of fluid sat upon his face. Beads most resonant sitting atop the ever moving mask of blood flush skin fastened tight by the muscles which groaned and pulled. Ever so slightly audible the sound of such red fluid being pushed through the arteries could be heard alongside the distant pulling of muscle tissue.

He watched the nurse move towards him only to be halted by the voice coming down the hall. The voice of an older man, one of a certain confidence regarding his own instruction. Perhaps the tone of a scholarly sort, probably in a medical field though whether magic was involved was not made readily known by the sound itself.

"Babble I presume... do you have anything to add aside from playing with one of my orderlies?"

"Oh, we've never been good at math. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. This wretched shell couldn't even operate an abacus without getting his head stuck in the rows." The true voice of the doctor spoke back to it's owner. Babble nodded in agreement with it's assessment of him or rather his detached assessment of himself.

"If the worthless bag of bones may be so presumptuous he would suspect you to be a, hmm... Doctor? Doctor, yes, hmmm... Dooctoorr. Hmhmhmhm. A doooctooorrr... Yes?"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Akhira

0.00 INK


After removing herself from the room, moving through the conversing bodies of the other inhabitants. Akhira finally found herself standing outside the door, it's smooth, wooden frame closing behind her as she left.

The upper halls were quiet, devoid of much life save for the random servant come to and fro, or two guards patrolling the halls coming by, shoulder to shoulder. The last set paying her no real mind as the marched on through, heading west, to east.
The southern hall is where she came from. It's only two doors being the music room that she had seen prior and the classroom for artist. Now the only paths left to her were the other directions and the one in which the last set of guards marched through. Was the exact same one that she'd come through earlier.

The only think she was left with now was the growling of her stomach. Even in these halls it threatened to be heard from what seemed like rooms away. Though aside from the music that arose from behind her, it became increasingly apparent that just trusting her ears in this place was going to be a difficult proposition. As she could already tell that any sound here was going to be playing with her in one fashion, or another.

Though there was one thing that she could easily trust, her nose. The smells of this place were profound enough to not lead her astray. She could easily pick up the traces of perfumes, oils, and lacquers that remained in the air. Did very little to disguise the other smells of fruits, meats, and spices that she could smell wafting in from the western halls far end. Though the distance of the small and the range she would have to go meant that she might have to guess where she'd end up along the way. Though, while it wasn't really akin to her style. Asking someone where she might find a bite to eat, might prove a bit more fruitful of an endeavor for her.

Then again, she could only see three doors up ahead in that specific hall. So it might not be that difficult at all.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Akhira

0.00 INK


The tantalizing smell of this place was intriguing needless to say. Especially the food scents.

She walked to the third door she had seen up ahead. Maybe she could ask someone to help her find some sustenance that her body needs badly. Although wouldn't it be better to starve herself to death? Wait, what was she thinking? Starving to death? She growled and knocked on the door, hoping that maybe there was someone there, or maybe she had just gone in a loop and found herself back at the library? Pfft, as that was possible. She would have had to go down a few levels in order for that to happen.

"Ello?" She cracked the door open just enough for her voice to be heard, and after waiting a few seconds, opened the door so that she could peek more. Peek? Or sneaking? Maybe peeping? Oh, her thoughts were not in order anymore.

It was the hunger getting to her head now.

Maybe she had low blood sugar?

Wait, she was a dragon and doesn't that only affect human bodies?

Akhira's stomach growled loudly.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Babble Character Portrait: Akhira Character Portrait: NPCs - The Raven's Loft

0.00 INK


As the door before Akhira slowly swung open, she was greeted by the same smells and flavors that she was able to detect from before. Before her was what looked to be one of the same dining halls that she'd seen prior to this one. Though the room just wasn't as wide, possessing three tables instead of the four that the last one had.

Two small groups were gathered here and it seemed to be mostly house staff that were congregating. Two men, or what looked to be as such. Thanks to the clothing that all of them wore, the usual shape of one's body probably wasn't going to be enough here. Though the third in the group was obviously a woman, about the same height as Akhira was now. Though she still wore the face covering of a maid. But all three were dressed in what appeared to be dark blues, and they were each made up in serving attire. Lightly tanned aprons that fit the form of their outfits, some with small discolorations and smears. Attesting to what it was they'd been doing.

The other group in the back of the room occupied more space. Three children arguing over a large plate of sweets, the boy of the group trying to bargain with the two girls who were attempting to edge him out of his share.
The four older individuals were having their own discussion. Two men and another woman, all with a blue ribbon around their arm. Save for the last woman, possessing a green and who was apparently copying notes from a large book in front of her.

As Akhira's eyes scanned the room. One of the servers in the first group turned their head towards her. Causing the other two to do so as well. The woman too her lead and beckoned her in through the door.


Anton smile as Babble responded, looking over his arms as they sat on top of the covers.

"Doctor?.. Yes that would be a perfectly fine distinction to make. Though you'll be hard pressed to find something like the hippocratic oath here." He reached down and took Babble's right arm into hand, coming around that side of the bed as he did so. "I can see that you're... that Babble, is in need of some care, or is remaining so handicapped a preferable state?"

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