God of Survival, Savage Fury, and Primal Order

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a character in “The Gods: The Beginning”, as played by Raidose


"The Prey is claimed by the Predator. The Predator is claimed by the Earth. The Earth is claimed by the Prey. The Order is kept, and the Circle turns......"



Title: The Primordial, Father of Beasts, The Wrath of the Untamed Wilds, the Chain-Breaker, and Guardian of The Order.

Gender: Favors Male

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though the law he serves is his own.

God Appearance:
"Of what use have I to wear the skin of sheep? When Man has shown itself to be wolves, then I shall honor them by taking their form."

Ragon's appearance is that which encompases best what he views as perfection. As he crafts and makes new beasts, his form is frequent to change as well. The one he's settled on was one of mourning for an age before the taint of Man, and that of the first form he'd ever taken. An age of true perfection, of prehistoric creatures. Plaited scales of cobalt blue, dotted with scars of worthy hunts. Ebony black talons faded into stone grey by rough wear and use. Ivory white teeth stained from a fresh kill. Gleaming, piercing predatory eyes, shining as if jewels from the abyss itself. Stretching and straining at his full ten-foot-tall height, testing out his new reptilian form, Ragon was quite pleased in it. As always he keeps his massive stone Macuahuitl war club, Gronn, by his side. This weapon was forged from Ragon's own rage, a sign of his anger at the mere presence of humans.

Personality: Ragon was born from jagged rock and oozing primordial sludge. As he tells it, it was his blood that spilled forth into the mud and his breath that lingered in the air. The former took shape with claws, teeth, and a great hunger. It laid eyes on the later, a lesser creature birthed with no such gifts. Natural selection played out before the newborn God, and in it he saw great wonder. Perfection, a cycle that would stay strong throughout countless eons. The ancient God would be sure of this, as he claimed the sole duty of being it's vanguard. Ragon claims to be the first God, calling himself the Primordial because of this. While there is no evidence to support this, there's none to deny it either. As far as the memories of Gods goes, Ragon has simply just always been there, with no knowledge of a time before him. One thing is certain, no matter how domestic or docile, no matter how pretty or peaceful, Ragon can bring about the savage instinct and will to survive in any beast. In that respect, they are all his children.

Bound to his own guidelines of survival and instinct, prey and predator, Ragon acts as beastial and wild as the domain he claims.Whereas some are keen to keep their emotions and true intents to themselves, Ragon is as his children are. He hides nothing. His threatening stance, twitching tail, hissing snarls, and soul-crushing eyes, they all show exactly how he feels. Secrets are simply illogical to him. Of the Gods he hates, he makes it well known. Of the Gods he lusts over, well..... Animal instinct is as it is. Though mostly his views of his brothers and sisters is that of confusion or contempt. Many of them lead their mortals to tame the world around them, and further upset the Primal Order Ragon had founded so long ago. More often than not he keeps to himself, snarling and hissing from his corner of the world. He cares not for the kingdoms founded by his kin, as their land has become tamed and tainted. He waits for the time when the forces of nature will reclaim what once was beautiful, and the Great Circle turns once again.

Ragon is stuck in his ways and has absolutely no interest in changing. Obsessed with his ideals of the cycle, the order of predator, prey, and their relation to the Earth. Everything has purpose, meaning, a reason to be. Every function or aspect on every animal serves to help survival. What else could be important? Perhaps that is what he hates so much about mortals or indeed his kin. Their constant wants and desires for things that have no purpose. In the end, he waits to see the wilds once again retake the lands the humans so twist. When once again Man is forced to flee from the predators of the ancient world. On that day, Ragon will only grin and bellow a spiteful laughter. Some may call Ragon an evil God, but this isn't true. He is neither good nor evil. He is simply what is, what was, and what, in his mind, should always be. The balance persists, the Primal Order is maintained, and The Great Circle turns.....

He is not a God of death, war, bloodshed, or conquest, and thus has no interest in such things. He is, however, wrathful and easy to anger. Challengers are met with brutal retaliation, and he welcomes all those who seek to take his lands, for they make excellent hunting.

There are things which anger the Beast-Father more than anything. Captivity is chief among them. Those that would tame his creations, to break their wills and make them docile, they reserve the greatest of Ragon's hatred. Only once has he known what it is to not be free, when first he lay in a cradle of muck and Earth. Never would he be held again. Ragon sunders the cage, snaps the leash, and breaks the chain. Freedom and survival are the same thing in Ragon's mind, for while a blade can mean the death of the body, a leash means the death of the soul. This hatred does go beyond his animals, as those who make slaves of other humans are equally his enemies. Of the few humans who pray to Ragon, slaves often ask him for freedom. Ragon does not give them any key to their bonds, but instead the will to free themselves.

Despite all, Ragon is not always a wrathful deity, for it is only humans who bring out the rage within him. Left to his own devices, within the confines of his great rainforest, Ragon knows of both peace and beauty. Of herbivores and carnivores, he favors neither. He can not take sides, for that would upset the balance. Both are made strong by him, the plant eater having the same odds to escape as the meat eater to feed. Vegetation is abundant, no fighting for territory needed for the herbivores. They feel safety in numbers, and indeed the smaller ones take shelter with the larger ones. An herbivore need only worry about breeding rights and surviving those that hunt them. The life of a carnivore is one of struggle. Food is often difficult to attain, and constantly contested over. Larger predators eat the smaller ones. Territory wars occur frequently. Packs constantly weed out the weaklings from their ranks, lest they drag all down with them. The herds are thinned on both sides, as they must be. A lesson he can never expect most of his siblings to understand, and of those that do are never in the favor of the Primal Order.

"Remember, my brothers and sisters, it was I who was first here, and it is I who shall be last here."

Opinion of mortals:

"Man claims dominance in all kingdoms but mine, for they are not of the Primal Order. They are prey who have taken to slaying the predators. The Great Circle grinds at their existence. If you should seek survival here, Mortal, then go and hunt my beasts before you become the hunted. Proclaim yourself carnivore and earn your place, or my children shall eat well tonight....."

Ragon makes no attempt to hide his utter hatred for "civilised" humans, seeing them as mere monkeys who picked up sticks and broke the food chain. They do not evolved to the lands they infest but rather pervert the land to their own mindless needs. His attitude to the mortals which now pay heed to him is that of disrespect. He shall either see them proven worthy of his gaze or see them thrust back into their place in the bellies of the great beasts he claims as children. As such, these hunter-gatherer cultures are filled with a strong animalistic instinct and a stronger pursuit of survival. The strong are rewarded with the right to persist in Ragon's hunting grounds and the weak are forgotten, or worse. Very rarely does one earn his eye, but to do so is too step away from humanity and strive towards living as the beasts you hunt.

He is not, however, without a blessing to bestow. In your darkest hour, in the greatest need, when all that matters is survival or vengeance, pray to the Chain-Breaker for the strength of his children. Ragon does not grant men with physical strength, as his brother Braun does, but strength of will. He riles their spirits and sets their hearts aflame, giving them a boundless well of willpower the likes of which could shatter mountains. The sheer, raw determination to do whatever it takes. Whether to live, to be free, or to fight, Ragon's Gift is to unleash the unrestrained drive hidden within every living creature. It is as a wounded animal, backed into a corner. It will never submit. It will growl and roar, gnashing fangs and swiping with claws. Fighting with everything it has, and more. Fighting well past what should have been it's limit, past when it's body should have given up. It is dauntless, knowing no fear or pain. If ever you've heard tale of a man going berzerk, becoming wild and savage, it is likely the work of Ragon. Such raging warriors have been known to bite out chunks of flesh from their foes, charge through volleys of arrows, or indeed even push up the shafts of spears to kill it's wielder. Ragon gives the strength to live or kill by any means.

Opinion on Gods: Will add to this later

God’s Domain:

The realm of Ragon is a mirror image of the land of his birth, his home built atop the hole he crawled out of. Ragewood Forest as the mortals call it, a land forgotten by time and home to the greatest monsters of myth and legend. No mortals aside from the Ah'Chagi may ever wish to lay claim here, less they earn the ire of the most savage of Gods. In Ragon's realm, it matches this massive rainforest and dense, dark jungle for every stone and leaf. Ragon's influence spills over into the Mortal world from here. Gracing beast and sometimes man with his divine savagery. Sometimes he may even poses his children as to further insight his will, to test the hunters of the Ah'Chagi and to repel those who tread where they aren't welcome.

Ragon roams his realm as but a ghost to it's material counterpart, the invisible hand guiding unseen devices. Though some may catch quick glances of his shadow, the glint of his animalistic eyes, he appears only to those he wishes. Sometimes as a manifestation of himself, others as only a voice in one's mind. Though more often than not he is in the skin of an animal or the flair of instinct warning you of what is to come. The trees grow at his command, the mountains tremble at his call, everything within these woods heeds his words. In times of war the army of Ragon is not the humans who dwell here but the beasts who truly call this massive rainforest home. Ragon is highly protective of Ragewood, and as such never truly leaves it unattended.

Ragewood Forest is a manifestation of how Ragon sees our world should be. It's a dark and unforgiving place, where only those who can fight to their last for survival can exist. The thick canopies are completely enveloping in some places, blocking out the sun entirely. Twisted, thorned vines drape down from the mighty branches of elder trees in curtains of thick green. The trees are alive with the more agile and noisy of Ragon's makings, while patrolling the forest floor are those with nothing to fear. This is the kingdom of all great animals, the pinnacles of evolution, the purest of Ragon's children. No army has ever dared to dream of invading these woods, but Ragon welcomes any to try......

In the Hall of Gods, Ragon sits not on some glorified chair, something idolized by the monkeys, but instead on proof of his abilities as a hunter. Stretching out his form atop a massive and ever-growing pile of bones from hunts long since passed. Luxeries and beauties mean noothing to him, and he fails to see their value to others as well. Though in the end, his bone-lounge means nothing in comparison to his real seat of power.


This ephemeral stone disk is the Great Circle, the very balance of nature as it is. The symbolic force guiding the relationship between predator, prey, and the world around them. No item is as dear to Ragon as this, having spent several ages crafting it to what it is now. That is why, when not in use, Ragon keeps this phantom rock inside him. Swallowing it as a breath and exhaling it with the same ease.

The Avatar of Ragon is not limited to one mere mortal, for it is a title and position rather than required duty. To be His Avatar, one must show that they are a beast trapped within human skin, and Ragon's greatest gift to them is to abandon the body of Man when they so choose, to take life anew as an timeless creature of legend.

Fogrimm Rage-Born
The first Avatar of Ragon was the first mortal to show that humans had any hope of earning his favor. In a time not long after the start of Man's Empire, when few if any humans even knew of a God of Beasts, Ragon lay sleeping within his great wilderness. Something roused the slumbering God, and he began to stir to the smell of blood and the beat of a raging and mighty heart. A sole man, held by a chained wrist, captive to bandits and barbarians. These filth took shelter close to the borders of Ragewood, a mistake the Beast-Father would quickly remedy had their prisoner not earned his eye. He was but a man, of lowly birth but of strong body. His heart knew not fear, for there was no room. His mate was killed before him, and in his prison such sorrow became fuel for a primal fire, a writhing hatred unseen by Ragon in any before. This man, this mortal wanted nothing more than revenge, and held no boundaries on how to attain it. So much so that he began to pull with all his might against his shackles, and continued to pull even after what began to give way was not the iron chain, but the flesh and bone of his own arm.

He pulled and twist with all his being, howling in rage and agony, till at last he could simply pull no more. The leash had broken his will with but a few sinews left to hold him, but Ragon would not have this. He wanted to see more, to see a man embrace the will of a true animal, to know the fire that burned within all those truly free. The coals still lay hot, and Ragon's hand merely needed to stir them once again. The chain was shattered, the last strands of meat tore away, and Fogrimm was free. Free to take his vengeance upon his captors. With a bloody roar and inhuman ferocity, he tore them asunder with claw and teeth. Baptized into a life untamed, Fogrimm had shed away the faux of human civility and embraced the Beast-Father's, his
Father's rule. So was born the first Avatar of Ragon.

It was not long after that many began to follow, and in time they lived by the test of Ragon's paradise, the fight for survival and the price of true freedom. The Ah'Chagi were formed. Many years came and went, and the Fogrimm did live to his name. His fire burned bright for nearly three lifetimes before it began to fade. When the embers only smoldered, and Fogrimms rage had finally left him, he looked to his Father for one wish. He could no longer live in a lie of skin and flesh, no longer wear the mask of a man, but to live in the peace he'd seen in some of Ragon's makings. The Primordial indeed held no love for any human, but Fogrimm was no longer such in His eyes. He was indeed Ragon's child, and had lived in the captivity of being something he was not for many long years.

The Rage-Born no more, Ragon fulfilled the Fogrimms wishes. He was made into a beast worthy of the impact he left, a species which to this day all Ah'Chagi hold sacred. One that knows no true predator and lives true to his Avatar's stature. The Coastal Shelled-Goliath. To this day he lives on as the greatest of them all, and true to Ragon's word, he knows only peace. This was one of the first creatures Ragon ever made that was meant for the sea, having bartered for the blessing of his brother Ulmo. They carry the might of the Fogrimm, and are sworn to defend the kingdoms of Beast or Sea should they so be called.

N'hakii The Den-Mother

One of the first daughters of the Ah'Chagi, born 7 winters after the Fogrimm had left them, N'hakii was born strong and enduring, as all her people were. Where in the tribe, it was most common that the females would take care of the tribe. Only a few of them proved they could hunt, and N'hakii was determined to be among them. Though she but a young girl, and one of small stature at that, no taller then five-five. Repeatedly, her right was denied to her, till finally she could bear no more. Desperate to prove she could survive in the Ragewood better than any man, she vowed to leave her people for ten days and nights, with no tools, weapons, food, or indeed even clothing. None had ever stayed alone in the dense jungle for so long, let alone with nothing to protect them. Still she left, and in this act of rebellion, Ragon recognised that she sought to break bindings of a different sort. Just as the chain had binded Fogrimm before her, these customs sought to shackle her as well. Ragon watched with waiting eyes as day and night passed, watched her as she hunted the prey and fled the predator.

When she held doubt, Ragon would test her spirit. When she hungered, He saw her challenged. When she would rest, He made sure she stayed alert. When she returned, Ragon made sure she was freed, for no one would question the Avatar of the Beast-Father. She had succeeded in breaking the chains which bound her, she showed the strength needed to survive, she had lived as any of Ragon's children, and she did it all simply to be free. She was as worthy of the title as the man who once stood before her. As the second Avatar, she quickly earned the title of Den-Mother, for ironically she did tend to take care of the others of the tribe. However, the title also referred to the fang and claw she showed when she hunted or fought. It was told to be as a mother wolf fighting for her pups, there were no limits to her wrath. In the tribe, she did take heart to those like her, but she did not nurse or coddle the weak. She instead taught them to be strong, how to fight or aid those who can. Even those who couldn't hunt could still pull their weight.

Her time among the creatures of Ragewood had taught her much, and she earned the loyalty of several of them. It was she who prayed and promised Ragon to never take the freedom of his children away, but to form kinship with them. It was from this pact that the caretakers came into being. She taught of how to bribe the Roe with sweetnuts and fruits to watch over their camps, the Roe's alert eyes and ears watching over them and their screeching howls warning them of danger. She showed how to milk the mother Albalis for when the hunts were scarce. Eventually her teachings led to the Beast Riders of the Kar'skani Tribe. Where as Fogrimm Rage-Born was responsible for the start of the Ah'Chagi, it was N'hakii the Den-Mother who made them a true people, with a culture they hold sacred today. Sadly, she held her place as Ragon's Avatar for only a few short years.

The followers of Ragon, the Ah'Chagi people, were not immune to War amongst themselves. War is not human nature, for all animals war for space and food. Human nature is to war for useless things. Nevertheless, Ragon may dislike when His beasts spill pointless blood, but the humans are not His children. If they seek to weaken themselves in His unforgiving paradise, then so be it. Though when an adversary came from the sands of the West with the intent to conquer, Ragon took notice. They came with torches, spears, and nets. They came to take and capture. They came for slaves. As true to Ragon, the R'kasni, the tribe made by His own Avatar, fought to the death rather than be taken. All but her, the Den-Mother. N'hakii had been out on the hunt when the raid happened, only to return to horror. In her sadness, her grief, she pleaded to her Father for greater strength. She pleaded that she could hunt these men for all her days. Ragon listened, and granted her wish. This is why the Wargs stalk the grasslands of the West now, guarding Ragewood from those of the West. She is our Den-Mother, and she watches over us still.

Avatar Name: Culgroth Half-Man

Personality: WIP
Magic Abilities:
Animal Aspects- Culgroth was granted the gifts of several of Ragon's children. He possesses claws that are as sharp as iron, and teeth meant to tear meat. His skin is as a thick hide, equal to a course leather. A bolstered musculature allows him inhuman speed and might, the strength of five full-grown men. His eyes are as keen as a bird of prey, able to see clearly over vast distances or in the darkest of nights. His skin picks up on the movements of air around him, giving him a close-range radar of sorts. Of course, one would first have to get past his senses of smell and hearing, which is better than most canines.

Primal Roar- Channeling the very aspect of Ragon into a deafening howl, Culgroth inspires a fear in those around him on an instinctual level. He reminds Man that they are a prey species, that there once was a time when they feared the many beasts of the world. Most of all, he reminds them that they are sheep, who stand before an Alpha Predator. This fear can only be resisted by those with a direct link to divinity. No matter how great the magic, how brave the heart, how stalwart the soul, they shall all flee blindly in a mad panic. The weak shall part, leaving only the Avatars of Gods to stand before him.

Will of the Wilds- All Ah'Chagi have deep reserves of willpower, the ability to resist fear and even some magic. Magic, for mortals, is the effort of enforcing one's will upon existence. To that respect, Willpower is everything, the strength to cast greater spells or to fight them off. Culgroth possesses a nearly boundless reserve of willpower, able to ignore pain and injury and is completely immune to fear. In all the world, only a small handful of beings can claim to rival him. He is quite skilled at spellcraft, able to smite his foes with fire and lightning, but his most impressive aspect is his ability to resist the effects of spells. He is, infact, not only immune to magics which would control him, but can cause them to backfire on the caster. He can not be controlled, and any who would try will find their eyes bleeding and their wills crushed by the untameable might of Ragon himself.

The Truth Beneath the Skin- The Last Gift of Ragon, the abandoning of the lie and embrace of that which an Avatar truly is. A wild and free animal, trapped within a human body. This power is one used at the end of an Avatar's service, becoming a Legendary Creature, the Primarch to a new breed of Ragon's Children. They live out their still-timeless lives knowing what it is to be truly free. Whether by the path of the Fogrimm, a peaceful existence in the body of a majestic beast, or the path of the Den-Mother, to live beside Father Ragon as a hunting hound, this is the end of all Avatars. Once accepted, none who are chosen truly ever wish to return to humanity.

Hero: Khorin Fo'khan, Scourge of Man.
Rank/Reason: Tes'han Khi (Head Holy Warrior of Ragon)
Personality:The descendant of the mighty Rage-Born, the Fogrimm who first earned the gift of Ragon, Khorin is the ideal aspect of the Ah'Chagi warrior. Long he has hoped to gain the eye of Ragon as his great Grandfather had done, but never will he question the Beast-Father. kKhorin is like a cold fire, blackened embers on the outside barely holding the waiting flames within. Combat stokes the inferno, and Khorin is most at home when he is tested for survival. He believes himself to be the perfect champion of Ragon, a hunter with no equal. Indeed, there is some truth to his words, for no other Ah'Chagi can best him in combat. He is the Scourge of Man, the Slayer of Knights, and the Bane of the Western Foe. He pays tribute to the Rage-Born in many ways, and is indeed a pinnacle of Man in the untamed wilds, but he does this for glory. He does it to prove he is the child of Fogrimm, not simply for the sake of survival. This is why Ragon looks elsewhere for His chosen.

Khorin enters combat with only a small machete-like blade and his chitin armor. He makes use of the weapons of his slain enemies, and is told of as being nearly super-human in his prowess. His body is marked with scars, yet no foe has ever touched his skin with a blade. Khorin does this himself to mark each battle he has won. His strength, agility, and instincts make him a feared combatant in the field, as his acrobatic skill allows him to deftly avoid the attacks of any lesser man. His ability to stalk silently as lead to the death of many scouts and even assassins, and his keen eye and swift hand nearly always finds the throats of more heavily armored foes. To put it bluntly, facing Khorin in the jungles is a death sentence. Any mere human will scarcely ever see him, nigh ever come close to hitting him, and never escape him.

Hero: Noxx'tou the Headhunter.Image
Rank/Reason: Kesh-Rha'Ki (Head Military Chaplain/Warrior Priest)
Personality: Of the only beastfolk who serve Ragon, Noxx'tou seeks his lords forgiveness for the betrayal of the Sithis-uhr. Noxx'tou leads the tribe of the S'ha-naku, the priests of Ragon. They are the holy priests, the keepers of shrines and the main defenders from the forces of the outside world. Noxx'tou is quite aloof, mysterious and rather dead-pan. He does not relish in fighting, nor thrill of hunt. He simply does as his Lord would have him and enforces that others do the same. He is a gifted user of spells of trickery and deception, though has sworn to only use them against the foes of the Ah'Chagi people. He is often in a stern and heated rivalry with Khorin, one wanting to prove his skill while the other merely wishes to please Ragon. Noxx'tou is known as the Headhunter because he has claimed the duty of hunting down all who are unwelcomed in Ragewood, and slaying any his God commands. Collecting their skulls to present to Ragon, in further attempts to tempt His forgiveness of the beastfolk.

Noxx'tou is a satyr, one of the few to live in the Ragewood. He wields arcane magic and two massive swords in combat, where his speed, reaping swings, and mystic arts are used to demoralize the enemy. Of course, he is well known for severing the heads of enemy commanders and leaving the corpse for others to find. He is an assassin, a messenger, and a weapon of fear. He spreads the rumors of Ghosts in the Ragewood and the many curses of Ragon. Noxx'tou often charges his foe with great seed and a multitude of magical decoys, often leaving them to swing away at fakes until they leave an opening. Then, in that one instance of weakness, Noxx'tou beheads them with a single stroke.

Heores:K'hansii the Wolf-Daughter

Terrain Preference: The Ah'Chagi are different from men in that they adapt to the land, rather than adapt the land to them. They can be at home anywhere, preferring those places where the taint of civilization can not reach. Their home is, however, the Ragewoods. The massive rainforest covers nearly a thousand miles, containing dense jungles, marches, swamplands, high peaks, low plains, great mountains, and coastal edges. Backed by the ocean, the coast is dotted with tropical lagoons and small islands. The North-West leads into the Golden Plains, a waving ocean of grass that slowly recedes into the Shifting Desert. The Eastern arm snakes out into the grassy planes, bordering on the lands of several different civilizations. Many tell stories of the Ragewood being an accused place, where only monsters and savages dwell.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Ah'Chagi have no Empire or Kingdom. They simply live.
Capital: Kah-Ah'Chag/The Primordial Cradle.
The closest thing the savages of the Ragewood have to a capitol. Mostly comprised of tree villages, the whole populace is built around a large pit, what they refer to as The Primordial Cradle. They believe it to be the Birth Place of their God, Ragon. A gigantic tree grows out from the center, with leaves of blood red. Each tribe as a Longhouse built on the sides of this tree, with it's branches being a sacred meeting place to pay worship to the Beast-Father. This tree was the start of Ragewood Forest, growing from the very hole Ragon crawled out of when the world was born. No place is more sacred to the Ah'Chagi, and as such it is guarded fiercely. No matter disputes among clans, all will heed the call to defend Kah-Ah'Chag in times of war. This is the ancient home of the Fo'khan, the children of the Fogrimm and the first Ah'Chagi. They are the fiercest warriors in all of the tribes, though the fewest. Sharing their home with people from the other tribes limits their expansion, though each Fo'khan is said to have the souls of beasts, worth their stones in warriors of lesser tribes. Khorin Fo'khan gives proof to this.

Major Cities: Give a few major cities in your lands.
Society: (what is it like to live amongst your people? Are they friendly? Hostile? (Give at least 1 paragraph worth of description) you can use the titles below for guidance).

Other: What else do you want to tell us?

So begins...

Ragon's Story


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Character Portrait: Ragon

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#, as written by Raidose

Dark and cold, tight and constricting. An iron embrace that was only shy of suffocating. Skin stretched and bones creaked. Eyes slowly open, seeing not but the prison around. Was this life? All existence had to offer? Was this the world? Slowly, this newborn began to fidget. He could feel his limbs, long legs with sturdy feet. Am I meant to be confined so? Am I meant to stay here within this bleakness? Why? I have legs with which to run, lungs with which I might breath. My eyes can see well, and yet behold only this darkness? Why am I here? I do not like this dwelling. I.... I don't like it! The infant God began to squirm, feeling as though the walls came ever so closer. The tightness, the stagnation, it felt like acid. His heart thundered in his chest. This couldn't be all. Life had to offer more. I am trapped, but for what purpose? I have done nothing! This is a mistake, I should not be held so! I can't be held! No! No No No! I Will Not Be Held!

Squirming became violent thrashing, twisting and clawing out with every limb. Bones felt like breaking, muscles pulled taught fit to tear. This creature fought for it's life here, it's own thoughts drowned out by the cannonfire of it's own heart. Pain gave way to fire, burning away the discomfort and giving back only further determination. The Earth around it began to lose it's battle to contain it. To contain Him. Slowly, guided by an unknown drive, He began to work his way towards the surface. How He knew this was beyond him, the rebellious God did not care. Loose mud gave way to serrated blades of rock, cutting deep into His flash. Their sharp tips etched into his very bones, spilling his dark crimson blood to mingle into the muck. No thought, no pain, only Hate. Only Rage. Anger. Fire. Wrath! Fury! Through the stone, the ooze of the ancient world, pockets of air hit his nostrils. He could smell it. The surface, the air, the wind! He wanted it. He will have it!


The ground shook and trembled, almost as if quivering from His wrath. An eruption of slate rock and mud saw his birth, his first cry a roar to rattle mountains. The sun bore him no forgiveness, scorching his eyes and searing his pale, naked flesh. With mangled, bloody limbs he did shield himself. This surface bore pain, but also the freedom he now coveted. He would not give it up, he would fight and adapt to call it his. His skin began to seal shut, toughening and turning into a deep leather-brown. His eyes adjusted to the daylight, seeing for the first time the reality of what it is to live. A deep hiss of satisfaction crept out his throat, turning slowly into a bellowing howl of victory. His roar echoed back from the mountains "Ragon". Such a strange noise, for why did he make it? The sound repeated in his mind, and gave him a smile. That is what he was then, Ragon. As he had taken in his first breath of this clean air, he let it out in a sigh of acceptance. The breath lingered forth, carrying a mysterious weight. It crawled over the loose dirt, seeping into the surface.

Ragon reached out with his arm, only to drip more of his blood to join the rest in the mud around him. It too bore this energy. From his blood came teeth and claws, a rough brown hide such as his, and the growl of hunger. It knew nothing, it held only instinct. It wanted to live, but was only mortal. It needed more, a life to sustain it's own. Survival. It wanted to live, and it would kill for it. From the loose soil came flailing and bleating, frenzied hooven feet finding balance for the first time. This creature held no claws, no fangs, but it did have eyes. Those eyes saw the intent in the first carnivore. It fled, and the first chase became afoot. Both these creatures wanted to live, and it became a matter of simply who would earn it more. With many powerful kicks the prey did fight against it's hunter's clawed grasp, but the carnivore claimed the meal. The strongest one earned the right to continue. It was a cycle. Simple, but stronger than anything Ragon knew. It was..... perfect. The strong persist, the weak offer their lives for it. Ragon's next breath took shape, of stone yet not. A disk, for which Ragon's newfound claws inscribed the meaning of this grand order. The Primal Order. This would be his. The legacy of his children.

Night and day held no meaning to young Ragon as he toiled away. With more of himself torn away, blood, teeth, and claws offered to craft new life, he did see new forms come forth. Some would not have sharpened teeth, and so could not chew the meat. Ragon knew they too must claim life to keep theirs, so he gave them the grass in the fields. The plants did not flee, and their blunted fangs ground it away with ease. The herbivores became strong, and so too did the carnivores. Ragon made small ones at first, then slowly made them bigger. Size held difference. Small ones stalked easier, but large ones could take down larger prey. Sometimes Ragon saw the large ones hunt the smaller ones. He began to see them as weak, but did not wish them gone. He gave them a different strength, one with which to hide. So he painted their skin in the colors of the land, so they may not be found by any. But still, they must be found somehow. It would not be a cycle otherwise, so he gave the predator a better nose with which to track. The prey were given better eyes so they may see danger. Hearing, too, proved to be critical in their hunts. Father Ragon made his children stronger every day, till at last he was happy. With these first few, of course.

It had been maybe a week, maybe more, when he first smelled it. A scent drifting in the air. He was laying down by one of his newest children, a beast of golden fur and great power. This child held Ragon's attention for a great while, even so much that Ragon changed his very form to imitate it. Though now he was thinking of something beyond fur, something more like plate. Scales, to protect from sun and competition. His form did ever slightly shift as new ideas were crafted in his head. Ragon held this reptilian form when that strange odor wafted pass him. A smell of something living, something new. But how could this be? This scent came with the winds, far away from his familiar territory. This couldn't have been made by him.... then who? Were... were there others like him? Would they hunt him, or be as kin? What did they look like? What did they want? Ragon feared these thoughts, yet such fear bore curiosity. He had to know. He would not go in this new form, for it was his and these "new things" would not take it. With a barking roar he called others of his making. Dire-beasts who snapped and snarled at each other, though ceased this when Ragon ushered a scolding hiss. These creatures could run for days and track the scent with ease, perfect for this hunt. Ragon uttered a deep growl as he became as a red haze, an energy which drained into the bodies of the predators. They looked at each other for only a moment, before setting off towards the scent.

Either kin or prey, Ragon would know this.


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The wolf offered a low and humble growl as it watched the two beings meet one another for the first time. The women was small and peaceful, while the man was tall and held a strong presence about him. They were adorn in strange pieces of cloth that caught the wind and pulled them about the two beings.

"Easy girl" a metal clad hand reached down and patted the wolfs head

He had been traveling a great deal since his "birth". He had witnessed what he called "The Circle", the chain of creatures surviving by natural order. They had interested him, as they worked together to hunt, grow, and defend one another. It was in this time that he had found a new power, life itself, though limited it was. And with it he had designed the beast that stood beside him.

The wolf, a strong and proud predator. The pinnacle of the canine line, and the most tactful and skilled tracker he had seen. It worked it groups, guarding its young and hunting down its enemies. Loyal to him, and to one another.

*Brother* the word whispered in his mind, *Sister* the words attached themselves to the two beings that stood in the valley bellow. The urge pulled him toward the, as well as to the distance where he was sure others were.

"Kiara" he said looking towards the wolf, who raised her gaze to meet his "Gather your kin, let us see who these creatures are"

With that the wolf turned to look down the other side of the hill, and with a low howl her kin emerged from the forest.

"Are they friend, or are they foe?" he said stepping down the hill, his body slowly melding into that of a great black wolf.


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Ulmo listened to her voice, smiling slightly. He took delight in her voice and in her prescence similar to how he took delight in the Sea and his power over it. He listened to he words thoughtfully and her name: Niueis. It seemed to thrum with life. What was he called? He searched his heart and soul for an answer before he finally spoke his own name for the first time.

"Ulmo. I am Ulmo," he told her, his smiled widening as he took in his own name. It felt right, like the depths of the Sea. When he heard her question about whether there was any life within the Sea, whether there was anyone like themselves, he frowned. No. There wasn't and that wasn't right at all. It felt wrong, terribly wrong. The Sea was not meant to be empty.

"No. There is not. I would like your assistance in that, Niuseis," he told the goddess. He waited for her reply, but he got none as he heard something else approach. He watched the creatures cautiously, instantly locking on what appeared to be their leader. He stepped in front Niuseis without a moment's thought or hesitation. He reached out with his power and the tied rolled back, pressure building behind him. He knew that he had the power to calm it or to unleash it on the creatures befoore him. His eyes glowed with a silvery blue light.

"I will give you one warning. If you strike at us, you will not find us easy prey. If you do not, you will find us no threat to you. Choose wisely."


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Ulmo watched as the leader of the pack, the alpha wolf, he thought as again, new information emerged within his mind, took the form himself and Niueis took. His body was that of a man in his prime, shorter than himself, but towering over Niueis. He wore a strange form of clothing. It looked hard and appeared like stone, but more refined somehow and tougher because of it. He watched as Niueis offered him her hand in greeting and a strange feeling unfurled in his stomach. It was unpleasant, unlike anything he had experienced before, but he quashed it even as he commanded the waves to settle down. He gave the man a nod of his head in acknowledgement.

"I apologize. You took me by surprise," he stated.

Yet another being emerged, sharing many similarities with Niueis. They were both women, he realized, looking between the two, and he and the one before him were both men. This newcomer was taller than Niueis but shorter than himself and the other male. She wore blue and silver robes which he found pleasing and had white hair the color of snow which immediately came to mind. He smiled. Another form of water. Truly, he had never thought of it. Niueis and her were both beautiful, but in his heart, he judged Niueis to be the fairest.

Yet more beings emerged, one of them a male like himself, but taller than the rest of them, including himself. He was boisterous and friendly, calling each of them either "Brother" or "Sister" and new notions came to mind: brotherhood, kinship, family. They were each connected to one another, their fates intertwined. Even if they hated one another or despised one another, they would always have this connection. He embraced each of them, first Niueis, and then himself. He gasped for breath slightly, feeling the strength of his brother, the pressure greater than the depths of the ocean.

Then there was the one who introduced herself as Anansi. She too was beautiful, but colored differently than the others and the giant naturally introduced himself to her. Braun, God of Strength. Then the white-haired woman introduced herself as Kaira, Goddess of Loyalty. Soon, the concept of godhood flooded his head and he began to realize who he and his kin were. They were gods and goddesses, the rulers of this realm and its protectors.

"You are right, Brother. I am Ulmo, God of the Sea," he announced and, as he said this, his attention was drawn to the creature that refused to mirror their apperances. She was Karkorthi and images of land and earth appeared before his eyes. It was against her cliffs which his domain raged while her domain pushed back. Balance. Neither land nor sea would overcome one another and that was how it must be.

"This gathering was destined. Truly, I have never thought of Life nor Brotherhood in my solitude, but both are necessary. Niueis, I think I know where I shall start in my realm. This great land has bountiful plant life and it is not fitting that the Sea shall be empty," he announced.

He stepped into the water, the waves lapping around him, new knowledge emerging in his mind even as his hands and eyes glowed silvery blue with power, "On land, too much water drowns the things that grow, but that will not be so under the Sea. Now Life grows in the Sea."

His voice echoed with the command of a god and within the Sea, he felt plantlife growing. Within sight, a coral reef emerged, a beautiful structure of pink, blue, green, and other colors populated by phytoplankton, algae, sea weed, and much more. Other plants and reefs emerged under the rest of the ocean as well and with them, he created fish and other sea creatures to feed on the plants, mirroring the birds in the air. He smiled.

"That will be good for now. My offer to work with me still stands, Niueis," he stated before turning to the rest of his kin, "We are gods. I think I understand a little of what that means, now."


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”Greetings! Pleasure ta meet ya!” a female voice said

Sargon turned around to see an attractive red haired women, energetic as the others. Another of his kin he assumed, and he was sure there would be more of them. They were awaking from this world, or their domains, and coming together. Something was causing them to stir, and it had a plan for them. In Sargons mind however, he had his own plans.

Suddenly Sargons mind was no longer in the present. His eyes, naturally silver, faded to a pure almost demonic black. His muscles tightened holding his body erect, as if he was still in control. But in his mind, he drifted over the landscape, and what he saw pleased him.



Sargon saw a massive stone city rise forth from the earth, and out from the mountains. He saw beings much like himself, clad in armor and brandishing weapons, they gathered in massive numbers outside the mountain city...


They cheered and roared his name, honored him with song and idols. He watched as they surged forth building more cities, rallying more men. He watched as they removed their helms, eyes glowing yellow, fangs took shape within their jaws and they became savage, they slaughtered all those who opposed them.

Sargons mind returned to his body "My children" he whispered


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#, as written by Raidose

The land paved on and on, an infinite distance the world did stretch. Everywhere untouched by him was of something new. The sight, the sound, the smell, every aspect of sense etched new information into his mind. Such was the way of a predator, but his prey was not of his making. The rapid succession of paws upon the ground, the inhaling of six lungs, the jet black fur of these canine-like creatures. Ragon was proud of these beasts, for they had proven far more enduring than he originally believed. Still they ran, till finally the scents grew stronger. More were here, more..... things wakening. Each new one that came forth made the Great Circle skip, as if unsure what this boded for the balance of all things. Ragon had to know what they were.

The pack of dire wolf-like creations neared the edge of the woods, taking in deep wiffs of the air. They were near, in the clearing not far off. Ragon had found his prey. Each massive beast took it's place in a circle, all facing each other, and then let loose a thunderous howl. The raw, seemingly unnatural intensity in their howl sliced through the air like sharpened bone. Out from their throats lingered a dark smoke, glowing with a vibrant red energy, the essence of savage rage. The creeping smoke swirled and gathered within the circle of beasts, slowly taking shape and form. A terrifying beast, made of ethereal flesh, roared out to the skies, and from it's chest formed a second head, which swallowed it's predecessor, and from it's chest was formed a third head. This cycle continued for several moments, with each form consuming the last before finally taking solid shape.

A short muzzle filled with sharp teeth, aided by a set of mighty jaws. His mane did sway ever so slightly in the breeze, and thickened muscle was clearly visible beneath his golden fur. A powerful claw clutched at his chest, as it felt like Ragon's heart stopped for a moment. Something... happened. Something was wrong with the Order. An imbalance had formed. He cupped his two pawed hands and breathed deeply into his claws. His essence lingered and hardened, his claws tracing the edges of the stone disk to behold a crack in the side. As he touched it, he felt all he needed and knew..... Something not his had killed what was his. His child, his Great Lion, had been slain. Ragon had yet to make any creature which could hunt it, and it's death was too violent to be from starvation. No, something had come, and that same something had killed it. Scavengers claimed what was left, the life of one beast sustaining the life of others. The crack in the Great Circle partially mended itself. He would hunt the being responsible for this, but later.

In the distance he heard them. Low noises of different tones and pitches. A great thump which made the Earth quiver slightly, and the clicking of stone and something hard. He could smell..... things, like his children beside him. He did not craft these new canines, but if they were like his own then they must have keen senses. The warg-beasts were great stalkers in the tall grass, and Ragon did not doubt that his were the stronger of the two, but still he felt it better to go alone. He turned his head and nodded at the creatures, as they scattered off into the dense and untamed wilds. His own form, mighty though it may be, was ill-suited to these new lands. The grass here was not brown and golden, but rich and green. His massive size would scarcely find cover within it, but this was of no worry to the Father of Beasts. He had made both those that hunt and those that hide, no creature nor being would know of his presence should he not wish it.

Ragon knelt down to the grass, and as his touch did meet it's blades his skin stole it's color. His fur faded into his flesh, his bones shrunk to a lesser form, his forelegs placed themselves down as padded paws, and his movements became that of the grass itself. With each wave of the coastal breeze did it's fields sway, and with each pulse Ragon kept pace. His scent was that of his surroundings, his moves left nigh the sound of a ghost. He slithered and circled the gathering of creatures till at last he came to a small rise in land mass. From this gentle hill he could spy them, and if only he could tell what in the world they were. They all looked alike, save for only two. These things were strange indeed. They walked upright, slightly similar to how Ragon did sometimes, but that's where the similarities ended. No.... no, that wasn't quite true. They had a scent to them. It was to each unique, but something all connected them. They smelled ever slightly as Ragon himself did. They were related? By what way could that even be?

They wore loose dangly things which draped over their bodies, all of brilliant and very noticeable colors. Though why? Would they not hinder movement? Would their colorations not be better as their surroundings? Could they not shift their skin as he had done? Where were their claws? Fur? Scales? The only one which made sense to Ragon was the being of pure stone, though she still defied his basic reasoning in standing out so abruptly. Her and this strange female with many legs, whose top portion looked so weak and vulnerable compared to the rest of her body. Still, they seemed to like looking as they did, else surely they would change. Ragon looked at himself and shed his skin into the form he recently took liking to. His hardened scales peeled out from under the dry green skin, his tail swaying low but freely. He looked to many of their clothing, deciding he too would take color, stealing the blue of the shallow waters. He did tussle with the thought of confronting these new beings, until his eyes fell on... him.

The large male, possibly their Alpha. He was draped not in clothing, but in fur. Golden fur, which once held powerful and predatory muscles. A glorious mane he had gifted to his newest and strongest child, of whose face did now decorate this murderer. Rage. A single word, born again with new meaning which pierced and sundered all knowings of it. A feeling of such raw and indescribable fury, of emotions no other may ever come to posses. Ragon was enraged. His fury manifesting itself into a sort of unseeable-yet-perceivable red haze which emanated from his very body. It was this lumbering creature which defied his Primal Order, who had taken the life of Ragon's child without the need to. He, who Ragon thought kin. He would be the first to know the Wrath of the Primordial. An Earth-shaking roar, the cacophony of all of his children's cries Ragon bellowed. Such sound bore his full anger, a deep and deafening sound which this world had not heard before. It was as the sort of noise which resonated within oneself, vibrating in a sort of sickening way. Had even the swiftest head turned to spy it's source, it would behold all-ten-feet of the God of Savage Fury, Rage-Incarnate in full-sprint on all four surging legs and already within lunging distance of it's target.

The large mountain of muscle barely had turned when Ragon impacted against him, the Lizard-God's skull thickening and sprouting horns in preparation for the collision. Surprise and momentum granted Ragon the force needed to plow the hulking God into the shallows as both forms disappeared underneath the foaming blue. There was no hesitation from the Beast-Father as he bore larger fangs than he previously owned and bit down on his prey's arm with all his Godly might. Pain. Arching, shooting pain radiated from his jaw, dissipating quickly into even more anger. Braun's skin had barely given at all from Ragon's bite, without so much as shedding blood. Before any retaliation could be made, claws furiously lashed out as the two stood above the waters. With serrated talons of steel, Ragon tried to rend this being into ribbons. His claws sparked off Braun's hide like a sword blade against solid granite, but never once did the Savage God let up. There was no moment where a claw was not leaving a fresh streak of sparks, a flurry of sheer ferocity which only Ragon could manifest. Finally did the God of Strength clasp onto Ragon's forearms, the impact sounding of a faint thunder clap.

A test of sheer might, and for a moment neither gave an inch. The divine and limitless strength of Braun contested with the savage and unending determination of Ragon. Slowly, though, the bones in the massive reptiles arm's did start to show signs of cracking under such force. A battle of physical strength alone Ragon could not win here, but Fury was not simple might alone. It was the will to never stop, to fight Tooth and Claw for victory, and so Ragon did. Snapping down his jaws at Braun's face, Ragon forced the God to back away and break his hold. Ragon's free claw brought down a thunderous slash across Braun's chest, leaving the first signs of damage inflicted. Small yet definable scratches which gave only a single drop of the God's blood. Both parties backed away for a moment, finding their way back to the sandy beach. Ragon's snarling continence staring down at what looked to be an amused grin. Was.... was this thing enjoying itself? Ragon had sought to remove a limb at least for Braun's crime, yet Braun himself seemed to be entertained by their conflict like it were some kind of game. This infuriated Ragon in ways even he himself thought unreachable.

Both sides let out a roar of challenge as they charged. Though surprise was to Braun when Ragon did not directly meet him, slipping instead to his side. Ragon spun and slammed the weight of his tail against Braun's back, lurching the giant of a man forward. Talons sunk into Braun's back, finding perch in the ripples of his muscles as if they were features on a cliff face. Ragon's fangs began to clamp down on the back of Braun's neck, when the titanic grip of the Indomitable One dug into the sides of the Beast-Father and slung him forward, spiking Ragon's back hard upon the ground. The grip of Braun did not let up, however, and despite Ragon's talon-bearing feet leaving a matching set of neat scratches on the tree-trunks Braun called forearms, Ragon was still pulled back-first into a bearhug. This hit ever possible wrong cord there was, and every deep-seeded primal instinct of Ragon's screamed one thing. Must Be Free! He let loose an Ungodly howl, more deafening than the first if that were even possible. It shook the air with such intensity that the sand around the two could be seen visibly vibrating. Ragon unleashed a primal might that for a moment matched Braun's own enough to loosen the Strength God's grip, and when that wasn't enough, Ragon adapted to survive. Long spikes of bone burst from his skin, one poking Braun right in his forehead while the others pushed his arms apart. Finally freed, Ragon spun with a deep hiss of sheer hate, a swear not known to human tongues. He spoke...

"No Right! No Right Have You! Kill What Is Your Own! You Do Not Hunt! Do Not Need To Hunt! Kill What You Make, Skin-Taker! Leave My Children Be!" Ragon bellowed out in a truly guttural voice, a sound like rocks grinding together mixed with several different animals growling in unison. It was a displacing voice for any with ears, even Ragon would admit to this. Speaking of any with ears, his rage had simmered down enough to remember there were others here as well. Others like the large one he fought. Maybe they were much like him. Maybe they too would do as he'd done. Maybe Ragon was wasting his time here with them. Returning to his wild lands sounded like the wisest idea here, for he had likely not made any allies within these strange beings. "Thought I That We Share Blood, That We Kin. But We Do Not, Are Not. Thought Wrong. I Try Make. You...." he hissed as his eyes hit Braun again. "You Break. Break What Is Mine. Do Not Break Again." Ragon uttered a low, throaty growl as he turned in preparation to make his leave......


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Kaira watched, startled as this creature attacked Braun. As much as a part of her longed to help, she knew she would be little help as this two giants fought it out. The roars coming from them both seemed to come from their very cores, shaking the world around them as they challenged one another.

"No Right! No Right Have You! Kill What Is Your Own! You Do Not Hunt! Do Not Need To Hunt! Kill What You Make, Skin-Taker! Leave My Children Be!" The being cried out, "Thought I That We Share Blood, That We Kin. But We Do Not, Are Not. Thought Wrong. I Try Make. You...." he hissed at Braun, "You Break. Break What Is Mine. Do Not Break Again." The creature, her kin, began to leave.

"Surely Braun has made a mistake," Ai began to say, "But he is still kin. We all are," She smiled, "I am Ai, Goddess of Love," She placed a small hand on the creatures face, "What are you called, Brother?"

While Kaira was watching the scene before her unfold, she felt something soft hit the back of her head. She turned and saw a small fruit on the ground. Frowning, she picked it up and looked to the sky. She tilted her head and saw a group of beings in the sky, all with bundles of fruit in their arms. She bounced the fruit in her hand turning back to the group, "I'm sure that Braun meant no harm brother, we are all new to this world, we are yet to understand it's rules. Had Braun known his actions would upset you as greatly as they have, I'm sure he would have acted differently."

Kaira turned back to the scene in the sky, still bouncing the fruit in her hand. A smile formed on her face. She took a second to look back to the fruit then back to the sky before launching the fruit back where it came from.


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Braun's fist collided with the snout of the savage reptilian god. Such force in the charging punch there was that upon impact the very air rippled with power, the shock wave caused their smaller sister to stumble back as her dress was tossed about as if struck by great wind. The blow took Ragon clean off his feet and caused him to to go sailing back through the air only to tumble across the sand. Braun stepped forward, now standing beside his shocked sister, yet his eyes were alight with passionate fire.

"Nay sister, no mistake was made."

Braun said firmly as Ragon's ancient eye rose up with hatred and fury. A fury the likes of which knew no equal. The growl began as but a growl but grew into a vicious snarl of pure disdain and rage. His clawed hands tore the land asunder as he got to his feet his tail whipped about behind him angrily.

"And we have not finished our bout yet, brother!"

Braun bellowed with a wild grin on his face as he charged. He surged with such speed, his limitless strength spurring him forward at gale force speeds, powering him in his sprint. He dove for his brother, arms ready to grasp but his brother had little interest in matching strength with Braun a second time, a wise choice. Ragon twisted his reptilian body out of the path of Braun's charge at the last moment, while lashing out with his claws. Braun stumbled forward and may have regained his footing if not for his brother who leapt on his back bringing claw and fang to bear. The added weight toppled the Titan and Braun stumbled to the sand. His brother wrapped his massive maw around the back of Braun's neck hoping to snap his spine yet the fangs of the beast god could not pierce the flesh of the Man of Tomorrow. That is not to say Braun did not feel the pain of Ragon's fury. Braun growled and grit his teeth as he struggled to get his kin off of him. Rolling Ragon off was having no effect, his brother's footing was too sure so Braun lashed out. Swinging his elbow back he smashed it into the side of Ragon's head. The first blow dazed the second blow felled.

Ragon tumbled off Brauns back and stumbled long enough for Braun to get to his feet. No sooner had he risen had Ragon launched a second offensive. Swinging at Braun's neck with his hand full of razor sharp claws. Braun ducked the swing and slammed his mighty fist into Ragon's ribs. The sickening sound of bone under great strain sounded out and both heard it. Whether the bones broke was yet uncertain but his wild brother would feel that come tomorrow. Braun threw a follow up punch, aimed for his brother's jaw and found the jaw he did as Ragon bit down hard on Braun's fist. Braun laughed and winced all at the same time in surprise and pain. Ragon's fury was not sated with but a mouthful of godly fist as he now had Braun held in position. He lashed out with his claws and racked his claws against that unbreakable skin of the conquest god. Most of the furry swipes did nothing but those that did left tiny trickles of blood dripping down Braun's broad chest and the tips of Ragon's claws.

Braun needed to free himself and began rain left handed punches down on Ragon's skull until he released his fist. The second he did Braun brought up his foot and kicked his brother square in the gut giving the combatants a pace or so of added room as Ragon back peddled from the force. Braun was astounded and impressed despite all the punishment his brother never once flinched, never once yielded or showed any signs of pain or hesitation. This was truly becoming a fight worthy of song and Ragon was fast becoming a favorite of his kin. Ragon roared in fury as he spun, bringing his tail around like a mighty club. Braun stepped forward and caught the tail in his vice like grasp.

For the briefest of seconds their eyes met and Ragon knew what was coming. Ragon's stare was like the glare of death, Braun's looked like the gleeful child about to do that one thing he wasn't supposed to do. Braun cocked back and swung, hurling his brother through the air and across the sand. Ragon hit the ground a good distance away and tumbled through the sand, kicking up great amounts of it as he skidded across the surface. When he finally came to a stop, not but a few yards away from where the other gods were he got back to his feet yet neither god charged again. Ragon's eyes were fixed on Braun and more importantly the lion skin that he wore.

It was then that Braun realized the source of his brothers fury. The reason for his ire was simple. Braun had slain his beast, his creation. For that trespass his brother had been brought to action. Braun could understand that, even respect it yet did not see the cause for the level of fury he bore witness too.

"Is this it brother? Is this what brings you to such ire?"

Braun asked, his voice loud and bold. He stepped forward, arms extended at his side putting the lion skin on full display.

"I may have felled your beast and if that offends thee than I am truly sorry yet I see reason to find pride in that which I wear for your lion will forever be linked to the tale of the God of Strength, your brother! A story that shall pass down the ages! The first Conquest of Braun! Your lion will live forever in the stories and songs of the Gods, and that is reason to find solace is it not?"

Braun lowered his arms and approached his brother, closer still yet not yet within arms reach.

"If nothing else my wild brethren it has brought us together and given us a worthy battle! I honor you, great Ragon, master of the savage lands and yearn for the day we can battle once more."

Braun was overjoyed. He thought he was happy before, when he was meeting each of his kin. Handing out embraces like sweets to children. There were smiles and laughs, kisses and kind words yet this, this clash of brothers strength against brothers strength was truly grand. Ragon was angered sure enough yet the result of which, this battle was truly thrilling and one Braun thoroughly enjoyed. It made him love his brother all the more.


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Slowly Sargons mind returned to his body, and he returned to the surrounding of his kin. His hearing returned first, noting that they had gone deep into conversation without him being mentally present.

“Aye, like I were asking, where and when shall we be beginning our great works!?” Was the last words spoke by Nuri.

Sargon realized he would need to control these sudden out of body experiences, perhaps mold them so no time passed at all. His eyes cleared of their demonic blak glaze, their silver glow returning to normal. And with it, his sense of awareness, he caught the distant vibration of a charging animal.

Sargon turned in the direction of th vibrations, the hair on his neck stood up as he drew his blade. What he saw caught him off guard, it was a giant beast similar to Brauns size, but covered in scales and spikes. His surprise was replaced by worry when he realized it's target "Braun!"

Sargon went to step between them, but the two titans had already engaged in a battle of strength an pure primal power. For what seemed like hours they grappled one another, yet in a few short seconds it was over. Both opponents stood apart, starring the other down, finally Braun spoke.

"I may have felled your beast and if that offends thee than I am truly sorry yet I see reason to find pride in that which I wear for your lion will forever be linked to the tale of the God of Strength, your brother! A story that shall pass down the ages! The first Conquest of the Braun! Your lion will live forever in the stories and songs of the Gods, and that is reason to find solace is it not?" Braun stepped closer, "If nothing else my wild brethren it has brought us together and given us a worthy battle! I honor you, great Ragon, master of the savage lands and yearn for the day we can battle once more."

Sargon relaxed slightly, but kept his blade at the ready. Already his ethereal wolves could be seeming fading into reality from the forest, taking their mortal forms. Alerted by their masters heightened sense of self preservation, they came to his aid without his call.

"I'm sure that Braun meant no harm brother, we are all new to this world, we are yet to understand it's rules. Had Braun known his actions would upset you as greatly as they have, I'm sure he would have acted differently." Kaira said tossing a small fruit into the air.

It would seem that his kin had the current situation under control, and his interest in what Nuri had said occupied his mind. He looked down at his own being and remembered the dream " What if we could create life like ourselves" he reached out his hand over his own shadow, bending to his will.

The tendrils of shadow rose and fell upon one another. Slowly working their way to his height. His mind bent the very will of the shadows within, solidifying them as he had done to design his armor. As he felt it take shape, he extended his other arm pulling forth a second pillar. His mind strained and focused pushing an pulling the shadows, until finally he was satisfied.

Sargon lowered his hands, and allowed the shadows to fall. In their place stood two beings, one a male and the other female. From head to toe they were covered in armor similar to Sargons, yet more basic. Yet, nothing could be seen under the armor, only a strong presence felt.

The two wraiths knelt before Sargon, ready to do their creators will.

"Well that is a start" Sargon smiled.


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Karkorthi watched the mighty struggle between fledgling Gods from her spot in the sand. Ai turned to her and beseeched her to intervene between them, to which the Scorpion responded only by gazing evenly back at her sister. None were in danger, and soon enough, the tussle subsided into Ragon voicing plainly what enraged him, and Braun replying with a heartfelt apology as he professed his love for his kin.

Of more pressing concern to her, personally, was the stuff falling out of the sky. Now who was responsible for -that- annoyance? The Earth Goddess would have none of the nonsense, and collapsed into sand that was indistinguishable from the sand on the beach. She was still There, of course, and could be easily felt. Even seen, if one cared to concentrate hard enough and feel the outline of her presence. But it spared her from being bombarded by the pranksters.

Only after the undignified assault stopped would she shake free from the grains like she had always been buried just beneath them, watching Sargon weave his new creations with interest. She did not join him in the activity, once again resolving to watch and ponder in relative silence. Only the soft and idly clicking of her massive claws betrayed that the Goddess was thinking deeply on the matter.

Maybe it was her silence that let her be aware of the shift that Strach caused upon the world. Karkorthi's wicked tail uncurled and curled again. Things would be changing for the world, indeed...


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Nocte and the others were joined by a few more deities. A beautiful goddess with snow white hair approached her, smiling. She was embraced by the goddess, and she introduced herself as well. "Hello Nocte, I am Kaira, the Goddess of Loyalty, welcome to your family." Nocte was taken aback for a moment. Family? She was filled with a warm feeling, one she was unfamiliar with but liked, and she embraced Kaira back. She had a family now. As she released the goddess of loyalty, Nocte was drawn into yet another embrace by a large, broad hand. "Welcome sisters, welcome! I am your brother, Braun and I am most pleased to me you!" Ah, Braun, she liked him already, his charisma was contagious.

Nocte listened as Kaira, Braun, Sargon, and Karkothi discussed shaping the world. These gods and goddesses somehow seemed to be younger than her. It made some sense. Time started long before anything formed in the universe. Braun stepped forward with his arms crossed, and addressed them. "I think we all speak truths here. No one or two of us can lead this world alone, to shape it without the aid of each other would do poor justice to what could be created if we work together. We're family, brothers and sisters, immortal siblings. We only have each other. I think it is no bad thing to want our own realms, a place to do with what we please. I'll tell all of you here though, my door will always be open." "I agree, I believe us all to be parts of the same whole..." She looked over as Nuri spoke. “Aye, like I were asking, where and when shall we be beginning our great works!?” "Ah, that is a good question indeed--" She was interrupted as she felt something in the air.

A wave of something permeated the air, sending a light shockwave through Nocte. "I wonder what that could've been," she wondered. "It's not something I've ever known before... What ever it is, it's opened up whole new possibilities for this infant world," she thought to herself.

Nocte's attention was diverted once again as she turned to see a large beast throw itself at Braun, and the two started battling. "No Right! No Right Have You! Kill What Is Your Own! You Do Not Hunt! Do Not Need To Hunt! Kill What You Make, Skin-Taker! Leave My Children Be! Thought I That We Share Blood, That We Kin. But We Do Not, Are Not. Thought Wrong. I Try Make. You.... You Break. Break What Is Mine. Do Not Break Again." The beast seemed very distraught, and its words were filled with sadness and anger. Ai and a few others were clearly upset from the fight.

The concept of fighting was quite new to her. She had been alone, up in the black void of space for so long. Here, she was just introduced to the love and friendship of family and kin, but now there was fighting. It was obviously not good like love. No, it was brutal and hurtful. Whatever the reason for fighting, the two seemed too stubborn to stop and let one have the upper hand. Then suddenly, Braun embraced Ragon, and just like that it was over. This puzzled Nocte, seeing as they were going at it viciously a moment ago. "Well, I guess I have a lot left to learn."

She looked down at her feet, the ground partly covered in fine sand. She ran her foot through the course grains, drawing a line with her toe as she thought in silence. This land was full of possibilities.


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#, as written by Raidose

Ragon felt the touch of Ai upon his features. A soft caress that seemed to be that of trust, a sudden surprise of possible understanding he hadn't expected. It held a care to it, a calm which quelled his anger and cleared his mind. The adrenaline high from the battle settled, and his vision began to blur. No longer in combat, Ragon was just now feeling the concussion from ramming head-first into what may as well been a damn mountain. A mountain which he successfully moved, but a mountain none the less. His senses dulled down a fair bit now, which would promptly explain how Braun got the drop on him. One second enjoying the soft touch of his sister, the next Ragon found himself leveled by the hammer that was Braun's fist. A cheap blow to say the least, and from the peaceful stupor the God of Savage Fury was roused to the fight again. Two forces of nature clashed yet again, climaxing in mainly more broken ribs and several more fractures to Ragon's skull.

Truly, this fight would go on for ages, for as Ragon could scarcely harm his brother, every blow that Braun landed was not weakening the Primordial. Rather the opposite, with Ragon adapting slowly-thickening bones in an attempt to evolve to his needs for survival. Still, this only meant a battle that may take a lifetime to end, spared only by the small miracle that Braun finally put two-and-two together. The God of Brotherhood stayed in his good spirit, justifying what he'd done as best he knew. To him, no harm had been done. Ragon did not see it as he did, for Ragon looked at only needs as relative. Also, he had the tendency to be a spiteful bastard. Under the faux impression of simply walking past him, Ragon lashed out with his tail to take out the legs of Braun. Only fair in the end, one dishonorable strike for another. Though this wasn't meant to be the continuation of the fight, a thought soon quelled by the glare Ragon shot Braun as he moved to stand. It wasn't a snarl, a challenging roar. It was cold, serious, and completely deadpan.

"Don't." One word, passed on in both silence and crystal clarity. "Why I Care About Pride? Conquest? These Are Stupid Things, Useless. They Not Needed, Not Help One Live. Don't Need Them. Don't Care About Them." Ragon pointed directly at the face of the Lion on Braun's armor. "And Neither Would He." He spat his words in complete disdain, his tone caring the bitter tinge which now began to pool on his tongue. Blood, gently flowing from a broken tooth. Ragon's tongue snaked and scanned each until he found it, the one fang which had broken from catching Braun's fist in his teeth. His claws pinched down on each side, and with one powerful yank and a sickening sound it pulled free. The small trickle dribbled down his jaw, his tongue curiously searching the soft pulpy flesh within the void until it found the tip of a new fang eager to take it's place. He held the removed tooth up to Braun before casting it into the sand at his feet. "You Want Trophy? There. Take. The Take No More.

Ragon turned to his fellow Gods here, content on gaining their insight. Or he was.... "We Do Not Need To Kill. Animals Kill, Must To.....Live?" Ragon trailed off as he felt the strangest sensation along his foot. The gentle ripple of a wave cast itself over his skin, and Ragon hadn't known this before. Even after his bout with Braun in the shallows, his rage-blanked mind didn't even register any of it. For him, this was the very first time he even noticed the water. He lifted his foot up, before plonking it down slightly deeper. His other foot soon followed straight down with a definable spaloosh! Slowly wading in a little deeper, all thought as to what he was saying completely left him the first time he caught glimpse of movement. His predatory eyes immediately zeroed in on the one glint of silver darting under the waves, his head tracing it's every sudden twitch like a big cat. Slowly he crept forward, leaning in ever so cautiously..... He lunged, a less-than-graceful splash in the deep blue of the ocean waters. Ragon must have been quite the scene, once the mighty and savage beast who parted the clouds with his roars, now thrashing wildly as he struggled to stand with his prize.

His hands cupped together, trapping a small pool within as well as the tiny little silvery minnow he'd caught. His eyes examined it with utter amaze and bewilderment as it darted about in it's limited space. Finally Ragon began trudging back to the shore with the little fish, presenting him of to the one who smelled strongly of the sea. Ulmo, with his hair and robes of the deepest blue, Ragon could really guess no other to be responsible for the oceans and their bounties. "You.... You Make This? You Make Life In Water?"


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Braun crouched down casually and plucked his brothers tooth from the sand. As he rose he tossed it up in the air like a child playfully tossing a stone only to catch it again. He eyed his wild brother with a slightly arched eyebrow and a smirk. He'd have to remember that leg sweeping trick in his next bout, it was a fine move indeed. Braun would have told Ragon as such but he did seem truly upset about the death of his lion and did not want to push him further. Whether Ragon was angry with him or not Braun loved him as a brother and the last thing he wanted was to cause him harm. An odd sentiment given the violent battle they'd just been engaged in but for Braun that fight was just a sporting test of strength and skill between brothers. Blood flows and muscles ache but in the end no true harm should ever come from brother to brother.

Braun took a few steps forward standing beside his sister Niuesis yet his gaze drifted over to his brother Sargon and his sister Kiara and took notice of their closeness. The sight made Braun joyful proud of his siblings for they were attempting to conquer that which Braun himself had yet to conquer, the conquest of passion. He wanted to give his brother a sign, some wordless show of support of Sargon's and Kiara's budding conquest of heart and body. Their union or at least the prospect of such a union was something to be celebrated but Braun did not wish to speak on it and upset the tenderness of their moment. So he set his mind to the task. It was then Braun forged a symbol of support between brothers, a sign of agreement and joy for the actions of another.

Braun's eyes met Sargon's and he gave his brother a knowing smile as he extended his fist and lifted his thumb. That look of approval and joy, framed perfectly with the waves behind him, would be one that would always be remembered and linked to the God of Strength and his followers. In the centuries to come his followers, his acolytes and devotees would use this thumbs up as sign of well intended to support to friends, brothers and allies.

He folded his thick arms across his broad chest and turned his gaze to Ragon as the savage god began splashing about in Ulmo's waves. It was actually quite pleasant to see. Braun had been concerned with his brothers mood after his harsh words yet to see him now, pouncing like a playful kitten in the shallow waters, trying to capture that which he saw was heart warming. Braun chuckled warmly as he watched and even went so far as to nudge Niuesis gently as if to tell her to look.

It was then his brother pulled fourth from the shinning blue waters his prize. In cupped hands there was but a tiny pool of water and in it, a single minnow. He crossed the sand and came to stand before the master of the seas and all it held, Ulmo. Ragon presented the small fish to his brother with posed question.

"You.... You Make This? You Make Life In Water?"

Braun's gaze flicked to his brother, curious as to his answer.


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Kaira looked to the sea, momentarily distracted by her fruit throwing kin, watching Ragon splash about like a small child. Kaira smiled, somewhat bemused by the God' sudden change in temperament. He splashed about in the shallows of the water, stumbling as he struggled to stand. Ragon emerged from the water with something cupped in his hands. He walked to Ulmo, "You... you make this? You make life in water?"

Kaira felt something brush her wrist. Thinking it was Sargon, she turned to look at him, grateful for a distraction from Braun and Ai's painfully obvious flirting. All she saw was the shadows swirling behind him as he walked away. Kaira frowned, feeling troubled by Sargon's sudden departure. Kaira lifted her hand, wondering what it was that had brushed her arm. Her sleeve fell down slightly and Kaira saw a dark mark on her arm that had not been there before. Curious, Kaira rolled her sleeve further down.

"I have gone east," Kaira whispered, reading the marks on her arm, "There is much I must do. If you ever need me, call to the shadows.Or I will see you in the east at your own time." Kaira looked up, watching her friend as he left them. Part of her wanted to give chase and try to catch up with him but somehow she knew that Sargon needed to be alone to complete his work.


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Having been knocked to the ground during the appearance of their bestial sibling, her earlier question appeared to have gone unanswered and on the whole so had she for the most part. With the exception of the largest of them, who made a rather passable seat at best (something she had planned to rectify had she not been so rudely expelled and hammered into the earth), they'd nodded at her and little more.

Despite her passing grumbling at this she waved it off at events being complex, after all they were family, apparently, and perhaps this was how those things worked. Anyways that sounded about right, especially with everyone's attention focused on the brawl going on between the two across this beach. Having dusted herself down again, she picked up a few grains of sand and rubbed them between her fingers, smiling as the slightly oval marble she now held. Placing her hammer on the ground next to her she drew a small circle in the sand around her and filled it with liquid fire, swirling and spiralling around her as she scooped up handfuls of sand in one hand and fire in the other.

She slowly began to shape more marbles, warping their insides into different patterns and images. She glanced over at Ragon and Braun every so often to make sure that their path didn't seem to be in her direction. Scratching her chin for a moment she reached into the fires and pulled out a small chisel and hammer, still glowing warm and sparking slightly before applying them to a small chunk of growing glass by her feet. Her tongue slowly slipped out of the corner of her mouth as she worked, feeling an odd tingle seeming to permeate the world around her, oddly magical though it didn't appear to offer much difference for her work. Once she was satisfied by the sculpture's she'd awoken from the glass she let the tools melt back into the ring of fire, absorbing the flames back into her skin.

Before her on the sand stood the likeness' of Ragon and Braun, each about six inches tall. Almost every detail was there down to the very very faint lines of their skin marred across otherwise smooth surfaces of the glass. Nuri slowly reached down and ran her fingers over them, causing them to glow slightly as she filled them with her flames. As she withdrew her hands the two statues began to re-enact the combat that had resulted in her being thrown here, but where she'd noted they paused these continued instead.

Looking up she noticed that Ragon was now saying something to Ulmo about creatures in the sea while several of their other kin appeared to be wandering off in different directions. Was this meeting truly so brief? She assumed it must be the way of things and was wondering what to do next when she saw the other Goddess who Braun had grabbed when she arrived toying with the sand nearby. Getting to her feet she walked towards Nocte and leaned on the shaft of her hammer as she spoke.

"What were your name again? I diven't remember catching it when he" She paused and nodded towards Braun before continuing "tried to crush us in greeting. But pleasure to meet you all the same" She beamed up at the raven-haired woman.


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Ulmo watched the scene before him in alarm as a beast, no, a god appeared to confront Braun. This god was different from the rest of them. While Ulmo and the others took bipedal forms. He frowned slightly as the two began to fight, the beast-god furious and Braun just happy to find himself in another context. Braun does not seem to be the type to think things through the Sea God thought to himself. As they were fighting, Ulmo felt something soft hit him on the back of his head. He turned around.

It appeared to be a youth leading a trope of, what were those creatures? He frowned slightly. They didn't seem to be gods. All his instincts were telling him they weren't. Mortals? The word felt familiar on his tongue, but that was not who they truly were. He tried to name them, but he could not. Instead, he settled on glaring at the creatures and their leader, clearly a deity.

"Recreant Youth. You would do well to learn some manners," Ulmo declared, waving his hand as tentacles of water emerged from the Sea to drag him and the others into the ocean, not so deep that theyd' drown, but not so shallow that they'd injure themselves on the bottom of the Sea. After he was done, he saw that the fight had ceased. The beast-god was examining a fish. He gently took it from him, placing it into the Sea.

"A fish cannot live long outside the waters of its home. Yes, I created these. The Sea was empty and I have taken action to fill it. Yet, it appears that I am not done," he mused.


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Time had passed. How much time, Ulmo did not truly know. Time didn't really seem to matter to him as he worked to fill the Sea with life to match and even, in his view, surpass the life he had seen on dry land. The Beast-God, Ragon, had been particularly helpful in creating the predators that inhabited his real. It was fitting, in his view, to have fierce beasts to live beneath the Sea. They kept the numbers of the smaller creatures in check and the supply of prey kept their own numbers in check. Balance.

Of course, the world had many secrets that even he did not know of. There was the realm connected to the physical realm. The physical realm was the realm of mortals. What this word meant, he did not yet know, but he envisioned beings unable to change the world by their own will, but still shape great things with their bare hands. That was what he imagined. The mortal realm was stagnant. It stayed the way it was long after the gods were finished, but in the Realm of the Gods, only will mattered. Ulmo could shape anything simply by willing it, but he needed to maintain it with a portion of his attention, always, something he was finding easier and easier to do as time went on.

He had shared his discovery with the others, of course. They each claimed their own portion as the Realm of infinite, but together, they had created their own meeting place, The Hall of the Gods It was a magnificent place and in its center sat their thrones. Ulmo himself had carved a throne of silver and blue and white marbel, covering it with flora from the Sea which could live on dry land. That was not where they were meeting, though. Rather, in celebation of their efforts, the Gods had gathered together to celebrate with a feast. In a great feasting hall, the gods gathered to celebrate their works and Ulmo sat in his place of honor with a proud smile.

"Our labors are almost at an end, my bretheren. Let us feast, drink, and be merry," he announced, surveying the faces of the gods who had gathered together to celebrate.


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"The Feast"

Here he was in the Hall of the Immortals, having asked to partake in food and drink. Form the time he met Caelum and Cynn, he has been rather estranged from the Gods. For the most time Baraku has been testing his power. Ever since he first discovered it, he has been anxious to learn more from it. So far he knows he controls the storms over the Realm of Man. A mighty power indeed. Not only that, he can use aspects of the storm. Such as the blinding light and ferocious energy of the lightning bolt. The large, booming sound of thunder. The falling water from the clouds, known as rain. Yet there was more to it.

Not only had he power over storms, but something more dangerous as well. He has forced the winds to move so fiercely they've taken away whole trees and structures. Tornadoes. Like his sister, he has been able to part the earth, albeit it was way too destructive. An Earthquake. Apparently he can control some rather disastrous forces. Therefor a God of Disaster. While pleased over his powers, something just felt empty within him. While he has aware of his growing powers, the times have been left to him, rather lonely.

He has hardly spoken with any of the other Gods. Though some seemed upset over his destruction. He never meant to hurt anyone, he didn't even know the extent of what he could do. Some how he felt a bit excluded from the others. Any other times he's spoken with them, it's been short, simple conversations. So far he has given any of the Gods, real reasons to hate or fear him. Though some may be wary. He's just been finding his way into the world. So far he has been coming closer to that goal. So far he has found a beautiful realm to call his home. Reminiscent of his first days, the place was green and filled with waterfalls. It was as close to a paradise as he could surmise. Yet in this peaceful realm he has made grand structures. Places of meditation and training. He so did enjoy training.

Yet the Storm God has yet to create a race. He felt a bit behind his brothers and sisters. Feeling he may have been too idle. Even thinking of the subject, Baraku gains the strange feeling that something more is behind his thoughts. Neither he nor any of the other gods have seen the demon within him. Yet The Storm God feels a gnawing presence in the back of his mind. Something trying desperately to direct him in some way. Baraku has yet to tap into this. So far he sat at the table, minding his own business. There was food, and he ate, though not with the same voraciousness as Braun. Instead he ate more delicately, yet not without vigor of his own. He quickly chewed and softly swallowed. He decided to remain, viewing the other Gods. Seeing more of the kind of people they are. Something Baraku has some interest.


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Hall of Knowledge

Sargon stopped as Tywin entered the room. The two locked gazes as they always did when encountering one another, each expecting the other to back down but never falling. Sargon admired his younger brothers will and strength, were he not so arrogant and self centered, he would welcome his brother with open arms. After all, law and order were a respected realm indeed. Instead he found himself steel to steel on many occasions, each hoping to put an end to the other once and for all.

Kiara growled and barred her teeth at the god, she knew her masters hatred of him and showed her own distaste as well.

"Your pets seem intent on their mutual destruction. One would think the Wise Wolf would exert greater control over his pack." Tywin said, his scathing words cold as ice. Tywin turned around to lock eyes with his brother once more.

Sargon let his hand fall from Kairas', his other tightening the grip on his sword "They are not animals Tywin, and I will not have you treat them as little more than play toys," he looked at his brother "They are my creations, my children. As the beings of the sea are Nieuses and Ulmos, and those of the earth are Karkorthi and Ragons'," Sargon walked to the window beside his brother "They write their own destinies, we are here to guide them not to manipulate them. If they chose to war with one another, than that is their choice. One side will prove the victor, and the other will fall in line. As the circle commands it." he looked back at Tywin with a scholding gaze "You would know this if you cared for your own creations, instead of indulging your ego"


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Ulmo frowned slightly, noticing Tywin slip away into a room after Sargon and Kaira. He felt for Saragon. To have your creations attempt to wipe out one another was a feeling he could not even begin to comprehend. The Merpeople which he and Niueis created lived in harmony with the Sea. True, they were small in number, but they were long-lived and their cities were something to behold. However, now he decided to check on a creation that each and every god had a hand in.

He left the feasting hall and entered the Throne Room. There, he found a pool of water that allowed the gods to view the Mortal Realm. On land, the gods had created the apex of their creations: Mortal Men. They had each put a part of themselves in these creatures, crafting them in the image of most of the gods save Karkothi and Strach. What Ulmo saw, however, did not please him. The world was in turmoil and there were new gods among them!


"Good, Cain. Very good. You have wrested control of your tribe from your brother. You have proven your strength and power," Nex announced, dressed in black, red, and golden armor. Before him, the human inhabitants of the desert bowed to him with his chosen the only one standing. Cain glared at him from behind his hood.

"I had to kill half my tribe on my own, including my own brother. You forbade my supporters from helping me. You refused to help me yourself! Why?!" he hissed. Nex glared at his chosen and had half a mind to smack him before chuckling. He allowed himself to laugh for a full minute until his chosen interrupted him.

"Answer me!"

"You would do well to remember that a god does not take orders from his follower," Nex told him coldly, causing a little fear to run down Cain's spine. He continued, "I gave you a portion of my own power. I wanted to see if it was a good investment. You did not disappoint. Not at all. I will be the God of Men and you will be their King."


Ulmo reached out with his mind, to every deity, known or unknown. He was furious.

"What is the meaning of this! We agreed to leave mortal men alone!"


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The Age of Avatars and Mortals

In which Avatars are chosen by the Gods to represent them to the mortal races and guide their followers' kingdoms.

Nex and Cain's punishment for their transgression was lenient, given the circumstances. As selfish and arrogant as the god was, Nex had revealed a new innovation which could be used by the gods to guide and protect their mortal followers without worrying about the threat of destruction inherent in the divinities directly interfering with mortals: the Avatar. The Avatar was an unique being: not quite divine, but not quite mortal either. He or she was connected to their patron deity in a way no mortal could hope to comprehend, gifted with divine power, knowledge, and wisdom. The Avatars were the few mortals who could travel to the Realm of the Gods at will. This innovation went far beyond what Nex had originally envisioned. The Avatar was not just a tool for a deity to enforce his or her will upon their followers, he or she was their advocate. Through them, the gods learned more about their own creations.

Thus, Nex and Cain were sentenced to a slumber that lasted until every deity had chosen his or her own Avatar or chose not to select one. Nex's followers, however, did not forget their god or their semi-divine leader. Nex's teachings were remembered and spread throughout the humans who made their home in the Shifting Desert. Thus, when Cain returned and proved his claim of kingship and identity as the Avatar of Nex by conquering the Qarthian Tribes.

The Gods were not untouched by Time, however. Despite mortal perceptions of the agelessness of the gods, the deities knew times of great joy and great. The birth of Nigriv and Valiance were occasions of great joy for the gods, but the death and fading away of their siblings took its toll. Tywin's death in particular was a shock to the gods. He had seemed so strong, but his mental state was unstable. Braun himself had taken charge of Tywin's funeral and like all the acts of the God of Strength and Brotherhood, it was immortalized in song both in the Realm of the Gods and in the Realm of Men.


Atalantae... Truly, in Caspian's opinion, it was the greatest city in the world. It lacked the famous Academy at Icharus, it was nowhere near as opulent as Gela, and the dour grimness of Jukta, but it remained the largest and greatest of the cities of the Avuvians. Only the walls of Jukta rivaled the great concentric fortifications of Atalantae. Though all Avuvian cities were trade hubs, no other city had the sheer quantity and quality of goods pouring into it as Atalantae. Today, only he remembered its humble beginnings.

He was born a fisherman like his father and his father before him all the way back to the time Ulmo first made himself known to the mortal men who were drawn to the Sea. Today, his 16th birthday, was the day he would finally be allowed to take his father's ship out to Sea on his own.

"Son, please be careful," his mother warned him worriedly, "Remember the first thing Lord Ulmo revealed to us: Neither the Sea's nor his moods are fixed. The Sea can turn violent when you least expect it."

"Do not worry, Mother. I will be fine," he told her in a placating tone, the type that young men used when they wanted their parents reminded them of a piece of wisdom that they had heard countless times before. His mother sighed even as his father spoke, placing a big, callused hand on his shoulder.

"Do not sail beyond sight of land, Caspian. You do not know what it is to be on the open Sea."

"I won't. I promise," he told them.

Of course, he did not keep his promise. The wind was behind his back and the Sea air was in his lungs. The Sun was shining without a cloud ins sight. He cast his nets in the shallows, but found nothing. So, he sailed further and further, recasting his nets as he did so until, finally, he was indeed out of sight from land and had nothing to show for it. He grimaced and cursed and did not notice how the sky darkened as the day went on until, finally, it was as though the sky was thrust open as water poured from above and the waves shook and crashed against his vessel. He plunged put all his strength into maintaining course with his rudder, desperately sailing back to whence he came. Lightning flashed and he cursed at Ulmo.

"Damn you, I will not die like this! I'm going home and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" he roared. Almost in answer, a great wave crashed against his boat and he cried out in fear. He tried to drain his vessel with a bucket, but failed. His boat fell apart and he sank into the abyss.

It was beautiful he had noticed, in a grim sort of way. Despite his pride, he prayed to Ulmo to care for his parents and that they would somehow know that he was sorry for disobeying them. In that instant, he water around him seemed to glow in an ethereal blue and silver light. "Am I dead?" he asked himself. His lungs no longer burned from the salt water filling them. Then, he saw him. He was like a man, but more than a man. His hair was an unnatural blue color and his blue and silver robe did not seem wet, though they were both submerged in the Sea. In fact, he did not seem to be swimming at all. He just moved, as though he was simply willing it.

"You are a proud young man," the man said and his words seemed to acho around him, like the song of a whale and it was then Caspian recognized him, his eyes daring to the trident he carried.

"Are you here to lead me to the Land of the Dead, Lord Ulmo. Or are you here to punish me?" he asked, trying to conceal his fear. The god simply smiled.

"Neither. Normally, I do not rescue foolish boys who chose to test the Sea, but I see something special in you. You have a hidden strength beyond most mortals," the god told him. Then, Ulmo approached him and pressed their foreheads together as light shined around them and Caspian almost screamed at the multitude of sensations he felt. He felt far older than his 16 years and far more powerful. He gasped as Ulmo pulled away.

"We are bonded forever," the Sea God told him, "Come. Return to our people. You are my gift to them, my Avatar."

Without knowing how he was able to, Caspian willed the water around him to propel him forward. Caspian smiled and laughed in euphoria, not questioning what this meant, simply reveling in it. He almost didn't here Ulmo's words in his mind.

"Good luck, Caspian."

The Avatar of Ulmo smiled from his place in the highest part of Atalante at the top of the highest tower of the Citadel. He had not known what it meant then, but he did not regret it now, even as he mourned the friends and family he watched grow old and die. He knew better than most that death wasn't the end.


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The pass of Kal'Thundgar, one of eight mountain passes to the north of Numenor, cutting through the towering and impassible Spine of the World. It was the narrower of the eight, and only allowed for small columns to navigate its treacherous paths. Long had each pass been protected by the Frostback clan (center armor) a clan of rugged and hardy lycans who had sworn an oath to protect the mountains of the north from invaders. Such an oath as was being fulfilled this day...

The orcs of the Varish Marshes to the north west of the spine had surged out of their territory. If they were fleeing, or simply seeking to extend their lands was unknown to the lycans. However what was evident, was that they butchered and raided everything in their paths. Scouts had reported other villages outside of Numenor torched and put to the sword, and soon after their filth was crawling over the hills of Kal'Thundgar. The Frostbacks fought valiantly, holding the line and keeping the hordes from pushing to far in, but they proved to many....

Finally after months of fighting had brought renewed hope as the First Legion, had reinforced the Frostbacks and pushed the hordes back out of Numenor. The threat however was not over, as instead of route and flee, the monsters simply gathered their forces and waited to attack....

The clouds began to slowly and sporadically block the heavens above, and with it the all to familiar rains of Numenor. On most given days, the lycans would be joyed at the blessing of their god, but now it was only adding to the tension growing between the two armies that made this field their home this day.

The lycans (right armor), a race of beings considered legend by most men and mer, had gathered under the banner of the First Legion. A renowned and famed veteran army within the Empire, whos' history dated back to the founding of the Empire and the Wraith Wars. The army condensed around the opening of a narrow pass, Kal'Thundgar.

Across the field, a wide and filth infested horde of orcs had crawled from the swamps to challenge them. Their hisses and shrikes were meant to intimidate the stalwart defenders, but instead made them seem only that much more barbaric. The rain pattered against the armor of both lines, and the slow rise of steam from the heated bodies. This was an all to familiar sight to the legionaries of the Empire.

Across the lycan lines men and women (left armor) could be seen shouting orders and giving commands. They were the elite of the Empire, the third tier of military leaders. From young and brash lieutenants to seasoned and grizzled field marshals, each had the task of carrying for the men and women under them, and each was willing to risk their lives for the Empire.

"Skirmish formations" A strong and commanding voice said riding through the lines

Immediately orders were being give and the legions were shifting. Where before the infantry had made a solid line, they now split and flanked their archers.

"I was beginning to think you would not show" Khali, a hero amongst the lycans and famed sorceress, spoke as her brother trotted up beside her.

Dragonmiir removed his helmet, "What and miss another battle" he smirked "Nonsense"

A third figure rode up beside the heros, this ones blonde hair bounced softly over her shoulders "I suspect this to be short, though the lack of mages will simply draw out the inevitable" Katharine said

"Lack of magic" Khali asked raising her brow

Dragonmiir brushed the comment aside "The mages are present sisters"

"Really?" Katharine leaned forward in her saddle "Because I didn't notice a single witcher or battle mage when I rode up"

"They are here" Sargon pointed to the western forest, where a distinct hawk could be seen flying above "When we route these beasts they will head for the forest, thinking they are protected from our arrows. They will be met with far worse"

"A sure way to ensure victory" Selena said walking up "My rangers and duailsts have merged into our lines, if any orc of caliber attempts to rally or inspire this horde" she smiled and cocked her head "Well it will not last long"

Dragonmiir nodded his head, he raised his hand, and gave the signal to march. Across the lycan lines the horns of battle could be heard, and the army surged forward.

"I thought Arewan was to accompany you" Selena said to Dragonmiir

He looked to the forest where the hawk still circled "We will see her soon enough"


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Valiance bowed "May I?"

"Come" Sylvanas said gesturing with her finger, she strutted past Valiance without a second thought, making her way out of Throne Room. After a few minutes of walking through corridors, she came to the Training Room; a simple barren and empty room in which the gods and goddess would train with one another. This room was unique however, as it would mold and shape itself to the desired setting the trainees wished.

Sylvanas smiled, as the room began to shift and mold, a heavily forested grove birthed into being. She reached over her shoulders, gripping the hilts of her blades. With a graceful and quick pull, they were released from their sheaths, and with a quick twirl of her wrist the spun around to mimic her turn to face Valiance.

"I do hope your ready dear cousin" Sylvanas said lowering the tips of her swords. Her grace mirrored that of her mother, the fluidity in which she moved. The determination in her eyes however would strike unease in any god, for it was the same look that the god of shadows had. A look that let the opponent knew, regardless of their strengths and skills, they would fail.


Cal Azroth

The Council gathered in the War Chamber, a place of power from which much of the Empires decisions had been made after Numenor had been secured. This room held the ruling class of the Empire, the "elite"; military officials, masters, and nobles as well as the ruling clan. The War Chamber was designed in an rectangular shape with rounded ends. This allowed the council members to see and speak to one another evenly, as well as give a complete view of the World Map, the enchanted floor at the center of the chamber. The floor itself had been molded to represent the whole of Ashariel, and enchanted by the Black Tower to change as the mortals of the world moved across its face.

High King Lucius Dragonstone sat at northern end of the War room, where the royal family resided, the stain glass wall behind letting in the warm glow of the morning air. The council members were present, all that could be mustered as many were dispatched to different regions or currently occupied by urgent assignments. Upon the floor walked the upper class of the military officials; High General Marrok Darkfang, High Admiral Darius Ironforge, High Marshall Alyssia Thunderstorm, High Guardian Blake Lightsheild, and High Ranger Elizabeth Silverwind.

"What issues are facing us currently warriors" Lucius said gesturing to the officials

Darkfang was the first to speak, moving to a small gap in the Spine of the World, there two armies clashed; one a solid wall of formidable men and women, the other a rabble of creatures from the depths of darkness "Your sons' troops have halted the orc advance sir" he watched as the rabble fled to the trees, and was met by mage fire "They have routed the army and killed most of the leadership. All that remains is securing the pass"

Lightsheild spoke next, kneeling in the icy snow of the north western spine "Troubling reports from the Howling Tundra my lord" he gestured to the tiny figures stumbling across the tundra, and the thick fog "The Stonehides report creatures of the undead attempting to claw their way up the mountians' cliff, some even attempting to pass the Ice Gate"she pointed to the fog "I have sent a detachment of Warden to this area" He looked to Lucius "Strong magic is at work he, dark and powerful magic"

"If they find anything, and I mean anything. Deal with it appropriately, should they need the Guardians or Stormguard they shall have it" Lucius said standing

Ironforge spoke next stepping lightly across the waters "The Crystal Sea is proving far more treacherous past the Isle of the Huntress. But out marines have proven stalwart, there are far more island chains for our people to expand"

"No challenge from Ulmo?" Lucius asked. They all knew of the unstable peace between Sargon and Ulmo. Sargon had raised Numenor from the seas, there for shrinking the domain of the God of Water. Her towering mountains shielded much of the land, also diminishing Ulmos' power and influence in the land. Sargon had tried to quell his brothers anger by agreeing that his mortals would not interfere with Ulmos', this however could be contained for only so long.

Ironforge shook his head "No challenge sir, but our ships have spotted strange vessels on the horizons. We do not know my lord"

"Find out" Lucius ordered stepping onto the floor and walking across the map "Silverwind"

"Yes my liege" The Ranger said stepping forward "The forests are quiet upon our side of the Danius River. But rangers report an increase in activity from the north of Faderlan"

Lucius rubbed his chin, most of the issues in activity were stirring in the north. Though he was not worried, the great mountains of the north were almost unnavigable by anyone but the lycans. That is assuming they were able to cross the breadth of the Danius river that flowed out to sea. "Have Seekers sent to the north, watch for anything that may come from the Tainted lands" those lands belonged to the beings of Baraku, and were known well for testing the other mortals.

"Yes my lord" Silverwind spoke

Lucius turned to Marshall Thunderstorm "Have your agents incerase their numbers, and strengthen reports"

"Yes my lord" Thunderstorm replied