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I am not a killer. I am an artist. Killing is something that I would perfer not to be associated with. But if I must...

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Name: Abi Kirsch
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: Image

Abi is a round faced young woman with blue-green eyes. makeup is one of her arts, and she works to make her face a lovely work of art. Her entire body is rather short and round, it emulates her face. She has red-gold hair that sweeps her forehead and runs down to a tad past her shoulders. She usually leaves that down. Clothing wise Abi isn't all that interested. She wears what she can find, and sticks to a strict pattern of things normally accepted. Of course, she does like a few paint splattered articles as well on occasions. She also wears contacts, but owns of pair of glasses that she absolutely loathes. She has a stud in her nose, but usually only wears a small nondescript bit of jewelry there. She has a single cartilage piercing on her upper left ear, just for the sake of it.

Personality: Abi is shy until she gets to know a person. Then she never shuts up. She has a tendency to be a bit sarcastic/sardonic, but for the most part is a sweet person. She can be very critical of herself and others though, especially when in a foul mood. Her art is her entire being, and she likes to say that it reflects her. She is every changing along with her artistic splattering (What she calls her paintings) She is honestly a very modest young woman, and will downplay her own talents if asked directly, even though she craves the attention and the praise of others. She is moderately intelligent, and along with her drawing is also an avid prose-crafter. She s very self conscious about her body/weight/ appearance, as well as her accent and other such things. She likes to be different, she needs it, but at the same time she fears negative criticism. She doesn't want societies approval, but she needs it.

Skills/Specialties: Abi loves landscapes that are moderately realistic, but verge on the brink of dream-state art. Her prose is the exact opposite of that, and she occasionally incorporates the words into her art.

Quirks: Abi is a paradox upon herself. She wants to deviate, but she needs to conform. It causes much internal struggle for her. She has a thick German accent as well, but has never actually lived in the motherland. Her parents, however did, and were very respectable, and expect their daughter to be a respectable woman as well. That, perhaps is the source of her paradox.

History: Her parents emigrated shortly before Abi's mother found herself pregnant with their one and only child. Abi was groomed to be a model citizen, a girl of German breeding. But of course, that compelled her to deviate. Her parents don't particularly like her 'occupation' but they tolerate her because she is, after all, their only daughter. Despite her need to deviate, Abi was a relatively normal student in high school, she had a few loyal friends, and she got good grades. Her teachers liked her because she rarely spoke, but instead spent her time drawing. Her drawing eventually became to big to fit on paper, so they progressed to walls. And she evolved into a Deceptioner.

Romantic Interests: Perhaps someday, but not really right now.

Opinion: I don't like to kill. it reminds me to the days of Hitler, which I prefer not to think of. But i shall do what i must if threatened. That is merely self defense. I shall not seek the violence though, for that is not right. Taking lives is not right. Hurting others is not right. Unless they hurt me first. Or hurt one that I care for. Then revenge shall be exacted quickly and efficiently without any frills of whistles.

Weapon(s): I don't carry around weapons. If i were to be involved in violence and caught with such a weapon, questions would be brought up. I'd prefer to keep my head low and not fight at all.

Other: Abi tries to be proper as well as a rebel. All these paradoxes hurt her mind, but they are her. Sleep is wasted, but she has grasped her contradictory self as much as she possibly can.

So begins...

Abi Kirsch's Story