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Neutral 'Momus'. "Naw, mate. Everyone has their outlet, everyone has their technique, fighting over somethin' as petty as style is so ridiculous, so damn illogical it makes my head hurt just to think about it."

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Name: Finnley 'Finn' Green

Alias: "Momus"

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Finn has dark brown hair, that would be long if it weren't for it's ability to form curls no matter the circumstance, so what you see on his head is more of a large mass of tangled brown curls. His eyes are a soft hazel colour, and generally have a playful or even deviant nature to them. His face is complete with a well formed nose, and full lips, with a sprinkling of stubble on his lower chin. His long, thin neck connects to an equally long and thin body, and despite the lack of perceptible muscles on him, Finn is surprisingly agile. He'll wear anything that surfaces in the large piles of clothing in his apartment, but one thing remains constant, his heavy parka that he wears in memory of a particular girl.

Personality: Finn is of a brutally honest, and slightly satirical contour. He says anything that comes to his mind when it comes to mind regardless of it's implications, which comes out in his street art. He's fickle, irresponsible, and impulsive, as well as an unprecedented loud-mouth. He'll take advantage of an advantage merely on the precedence of there being an advantage there that he wants to take advantage of, he's strange like that.

When he's not pissing people off, he's busy pissing the government off with his anti-government tags and stencils, bringing up various topics that people would rather be left alone, and displaying them in a playful way to himself, but a demeaning way to some others. A couple of his more famous works are 'The Crash', a large depiction of a SUV that has appears to have crashed into a building in wall-street complete with the words 'The Wall-Street Crash', and the "Eyes" a series of cameras painted in various locations across the city, with little phrases underneath them like, 'Freedom is Dead' or 'Do not worry, your government is watching.' He believes life is the most valuable thing you are given, and therefore abhors the thought of killing people.

With his skills in the art of Parkour, Finn is able to reach areas, and tag places that no one has been before.
For his art, Finn prepares stencils before hand, so he's able to quickly able to get in and out of the areas he wants to tag. The only problem with this is when it comes to larger works like 'The crash' which take much more time than usual.

- Chain-smoker
- Periodical drug use

Born in a normal suburban family of three, with one older brother, Finn grew up leading a rather average life in Northern Ireland. His father, who was a ferry captain, died during a NRA bombing, blown up by one of the infamous 'shoe bombs'. Finn was too young to understand what had happened at the time, but feels bitter about growing up without a father nowadays. He and his older brother grew up, Finn proving to be the more intelligent, or hardworking, of the two decided to pursue a career of Law in the US, but not too far into the second year of his degree he dropped out due to an argument with one of his lecturers. Ever since then he's been jumping between jobs, trying to scrape a living. As for the street art. Well, it really just came to hims as something he'd like to give a shot, and he got hooked.

Romantic Interests: Yes.

Opinion: "Naw, mate. Everyone has their outlet, everyone has their technique, fighting over somethin' as petty as style is so ridiculous, so damn illogical it makes my head hurt just to think about it. But... In the end, if some prick were to attack me on principle of my 'art form', I'd break the arsehole. If a group of pricks came... they couldn't stop me from doing what I want, and if they tried, I'd bite their damn ankles before I kiss the dirt."

Weapon(s): Butterfly knife - "Well, you don't need to want to defend yer' art ta use violence."

- Is actually an incredible light-weight when it comes to drinking, despite his Irish heritage, though he'd never admit it.
- Keeps up with quite a few of the latest fashion trends despite his shortage of money.
- Works as a mechanic in a garage in Brooklyn.
- Dropped out of a four year law degree after a fight with his teacher about morality.

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