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Name: Markus Finch

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Light sun-kissed chocolate hair, blue eyes, and a faintly amused grin. He has various scars and other such marks upon his body, as he has a perchance for fighting and causing chaos. He has many tattoos on his chest and other places that he can easily access that he'd done himself, myriad patterns and other such things that hold meaning only for him.

Personality: Mark is a happy go lucky type of guy. He isn't down very often, and sees the best of his situation. Why he enjoys killing and causing madness is beyond even him. its just one of those things he does. And he does them because they are what he's always done. Like, other people expect him to be that way, so he is. Mark doesn't actually get angry very often, most of his life is spent in perpetual amusement at one thing or another. He is often detached despite his need to have a hand in everything that goes on. he is easily distracted by anything and everything, and always seems to chase the next best thing. Self fulfillment is one of his main goals in life. If he can make himself happier, then he is that much happier. What else is there to it?

Skills/Specialties: Mark's style is erratic. it jumps from one thing to the next with little fluidity, creating pieces that are jarring. But also eye catching. his style is distinctly him, and he tends to use bold swaths of color. Bigger is always better with him. Details are used occasionally, but he prefers to keep his chaos clean and plain. A method to the madness.

Quirks: Mark has an essential tremor, inherited from his late mother. It appears in not only both hands, but also occasionally in his voice. The appearance of it, however, is random, and doesn't seem to be linked to emotions or stress.

History: Mark's mother was an extremely ill woman, and died when he was five. His father tried as best he could to raise the children he was left with. Markus and his older sister Erika. Erika died at the age of ten, when Markus was eight of pneumonia because she had a weak immune system thanks to her genes. Then it was just Mark and his father. The man tried hard to help his son grow and flourish, but he was distraught over loosing his wife and daughter, and often times kept to himself, which kept him largely out of his son' life. Markus, a generally happy child, learned to cope. He amused himself in ways only a child could, but found himself lonely often. He made friends easily, but lost them even faster than he'd gained them. Art was something that he used to survive the early years of his life. The tremors that began when he was fifteen, didn't stop his art. he learned to go slow and carefully with it, even if he was incapable of such meticulous work any other time.

Romantic Interests: not at the moment, and not for longer than a moment.

Opinion: "Well, I wouldn't be a hound if I couldn't stand up for my art. Art is my life, and I will defend it with my life. Ain't nobody who can take that away from me."

Weapon(s): Mark has a variety of weapons that he carries around with him depending on his mood. usually he'll go for a pocket knife and a gun, even though his aim isn't all that great because of his hands.

Other: Mark, when pressed for cash, seeing as he doesn't have a steady job, isn't afraid to steal. he is actually a pretty adept thief and pickpocket. He has a cat in his apartment who's name is Margo, and he holds conversations with the animal on many occasions. The cat is one of the only steady things in his life, and perhaps the only thing that prevents him from going mad. He often refers to the animal as his French muse.

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Markus Finch's Story