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"There 'aint no wall I can't paint!"

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Name: May "Paint Bucket" Hitch
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi
She's not very tall nor does she have a femininely curved body, but she's got style and has a wolf faced dragon go around her left arm that she made herself and also a tattoo of a broken heart on her foot stabbed with thorns and chains that seem to go around her foot tying the heart down that she also made herself.
Personality: She is a daredevil like no other, she will take on any challenge and if she has a sudden inspiration you can be sure that the plain white wall that she just walked by will now hold her work of art. She doesn't respect the authorities and she seemed to be like a wild animal but she has her quiet moments when she's alone at home and is working on new ideas.
Skills/Specialties: She is usually better at making strange things, like strange animals that represent different things, like torture or being different. She also makes things that represent moments of life, it can be a simple butterfly tht represents joy, or a crying moon that shows loss or loneliness. She uses all kinds of colors, it all depends on her mood and that's why people call the Paint Bucket.
Quirks: She's usually always wearing trousers, she's got all sorts, pants, shorts, or dress trousers, but she always wears them because they have lots of pockets and room to hide stuff, like paint!
History: She was a loser kid at school because she had bad grades and people made fun of her because she liked girls and boys. She was rejected everywhere, at home with her parents that weren't satisfied with her lousy grades, at school with people that didn't like her sexuality and even when she was alone the birds would poop on her or some sort of misfortune would come across her. One day when she got really pissed she got into the principals office and painted a huge arrow pointing to outside where she had painted a large hand flipping them off and splats of color all around it. She ran away after that and headed for the city where she was taken in by the gang Hounds and she became a pro graffito.
Romantic Interests: She's a pretty on off girl, right now she looking for a guy.
Opinion: She is so on! She would kill just for people to respect her because her whole child hood she lived only rejection!
Weapon(s): Hunting Knife
Other: "Hit me with your best shot!"

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