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What you see is what you get. You don't like it, find the highest building you can...and jump from it. At least you'll make pretty colours when you hit the ground.

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Name: Riku 'Domino' Shinra

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Riku is about 5' 11'' with black hair and the black eyes typical of a native Japanese, even though his mother was American. This mixed blood is mostly shown in the fact that his hair is curly, rather than being straight, and the fact that his skin is paler than normal. He likes the difference, it makes him unique, which is what he was really going for. Despite this, his usual clothing is fairly standard, usually the classic 'shirt and jeans' combo, with a jacket thrown on top. This is also intentional, as Riku is bordering on obsession when it comes to contrasts whether it be in his art or his own body.

Personality: Riku seems at first glance, to be the typical apathetic teenager, and he generally is...until he starts to paint. It is then, and only then that his true personality is revealed and he completely immerses himself in the artwork, to the exclusion of all else. While he works he is still fairly quiet, but his art often does all the talking for him. He loves the contrasts in life, and his art reflects this. If he is't working, he often has trouble expressing himself with words, and he generally won't really say much, unless he trusts the person enough. Most take this as him just being rude though, and that he's deliberately ignoring people.

Skills/Specialties: Loves contrasting colours and designs (Hence his tag 'Domino'), and his art will often reflect this, as he tends to just pick two or three colours to work with. Likes abstract art, but will draw inspiration from anime and comics on occasion.

Example of Riku's style :

Quirks: Is very presise with everthing he does...very presise, to the point that he may be classed as being obsessive. A compulsive neat-freak, he hates anything that he deems to be 'out of place', whether it be an unmade bed or a line in a painting. He is ambidextrous, but prefers using his left hand. Doesn't know why, he just does.

History: Discovered Graffiti art in high school, when he saw some kids round his block tagging the side of his apartment building. Something just clicked then, and he felt that the kid's so-called 'art' was amatuerish at best. The next day he bought some paint of his own, and improved on the painting, going by his own instincts. That began the career of 'Domino', as he called himself, and he uses this as a tag. Is currently a college student, studying Art, ironically enough.

Romantic Interests: He loves his art. That's enough for him right now.

Opinion: My art is my life. If I have to defend it, then I will. No exceptions. If it means I have to fight, so be it...

Weapon(s): Generally uses his own body to fight, as he knows how to defend himself. If that isn't possible, he carries a knife with him, which he keeps hidden in his left boot.

Other: Cosiders his own body to be part of his art, and has quite a few tattoos, the most notably is the tattoo of a domino, showing the 6/4 (ie. 6th of April, which was the day he started his art. Yeah it was that big a deal to him) on the inside of his left wrist.

Chocolate-chip cookies!!! :)

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