The Graffiti Wars » Orphanage

Characters that have been abandoned by their authors can be adopted by other players, but cannot be edited. You will be expected to play that character as the original author intended, but you will be free to develop and grow them on your own. Click on "Sightings" for any existing character to see how previous writers have portrayed them.

Character Portrait: Riku Shinra

What you see is what you get. You don't like it, find the highest building you can...and jump from it. At least you'll make pretty colours when you hit the ground.

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Character Portrait: Finnley 'Finn' Green

Neutral 'Momus'. "Naw, mate. Everyone has their outlet, everyone has their technique, fighting over somethin' as petty as style is so ridiculous, so damn illogical it makes my head hurt just to think about it."

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Character Portrait: May "Paint Bucket" Hitch

"There 'aint no wall I can't paint!"

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Character Portrait: Abi Kirsch

I am not a killer. I am an artist. Killing is something that I would perfer not to be associated with. But if I must...

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Character Portrait: Markus Finch

Well, at least this is fun.

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