The Graffiti Wars

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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi

She shook the spray paint can that was held tight in her hands, and made the finally touches to the wall that she had now claimed, adding her almost barely noticeable signature "yuNA" at the bottom in white, the Korean American took a step back to look at her work. It was an abstract mural, of a stairway to a door that seemed to be there, but really wasn't. The big space that she had been taking up was contrasting with the faced assorted color of the brown and red brick wall, she had instead painted over a yellow one that seemed almost new. Ferns were growing on the steps, and flowers grew around the door, she looked at what was inscribed at the top was the words, "man who come, leave free". It had taken her two entire nights, but she finished it. Yuna felt a feeling of pride pit in her stomach, as she smiled, satisfied with what she had accomplished.

At the same time however, she resented the fact because of her ties to the Depictioners, that she had just claimed some more territory for the gang, rather than just freely expressing herself. Yuna scowled, and then began gathering her stuff, before some Po-po got sight of what she was doing. Paperwork and all that shit was too troublesome to try and do this legally. This was probably why she had been scouted out by a Depictioner.

Yuna shoved her paints into a bag, and slung it over her shoulder, but deciding against it as it was heavy. She straightened out her white shirt that have many paint splatter marks, and old jeans are dusted. Dragging the bag behind her, she struggled to pick it up and walk a few feet, before dropping it in exhaustion. Over her shoulder, she knew that the sun would be up, and the sunrise will be appearing soon over the city.

Jeremy Cyrway

Jeremy would usually take walks in the early mornings, as his sleepless night when he does not drink are restless. With his hood up, and walking around for about an hour now, his bed had been forgotten and abandoned. The light was starting to peek in, and brightening the sky, now a grayish color. He wandered the alleyways, and whenever a person walked by, he gave a cold, frightening stare, that made them back off. He wasn't getting jacked. In fact, he never did. Few had to wonder why. Many knew the reason.

When he was about to go back to his apartment, the sight of a figure trying to haul away a bag caught his attention. Usually, he'd pay no heed, because it could've been some person throwing away a corpse, and he wouldn't really care. He'd walk away, and continue on with life. But what got him to turn was the fact that he recognized the figure, and the wall that was only feet away, of a mural and style he would've recognized anywhere. Was that Yuna?

The dirty blonde made his way towards her, and his suspicions were confirmed. "..Hey."

She turned, and then greeted back, as he went over to pick up her bag effortlessly. In the far distance, he can see people already up and about, and then motioned her to start walking with him, quickly. It wasn't good for the two to be seen so carelessly. He already knew of her Depictioner status, though, he wasn't too sure if she knew about him. In silence, they walked together, idly chatting away. Though, Jeremy knew that someone must've already saw them, and it worried him so.