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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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When the sun came up, that meant it was time to live. At least, that was how Danny saw it. A light sleeper to the last, the moment a ray from the sun hit his face through the window of his run-down flat, Danny was up and ready to go. He looked around on the floor and found a shirt not completely disgusting yet and threw it on, followed by washed out jeans practically coming apart at the seams in their old age. His roommate, a young woman named Terra, was still sleeping, so that meant he was going without breakfast this morning. He rarely ate unless someone made him, at least until his blood sugar got low enough that his body threatened to pass out if he didn't. Grabbing his knife and about 10$ just in case, he headed outside to breathe in the morning air.

Unfortunately, he lived in New York City, so morning, afternoon, or night, it smelled like exhaust from an engine a good 80% of the time. He hardly noticed it anymore, though, and instead took in the rising sun, wondering what kind of fun he was going to have today. If he was really lucky he'd run into a demented Depictioner, he thought happily. Nothing said good morning world like punching someone in the face. Not that he particularly cared about them as long as they left him alone. But, considering it was one of their's that got offed, they tended to be a little more feisty when they saw a Hound than a Hound was when he ran into one of them. Danny was rarely the kind to start a fight, but damn did he enjoy finishing them. Hands in his pockets, he let that thought amuse him as he walked down the street, having no destination in mind whatsoever. He'd left his paint cans at home, preferring to work on his art later in the day, after he'd let various daytime experiences build up in his head before letting them explode all over the wall. When he woke up in the morning, he was a clean slate, yesterday's experiences already forgotten.

Running his fingers through his shaggy, platinum blonde hair, he paused as he came to an intersection, wondering which way he wanted to go. He smirked at a couple of elderly women as they walked by him, staring. He was the tallest person he could see out just then, and rather imposing at that. He loved that. Loved sticking out like a jagged nail, threatening and dangerous in comparison to all of the others. It gave him identity.

He continued along his walk, heading towards a bridge that wasn't nearly as populated as where he'd come from. Using his artist's eye, he managed to spot a figure just below it, obviously at work. He just watched for a moment the colors coming off onto the wall, until he decided to get closer and inspect. Heading down to where the person was, he realized with both enthusiasm and disappointment it was May. She hadn't noticed him yet.

Coming up behind her, Danny waited until she had paused for a moment with the painting before he shouted, close to her ear, "Busted!" grinning wickedly. Every tagger was jumpy by nature; you never knew when the cops were just around the corner.