The Graffiti Wars

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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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A pair of young men walked through the snow white modern-esque penthouse suite, picking up debris from the previous night. A bit of a broken bottle here, a pair of trousers there, y'know the usual... They continued this routine autonomously until they came across an oddity in the scattered trash. A strange lump of flesh that formed a man, surrounded by vomit and spilt beer bottles. Face covered by a mass of dark brown curls, they couldn't recognize him, had he even been invited to the party last night? The owner of the penthouse, a rich, young university student had been throwing a twenty-first birthday celebration in his parent's new your penthouse, was the man nearest the body. He stepped up and turned the body over with his foot. The face of the man he was now looking at may have been covered in blood from a head wound just above his left brow, but could definitely be ruled out from those amongst the guest list. A gate crasher. A gate crasher who had stained the expensive fur carpates of his parent's penthouse. He was understandably angry.


Finn rushed out of the penthouse, ducking into the elevator just as an empty bottle flew overhead, smashing on the mirrored elevator walls. The projectile left cracks in the reflective surface. "Ya missed ya fockin' psycho wanker!" Finn cried back at the man as the elevator doors slid shut, grasping his head in pain. He reeled back, catching the handrail attached to the side of the side of the elevator for support. His mind a turbulent mess of memories from the night before, coming to him in no particular order.
'Was it those girls I met in the club that brought me here? Man I shouldn't have drunk so much last night...' Finn's head was splitting open with pain, not only from the hangover, but also from the gash in his forehead. His mouth was dry and his tongue a numb lump in the back of his throat. he shook has head and righted himself. "Well It doesnae matter now... I've got 'n hour ta get ta work, and if I'm late Terry's gonna have my ball for... Well, something unpleasant..." Finn muttered to himself, waiting for the elevator to reach the bottom floor, preparing to make a break if the security guards were looking to detain him.

With a ding, the elevator doors slid open. Out of them came Finn, madly hobbling for the door, hand clutched over the gash on his face. He shot through the revolving doors and onto the street. He recognized the neighborhood, it compromised of mainly up-market apartment buildings overlooking the Hudson.
'I'm uptown Manhattan then?'
Finn grumbled and headed to the nearest subway station. He located it, and suddenly realized why he found the neighborhood familiar, it was one of the spots he had planted an 'eye' in. He stepped into the tiled interior and spotted it, nestled up in the top corner of the corridor down to the southbound platform. A little black picture of a camera with the words, 'Your privacy is out utmost priority.' underneath it. He faintly smiled and stepped onto the platform to wait for his train.