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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi

While she and Jeremy were casually chatting freely, she pulled a hat over her head, as so for people not to recognize her. Yuna ignored any remarks her companion would've made over how gender confusing her appearance was, as she put on an over-sized jacket, covering up any feminine features. They had made their way towards a specifically quiet street, and she narrowed her eyes when she thought she recognized a few figures down the street. Despite her many refusals to join the Depictioners, she was admitted through the scarring mark on her back that indicated her status. And now that she has been around who knows how long, she knew of all members who were in previously, soon-to-be, and presently. She had halted, as she watched a collision between a short jogging woman, singing something that she couldn't make out, with a much taller man, who was darker and much more intimidating than the smaller woman. Yuna looked on in curiosity.

Jeremy Cyrway

He had paused his talking when Yuna had suddenly stopped walking along side him, and he glanced to over where she was looking at. He ignored the fact that he could barely recognize her now, her androgynous appearance was much different from her usually fierce and feminine look, now shy and easily forgettable. Jeremy could've stopped breathing when he watched onto a scene of two people that he wished that he didn't recognize. When it came to be the leader of the Hounds, he found it difficult not to resist the temptations of knowing all of the members of on both sides of the gangs. Being part of an underground organization had its risks after all. Jeremy was anxious to get moving now, as he watched on "Abi Kirsch" and "Vincent 'The Heretic' Mornnis" having their interactions. But when he tried to get Yuna's attention to move, she didn't budge. He stood there with her bag of paints and cans slung over a shoulder, waiting for her to be satisfied with the entertainment being presented to her, so they could just hurry up and move.

He wasn't a coward, oh no, no, no. This was his territory, and this was his ground. But the fact he could be sighted with a Depictioner such as Yuna, despite the fact that she didn't know his Hound status, made it more risky as he could lose the trust of his fellow members, as he looked onto their them like his own dysfunctional family, and she, Yuna, could be put on suspicion and taken in questioning. Knowing how these kind of gangs worked, he knew there was a lot of pain in store, and that Yuna wouldn't be able to withstand it, even with her tough words and strong will. It wasn't something that she could understand. At these kind of times, he was amused and somewhat relieved that his face wasn't well known just yet with his ranking in the Underworld, and hated the fact that he cared so much for such an old friend like Yuna.

..He must've been getting soft.