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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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Step step step...turn the corner... step step step. Faster, slower... Breathless singing.... It made no sense, but it was amusing still, the song was. Her hair swung behind her, a short banner of red and gold meshed together, shining slightly in the light of the early day. A look of half concentration shone in the woman's eyes as her shoes met and broke contact with the pavement. She did not smile, but a content smile there was masked in her round face. just in the her face had been formed was a smile, if just a shy one.

Abi was in in the rhythm, her eyes half closed as she jogged, and didn't see the obstacle until she crashed head on into the much taller man. "Mein Gott!!" he said as she stumbled backwards, trying to right herself and reorient as she was jerked wholly back into the present circumstance. Her eyes went up to the other's face. He was most definitely intimidating. She half reached out before retracting her hands saying, " Es tut mir leid! I am so sorry, I did not mean to run into you." She said, breathless. Her body was still coursing with adrenaline as she backed away another half step, brushing her hair almost violently away from her red face. Gott, she was always making the fool of herself wasn't she? And of course, when faced with something embarrassing she reverted back to a half German way of speaking, excluding every single contraction that the Americans had in their arsenals for everyday language.

Eyebrows knitted, Abi waited for the reaction. This man looked like a Hound, and if not, he still cut a rather frighting picture. But he was familiar... The young woman couldn't pin him though. She had seen him around though, she was sure of it. It was the eyes. Her throat moved when she swallowed, blinking up at the other and hoping for the best. "Tut mir ja so leid." She said again, quieter.