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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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Jeong-Yun "Yuna" Choi

She raised her brow, rather intrigued as to how in the world did the man before her recognize her identity. She flinched a little when he took a more predatory stance, and quietly, Yuna began to try to remember as to whom he was. She glanced over to what was laying of dented cans and smashed paintbrushes, and seeing the assorted colors, she recalled a man known as the 'Heretic', was it? Renown amongst the members for his darker style and choice of color. She found his murals quite entertaining to look at, and would sometimes stand for several moments to think about its symbolism. He gained her respect for that. But it would seem that the respect she had wasn't going to show up anytime soon.

The Korean-American eyed his hand reaching for towards his belt, and a bemused expression overtook her face for a moment, before reverting back to a more calm, and stoic outlook.

"I was hoping to go by unnoticed.." She took off her cap, seeing as she didn't need it now, and threw it to the ground. She shook her head, letting her short and choppy hair fly freely out of the restraints they were in. Her eyes were closed, seeming content, and then opened into a glare. Though, behind her demeanor, she frowned as to why he was acting like this. "But I guess it's time to time to start growing out my hair."

She turned towards Jeremy, and muttered a few words, to shoo him away. She didn't need him getting into this. Jeremy was just some normal guy who just happened to not rat her out to the cops about what she did. He was not someone of her dark business in the underworld. "I have some private business to attend to.. You could throw that bag out." With a wave of her wave for him to go, she didn't wait for a reply.

The strong willed woman moved closer, walking a proud stride to make up for her lack of height, into the middle of the street with no concern as to whether or not a car was driving by and could possible hit her. She was going to stand there. They could go take a detour for all she cared. In a loud voice, she greeted him back, in the best way she could without being out of character. "Hello!"

Yuna said in a quieter hushed voice, and her tone was firm. ".. I don't see any reason to be bringing out guns. It's not some part of the ghetto here." Her face was blank of happiness and distaste was occupying her features for moment, as her mind was becoming befuddled as to where this was going. "If you must know, it's an acquaintance of mine." She had a wry smile. "But last time I checked, it wasn't any of your business."

Yuna cursed in her mind when she noticed that Jeremy did not move. What the bloody hell was he doing? Didn't that man understand the meaning of danger(!) that was emitting from this scenario? It was as if something was keeping him there. In fact.. Yuna looked towards Vincent (yes, that was his name!) with a light furrowed brow, the only indication to some sort of expression other than indifference, a pissy mood, and confusion. What the hell was Vincent doing?

Jeremy Cyrway

The Hound leader said nothing and stood silently. He had a bad feeling as to where this was going. Jeremy had a suspicion that this guy may have already known who he was. He placed a hand near where a bullet proof vest, just in case if a gun was pulled(like he said, a guy a could never be too careful), was hidden under his big hood jacket. Slowly was the movement, as not to raise suspicion, making it seem like a notion to appear as a protective stance, latching onto the bag's straps. He wasn't sure he could pull off a regular citizen's clueless and uninvolved expression, but he could settle for a glare. He didn't like how this or other possible outcomes could've gone.

He didn't leave as Yuna had asked. The dirty blonde stood his ground, and kept the bag on his shoulder, eyes cautious, and his mind analyzed over what the situation was currently. Right now, he was outnumbered, his escape routes were of plenty, 'less the guy was a good shooter, if he had a gun, that is. If otherwise, Jeremy was good to go.

If his fellow Hounds were here, some would probably taunt him that he was some dog running with its tail between its legs. That person would be getting a punch in the face for that. He could've counter-striked and put up a fight of his own. But not in front of Yuna. Anything but that. Unfortunately, he had few options.

The 'Abi Kersch' woman was a minor player. His main concern was the the bigger threat to his life right now, that 'Vincent Mornnis' or 'The Heretic' guy. Yuna didn't know, yet. And he was hoping that it would be kept that way. However, with circumstances being presented at the moment, their previous friendly conversation would probably have to be their last. "This isn't gonna be going well.." He mumbled.