The Graffiti Wars

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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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Riku saw the fear in Abi's eyes,and he contemplated what to do here.On the one hand,if he got involved,there was a chance he would get hurt.On the other,he liked Abi,and he didn't want her to get hurt either.It was certainly a tricky one,it had to be said.He eventually decided to help Abi,and snuck round to her side,though he didn't pull her away.He wasn't sure she wanted to leave,or if she wanted to stay with Vincent,dangerous as that was right now.He himself wasn't entirely sure he wanted to run either.As scary as Vincent was,he was a member of the Depictioners,part of the gang.Practically family.And Riku defended his family,the little he had left.But it would do no one any good to get himself killed,so he tried to make his approach as quiet as possible.His foot crunched on the remains of a bottle,and he flinched,hating the sound
"Are you okay?",he asked her,his voice and words as sharp and presise as the lines he used.He had always been like that,even before he started his art and joined the Depictioners.