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Despite their conflicts down the years, they've both had a single thing in common: their love for art. But the two gangs that color the streets of the New York undergrounds, may have to put aside their mutual passions when they cannot forgive and forget.

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As the tall dark man before her changed his entire demeanor, pulling out a tool of his trade to lazily spin on his finger, The other man, Riku stepped up beside her. Abi was half relieved because the hostility in the air had lessened. But she had also realized, a bit too late, that the move she'd urged Riku to make was a bad idea. She nodded slightly, turning slightly towards him, when the other whirled around, looking as angry as he had the first moment she'd seen him. Her breath caught and her entire body froze at the words. And the barrel of the gun that she was nearly looking down. it wasn't aimed at her, no, but the muzzle of it in even her general direction was enough to freeze her blood.

Abi's first instinct was to clench her fingers in the material of the male's shirt, flinching away from the threat of the tall Deceptioner. She was most definitely cowed. She wasn't one to stand with her chin up in the face of violence, or to be anywhere near when such violence occurred. She wasn't even one for watching scary movies because she was too easily frightened. She just wanted to make art. Being part of the Deceptioners was more for the protection it offered than anything else. And the sense of belonging Abi craved so much. But then, as the threat's words sank in, she released the other and took a step away from him, hoping to quell the anger, the inexplicable anger of the other. Her eyes were still wide, staring at Vincent with a mixture of fear and wariness. Don't shoot him. She willed to the beat of her crazily throbbing heart. He isn't bad, don't shoot him. Dear Gott don't shoot him.

Then the woman, Yuna spoke, a gun pulled herself. Gott, so many guns. But it was lowered as the other spoke. Abi's eyes flicked back to Vincent, then to Riku, then back to the taller, older Deceptioner. Her throat felt like it was sealed shut, her mouth dry. She couldn't speak if she wanted to. Yuna's quiet whisper held some of that, but to a lesser extent that Abi's. Deceptioner. She said. Stating what everyone beside Vincent seemed to know. Abi watched him, hoping to Gott that he'd lower the gun.