The Great Black Wall

The Great Black Wall

Ten thousand years ago, a massive wall was built to keep the winter horde and their wizards from invading the southern empires. But now with the winter horde gone, the wall is barely manned, but a new danger threatens the lands.

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Ten thousand years ago, the southern empires and the winter horde of the north were in constant war. The winter horde and their wizards constantly threatened the south. So the southern empires built a wall so massive and so strong that neither the winter horde nor their wizards could break through. The wall spanned the entire width of the continent in its northern region and rivalled even mountains in height. It is said that an army of 250,000 manned the wall at a time.

Nowadays neither the winter horde nor the southern empires exist anymore. The south turned into many small principalities while the north is said to be inhabited by mostly just by whalers, hunters and merchants. The wall is mostly forgotten by the south and the few who live in the north only know it as a landmark. The wall itself is mostly abandoned with only a few scattered small orders and families still manning the wall, gradually giving up as there seems to be no more use for the wall.

One such order is the order of Whitewatch. The guardians of Whitewatch are said to be elite warriors who feast on the blood of orcs and dragons, despite orcs being extinct. Occasionally, the principality of Netherwall sends cadets to Whitewatch mostly for training to protect the principality. But occasionally, recruits show up from elsewhere seeking to become members and uncover the order that seems so shrouded in mystery.

There are however signs that wall hasn't outlived it's service yet. There have been reports of groups of undead in the far north and some dragon sightings. There is still some speculation, but the rulers of Netherwall suggest someone could be raising an army in the north and that if they undead have in fact been raised and there are even dragons, then that someone must be very powerful.


Continent of Aelva: A massive continent spanning about 2500 miles from east to west and 7000 miles from north to south. The distance from the wall to the southernmost tip is 5700 miles and 1300 miles from the northernmost. Everything north of the wall is in permanent winter. Areas just south of the wall experience long winters and mild summers. The more south you go, the warmer it gets until you get into a tropical forest. There are barely hot deserts on the continent. The largest desert is relatively central and doesn't get too hot or too cold, but stays very dry.

Principality of Netherwall: Netherwall has an elected prince instead of a premier. It is a small nation bordering the wall in the east. It's capital is Maindon. It's population is about 25,000. Despite being directly along the wall, it enjoys relative safety. It's military consists mostly of volunteers and unofficially the Whitewatch order. The climate is mostly cold with about three months of mild summer and barely any spring or autumn.

Whitewatch order: An ancient order dating back to the erection of the wall. The order is older than pretty much all of the current nations on Aelva. But the order has fallen into disrepair and is undermanned as barely anyone is initiated into the order but the principality uses the order for training soldiers instead. Once being over 15,000 soldiers strong, the order nowadays is a mere twenty strong. While the order is still feared by soldiers of neighboring principalities, the order is in dire need of recruits. The order's initiation ceremony involves drinking a cocktail of dragon and orc blood. Since orcs are extinct, a sacrifical orc must be magically summoned. Dragon blood can be obtained from wyverns. Only one in four recruits survive the ceremony, but after the ceremony, the recruits possess the strength of a dozen men, enhanced healing and a large mana supply. Usually around six to eight members man the wall at any given time. Most of the time, they only have to fight large birds and bandits that try to scale the wall. The order usually wears black armor that helps them hide in the darkness, but they alternatively have white cloaks to hide in the snow.

Starting point: Whitewatch castle. The base of operations for the order. The adjacent settlement only has a few dozen inhabitants and cattle. The castle seems as if it was built against the wall near the stairs that go up the wall.

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You are a recruit seeking to join the order or you are a relatively young member of the order.

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#, as written by Aniihya
It was early morning, before sunrise. It was unbearably cold outside, even for a guardian who stood atop the wall. The guards were on the lookout as lights were visible in the forest on the opposite side of the wall. They hope the lights were just hunters or travellers. But even if anyone was to attack the wall, people were hoping it would only be bandits, as they were easiest to defeat. There were times where ogres and wyverns had attacked. It was all part of being in the order.

Down below on the south side of the wall, a figured stood on a roof, wearing black armored clawed boots and a long hooded fur dress. Their face was covered with a black cloth. It was Sana nu Ivass, archmaster of the order. Normally she wouldn't wear the fur dress over her armored dress as her usual equipment would be warm enough, but this morning was unusually cold.

Up on the wall, the guardians saw as the lights drew closer to the wall. A dozen men came out of the forest. They were lightly armed and in a panic. "Help! Someone help!" One of them screamed. Suddenly a claw on a chain flew out of the forest and hooked the man pulling him into the forest. His scream was heard in the forest, but suddenly fell silent. Suddenly, the man's decapitated head came flying out of the forest. Soon the figure responsible for his death stepped out of the forest. It was a giant, probably three men tall, wearing chainmail armor. He was swinging a metallic claw on a chain. "No one can help you. There isn't a soul wide and far to save you." The giant said.

One of the guards on the wall, cleared his throat loud enough that it could be heard by the giant. "I guess giants rarely look upwards." The guard said. The giant looked up and chuckled: "After thousands of years there are still people manning the wall? Puny humans and elves can't stop me!" The guard smirked: "It will be like that time we killed that group of ogres then."

One of the guards of elven origin readied his bow, summoning an arrow of fire...

Meanwhile Sana's ears picked up parts of the guards taunts. "I wonder what I might have for breakfast." She said as she grinned under her scarf. She hoped for ogres. Sana began to jump her way up the wall.


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In the shadows of a lone tower a figure rested. it was too early for ravens to fly... Too early for dark wings to awaken. "Just let me sleep for once..." came an annoyed voice as the rise of shouts echoed into the tower...

A quaking came then and the shouting loud and bragging. "You will regret waking a Raven..." came a growl as the shadowy woman threw the sheets from her bed.

A chill filled the Raven and another growl as she found her gear... her weapons.. her armor... her bear skin cloak. All this faded to feathers as the shadow became bird. out of the tower and into the crisp air she flew over the walls.

Down she turned her gaze down to where a giant tested the wall. I woke for this? she thought half tempted to flew back into her warm bed. The guards could take care of one giant without her holding their hands right...

Swooping down she made for the wall letting out a call as she dived. She flew inches over the giant's head. before landing on the wall.

Taking her elven form she raised her crossbow and fired aiming for the giant's eye.

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Aelva by Aniihya


Principality of Netherwall

Principality of Netherwall by Aniihya

Netherwall! A small nation along the wall.


Whitewatch by Aniihya

Whitewatch castle. Home. The place where you were reborn.

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Aelva by Aniihya


Principality of Netherwall

Principality of Netherwall by Aniihya

Netherwall! A small nation along the wall.


Whitewatch by Aniihya

Whitewatch castle. Home. The place where you were reborn.

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Re: The Great Black Wall

You can maybe play a half-orc or someone who has partial orc blood. And the story is not centered around the order being the antagonists, but the order being the protagonists protecting the lands from an unknown threat.

Re: The Great Black Wall

Oh, sorry. I am just seeing this. If we had people who would join, then yes this RP would still be going but our third person hasn't logged back in since they made their character.

Also addressing, that with the orcs: The summoned orcs are summoned from a different plane of existence, like summoning demons. Basically orcs are extinct in this plane of existence, but still exist in others. And the order came to existence as a reaction to attacks by dragons and orcs. In this world, dragons and orcs were naturally inclined to dominate other species and the order didn't genocide the orcs but rather a couple of factors led to orcs ceasing to exist, such as dragons, lack of females and their culture that was hostile to the preservation of their own kind due to its value of competition among orcs. It is sort of like how humans have nearly destroyed mankind but more extreme. They basically were so shortsighted that the world ran out of orcs.

Regarding your third paragraph, I will get to that later.

Re: The Great Black Wall

Not sure if this RP is still going but I can see a lot of potential.
There's just a few plot holes that I think, if further explored, could open up more opportunities for excitement in the RP (and possibly more recruits).

For instance the description of the factions and such confused me a little. Orcs are extinct but how do they summon them for sacrificial ceremonies? It would be cool if the order secretly has an "orc farm" that no one knows about. It would be cool for the dragons and orcs history to be further fleshed out too. Like I imagine the orcs and dragons teamed up to fight against the order for their cruelty in gaining power. It could be that everyone thinks the order is just protecting them, when they're in fact just power hungry and secretive because of the above.

Would be cool to see more description on the different area too; like what races reside in each area most; which races are friendly with each other and which aren't. I would love to join something like this but I wanted to play an orc R.I.P. and thought it would be cool to play the "villain" in your tale so that there's that bit of drama you know? and always mystery: where did this character come from? Why are they hunting us down? Who are they? What are they? Etc and as the characters find out more about the villain, they'll learn more about the order.

These are just some suggestions though, and it's completely up to you how you would like your RP to run. I really do hope that it picks up because it seems fun. :))

Re: The Great Black Wall

Well I wrote a first post two days ago.

Re: The Great Black Wall

Should we start? I don't know if anyone else is going to join.

Re: The Great Black Wall

Yes your character can be from north of the wall as people exist north of the wall. And I have never seen Game of Thrones. The ceremony part is somewhat inspired by dragon age but I wouldn't say they are comparable to the grey wardens so much. Like the grey wardens, they are an order of guardians but the grey wardens have a specific enemy. The order of Whitewatch however is generally tasked to protect the inhabitants of the continent from any evil that arises, specifically one that may come from the north.

Re: The Great Black Wall

This Order sounds like a mix of Night's Watch from GoT and the Grey Wardens from Dragon age.

I'm interested. Have a Question though...

Can my character be from the North of the wall? Or are only south of wall people allowed?

The Great Black Wall

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