The Great TreeMedea Blackheart

A goblin who longs for a different way of life, she intends to use the work as a champion to escape her home.

a character in “The Great Divide”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Goblin Form: Image
Human Form: Image
Name: Medea Blackheart
Age: 1600 (Appears 16 in Human Form)
Race: Goblin
Personality: Like all goblins, Medea is cold, cruel, treacherous and sadistic with a morbid sense of humour. However she displays many un-goblin like qualities, specifically intelligence and a desire for power. She appears to be quite a scheming and untrustworthy individual. She enjoys dark and gruesome things and often finds insults and criticism more appealing than praise. But due to her fascination with other species and how they live, she is not overly crude or vulgar like the rest of her race.
Likes: Death: Anything to do with death, blood, gore and other morbid things capture Medea’s attention and delight.
Reading: Due to her unusually high intelligence, Medea has developed a love of reading, especially gothic horror.
Magic: Goblins have always had some magic abilities but Medea was the only one who ever took it further, learning to become an ice-witch.
Darkness: Not just the lack of light, but the general atmosphere and power of darkness appeals greatly to Medea.
Sharp Objects: Most goblins have an unhealthy obsession, Medea’s is sharp things. Knives, swords, shards of glass... all of them have a mysterious appeal to her.
Dislikes: Kindness: Goblins believe to be kind is to be weak, Medea upholds this belief and rejects all types of kindness.
Romance: Soppy, sentimental romance really gets on Medea’s nerves, she believes it makes you look weak and pathetic.
Elves: This is purely in the blood, goblins and elves have never got on well. Medea is no exception to this rule, she hates elves.
Sunlight: She can go out in sunlight, it doesn’t hurt her, but because goblins lived in caves and underground she has a natural disliking to it.
Music: Only the very darkest and most evil of music appeals to her, everything else makes her feel sick and can affect her senses.
Background: Medea was born to high goblin family in the underground city, and quickly became recognised as a powerful leader. However, her desire to see other species and how they lived, her fascination with magic and her ability to change her form from goblin to human, made her appear as a bit of an outcast. Her parents thought this would be sorted when she got married, especially when she caught the eye of the goblin prince. But before he could force her into marriage, as was the tradition, Medea ran away from home and ventured to the surface. She was soon caught and brought back, the prince now thoroughly appalled by her lack of loyalty. But he was still willing to forgive and marry her providing she acted as one of the champions for their race, therefore proving her loyalty. However, unbeknownst to her fellow goblin champion, Medea intends to use this as an opportunity to find a way to escape her home, perhaps even move in with one of the other races.
Appearance: In both forms, Medea has pale skin, black hair done in a wild ‘spider-like’ style and dark, almost black, eyes.
In her goblin form, her skin is coarse and looks unnatural. Her nose is long and hooked and her ears are a lot longer, like those of an elf. Her nails are long and talon-like. She has fang-like teeth.
In her human form, her skin is smooth and her skin is paler than usual, with dark make-up surrounding her eyes to emphasise them. She has the general appearance of a sixteen year old girl in this form.
Other: As an ice witch she can control ice and snow, bending it to her will as she pleases.

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