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Marlene Grove

Lieutenant in the Yune army, assistant to Major Favler

182 views · last seen in The Horat-verse
a character in “The Great Guild Fortune”, as played by DarKnight36


"The problem with this world is that every man views life as a conquest, every woman has something to prove, and both think violence solves problems."

Name: Marlene Grove
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Race: Mixed - Indeterminate

Physical Description: Striking green eyes, long black hair that is well kept, slender and lithe.

Clothing: Customized Yune armor, usually light
Height: 5'4"
Weight: You don't ask girls that!
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green

Occupation: Lieutenant in the Yune army, assistant to Major Jensen Favler
History Bio: Marlene Grove has never talked about her past, but most assume she was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for herself on the streets. Although no one knows the details, Marlene simply was placed as Major Jensen Favler's assistant one day, with no record of original assignments and a promotion to Lieutenant. At first, many were angry and jealous, thinking her some rich man's pampered daughter, but all realized very quickly that Marlene deserved the position. Although no one is sure, the rumor is that Marlene is really the infamous thief "Phantom", and that instead of executing or imprisoning her, she was given a position in the army to utilize her talents. This, of course, is unproven, as the "Phantom" was never proven to actually have existed either.
Home Town: Unknown
Home Country: Unknown

Personality: Has a very dry sense of humor, but cares about others and takes time to give advice when asked
Fears and Desires: She seems to have a very real fear she'll end up dead in a ditch from some nameless drunk amidst a bar fight while patrolling a small town in the middle of nowhere. She enjoys being popular and well-liked, but she doesn't work for it.

Equipment and Weapons: Carries knives and a rapier. She also has a "sword-breaker", a strong staff reinforced with chi.
Styles and Abilities: Long or short range fighter. She is impossibly fast with her rapier, and can use the knives simultaneously or throw them with extreme accuracy. Her main fighting style is called the "Dramada" style, which is famous for the very few who manage to master it. It combines speed with intricate patterns to give it the nickname of "Woman's Lace". She uses her sword breaker when fighting groups of opponents. Her long range tactics all involve chi, which she is very proficient with.
Chi and Augmentations: Marlene has obviously had a lot of practice using chi, able to manipulate fire, water and wind with little effort, and earth to some extent. She also has used electricity, can weaken steel, and regularly augments her physical abilities. She can also cloak herself with invisibility.

So begins...

Marlene Grove's Story


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Jensen Favler, major in the Yune army, slowly sipped from the water in front of her while studying the report submitted by Captain Ro on the Tengu attack and its repulsion. A surprisingly high amount of casualties considering the speed in which the Tengus were eradicated, but it had been the night of the festival. Even in tiny towns, battles created death.

Still, this report was terrible, absolutely terrible. Civilian deaths would never be tolerated, especially not by his ignorant superiors who didn't have more than an inkling of true warfare. They had inherited their positions; Jensen had worked nearly twenty years to achieve his, and if he was lucky, would work ten more before he was put on the shelf to rot. He rubbed his temples.

"Lieutenant!" Jensen called, and a young woman with jet black hair and dark green eyes appeared in the doorway. "Please take these reports to the general's office. I've finished reviewing them, and find them acceptable in form, if not in subject."

Marlene Grove frowned as she took them. "Bad news?"

"A Tengu assault, high civilian casualties, and not near enough military ones," Jensen snorted, rising and pouring himself a glass of chilled water from a container nearby. "Some group of citizens were the main progenitors of the resistance, apparently nearly single-handedly killing every Tengu in the raiding party. Captain Ro reports that they've formed a guild, and gave a brief overview of each member so far." Jensen looked at Marlene over his glass.

She frowned. "Why would he do that?"

Jensen barked a laugh. "Because they're an incredibly dangerous group led by an unstable nobleman, that's why. Yuwen Fortune is the so-called leader of this new guild."

Marlene's nose crinkled. "Oh."

"Yes, it's a problem, one I'll have to handle sooner or later," Jensen muttered, seating himself at his desk once more. "But right now, we can do nothing. And we have more pressing matters to deal with, as per the general's instructions." He gave a tight smile. "The bandits in the mountains have grown much more bold and eager to shed blood in the last few weeks. I am to personally lead a contingent to wipe them out and not come back until every last renegade has been accounted for in blood."

"I suppose I'm going with you, sir," the Lieutenant said, looking resigned. "When do we leave?"

"I'm not waiting around for the general's reaction to that report," the Major replied. "I'll finish up here and close up. You head home and pack for the road."

"Yes sir," Marlene said, nodding respectfully and walking out the door.

"My life is a joke," Jensen said under his breath. "And I'm the punch line."


Sunaarashi stumbled through the woods, his head aching. Blinking, he followed the lights in the distance, hoping that he wasn't just seeing things. Or hearing things, because he swear he could now hear shouting.

His grip on his bag tightened. The last thing he wanted was a fight right now, but no one with his lifestyle ever picked when such would occur. He would have to be ready for anything.

Kneeling, he opened his bag deftly, and began searching for what he might need...