Exodar, EarthAmelia Roberts

A determined young women who is caring and willing to help. But will she be tough enough to survive?

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Amelia, or Mia as she's more commonly known, has just reached her twenty-sixth year of life, just four days ago in fact.


Powers: Mia has developed almost a sixth sense through the disease and now she can tell when something awful is going to happen, or when something good might happen, though this is a rarer occurence. This, however, has it limits, as she could only sense this danger if it is someone she knows well or if it's someone she loves. This sense often makes her feel cold and shivery, which tells her that someone bad is on the horizon. How does she tell who it is about you ask? She just knows. She simply just knows who the person will be and when they will be in danger. Another drawback is that she doesn't know how the danger will occur.

Mia is a slender girl, with a wave of shimmering blonde hair that is often tucked up underneath a hat (as seen in the image). She is tall, reach 5.9 and has extremely long legs. She is a pale girl, with soft skin and rosy cheeks, more so than ever due to the disease draining her of energy. There is one thing that draws people to her and this is her eyes. They are a bright topaz blue, like two glistening lakes. They are full of warmth and caring. She often adorns jeans and an everyday t-shirt. She's not a flashy person and is quite comfortable in tracksuit bottoms. Her lips are a bright red and are often held up in a dazzling smile, showing two rows of pearly white teeth.


Mia is an open-hearted, caring woman who would quite happily take in a stray animal from the street, should it need to be taken in. She is warm and gentle in her approach, but as determined as steel when it is needed. She makes a good leader due to the fact that she is honest and fair, but firm and to the point. Although she is generally a gentle person, if a loved one is threatened, it wouldn't take long for Mia's personality to flip. She is a smart woman, who has many degrees, mostly in English, but she is modest about this fact. She is not a big-headed person. Often she is bubbly and full of excitement, able to cheer up a whole room full of people. She loves her partner deeply, which is why the disease had such a great effect on her, as you will see....


Mia had no reason to carry any equipment, but as she quickly realises, life without rules is going to be chaos. And so now she has her father's penknife tucked in her belt, just in case a time comes when she may need to defend herself.


Mia was born to Anna and Henry Riley, the one and only child. They had their daughter late in life, after many failed attempts at conceiving a child. They had almost given up when it was discovered that Anna was carrying a child. They often referred to Mia as their little 'miracle' child and did everything to ensure that she was brought up correctly. From the day she was born, Mia was a spoilt child, getting everything that she wanted. But as she grew up, Mia began to resent her parents for all of the things that had done for her. Yes, they'd protected her from the cruel world, but in doing so she had absolutely no life skills. As soon as she hit her mid-teens, she was forced to rebel against her parents, just to stop them from stopping her doing as she wished. Complicated? It was...

A rebellious Mia got involved in things that shouldn't be meddled in. A boyfriend who was a low-life didn't help the matter. She began to doubt herself and the life that she lead. She began to see her boyfriend in a new light and it disgusted her. It wasn't until she was almost twenty that she was shown the errors of her ways, in the form of current boyfriend Harry. Harry showed her how life should be for her, how her boyfriend should treat her. And so Mia discovered that there was a way out of her rebellious stages and into a better life. She put her past behind her, apologised to her parents and was welcomed back into their loving arms.

And so Mia decided that a better life meant a new start. She'd already attended college and so university was the next step. She gained many degrees as she was a smart person and her ageing parents were proud of their daughter. They no longer smothered her as they could see that she was a grown woman and was coping alone. She stuck it out with Harry and they moved in together after just six months of dating.

But her happily ever after wasn't going to last long. It was six years after she had found Harry, just to have him torn away again, her parents too. Each one fell ill just hours after her twenty-sixth birthday party. Now she is alone in the world without another soul.

So begins...

Amelia Roberts's Story