Exodar, EarthAmunet Kilora

A 21 year old woman trying to bring justice back into the world she faces

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by syrafay

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Amunet has long, black hair often pulled back in a braid. Her heritage is Egyptian, so her skin has a natural golden tone to it, and her eyes are a little slitted, which she enhances sometimes with black eyeliner. Her features are very sharp, but the sharpness does not lessen her beauty. Her body is very toned, something she had before the disease. Her slitted eyes are a liquid golden color that easily mask any of her emotions.


Amunet's personality is a bit contradictory. She often acts roughly and speaks harshly, but despite that, she will never say or do anything that would directly offend anyone around her, except if they helped with bringing to pass the new order. She even walks with a swagger, but if she is not paying attention, if she is absentminded, her gait becomes a graceful glide, and her actions and words soften into sweet, gentle behaviors. Even in her rough personality, she refuses to kill even a flower, but she is determined to destroy the creators and masterminds behind the disease.


Amunet's one weapon is a golden staff that has been passed down through her family through centuries and centuries of generations. It is engraved with an ancient Egyptian spell for protection, and though it doesn't emit bright light or move on it's own to save her, it's gotten her out of many tight scrapes. She carries nothing else with her but a pouch of money hidden within her clothing and the clothes on her back. The only other helpful thing she has is the ability she received from the disease. Her name, Amunet, is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess of invisibility. Amunet inherited this ability from the disease, but there are some stipulations. She can only turn invisible if the senses she received from the disease tell her she's in danger. Other than that, she can do nothing else.


Amunet and her twin sister were orphans before the disease. Amunet is 21 now, but she and her sister lost their parents when they were 8 years old. Amunet knew what it was like to be an orphan, but her sister was closer to her than anyone ever could be. Isis, her sister, and Amunet contracted the disease at the same time, but while Amunet struggled past and eventually got better, Isis only got worse and eventually died. Amunet had originally only been the gentle sister only. She had never been good at protecting anyone, even though she and her sister had both learned to fight together, but at her sister's death, Amunet, stricken with grief, wanted to make sure her sister would not truly die and took on her rough mannerisms. On the outside, she became her sister, on the inside, she was still the vulnerable, gentle girl she once was, but that won't stop her from trying to destroy the new order.

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Amunet Kilora's Story