Exodar, EarthDerris

A young boy of 8, lost in this new and strange world

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by syrafay

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Derris is a little under 4 feet tall and very skinny, obviously close to starving. His hair is an ash-gray color with eyes to match it, and his skin is very pale. Even though he is a boy, his features are very fainty and cute, obviously going to be a heart-breaker when he grows older. Everything about him is about average, other than his good looks and a small crescent shaped scar that swoops around the side of his left eyes.


Derris is very quiet and subdued. Though he is silent most of the time, he is not a weakling. In fact, there is a strange strength in his spirit, along with his abnormal physical strength, that stands out. He doesn't anger easily at all, but he does cry. Even his crying, though, is done when he is alone. He can be stubborn but not out of anger, though he doesn't throw fits. Basically, he is a child who has faced way more in his short life than he needed to.


All Derris has is the tattered clothes on his back and his strength, though that his worth mentioning. Because he is such a young child who survived the disease, its' affects took hold more on his still growing body. He has the strength of about ten of the newly formed humans, and his senses are impeccable. In fact, they allow him to read any person much better than they could ever read him.


The last thing Derris remembers is waking up on a street, already healed from the disease. He has flashes of memories from his past in his dreams, but they always cause him to wake up sweating, sometimes screaming. Due to his newly honed instinct, he was able to keep himself alive, but just barely. He's been wandering the streets alone for quite a while.


So begins...

Derris's Story