Exodar, EarthEvan Brookes

A silent, "i work alone" type guy. He is fighting for freedom. This world is everyones.

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by punkiswhatiaimfor

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Name: Evan Brookes
Age: 17
Power(s): can sometimes see into the future. But the future can always change.
Family (if you have any): None.

Evan's eyes are a pale blue due to the effect done by the future sightings. His hair is black like midnight and hangs to his shoulders and in his face. He can usually be found wearing dark clothing.


Evan was raised in a small house, the youngest of 4 brothers. They always picked on him because they all had the same father except Evan, who was the painful reminder of the time their mother cheated. He grew cold and nearly silent. He had always loved to run and was one of the fastest people around, and thanks to the new strength, he is 5 times more fast. He likes to work alone and is currently traveling alone and not wanting any companions. His new ability scares him to no end.


Evan has a weapon belt that carries loads of daggers and poisons. He enjoys fighting and often gets hurt.


Evan was born into an already large family. His mother had cheated on his father and had a baby as proof. His brothers, family, and neighbors all hated him. His mother regretted him, but still loved him. She protected him with all her might. But then the illness stuck his mother. She was first to die. Evan was beat up horribly by the rest of his family. They blamed him, living under a rock for too long to know about the disease. But they all soon caught it. The pain..oh Evan remembers the pain. He watched all his family die. But..while he waited..to be with his mother in heaven.. He never died. He hated that fact. He wanted to die. He wanted his mother. Then began the flashes. He could see into the future. Not for long, and sometimes they were not completely accurate, but he could see. He never went to the hospital. He stayed in his small house, burying the bodies of his family and soon burning down the house. He stole his brothers motorcycle when he heard of the hunters. He then began his journey.

So begins...

Evan Brookes's Story