Exodar, EarthMadeline Stone

How can this dependent girl survive alone?

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by catherinebutcher

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>>> Imagine her sitting in the picture<<<

Madeline is breathtakingly beautiful, from her perfect brunette shoulder to her astonishing emerald green eyes. Madeline is beautiful. Her features are more than enough to dazzle any male. She had model potential, the kind of figure that any woman would envy, she could not be called skinny, slender was much more fitting. However, her modelling dreams were shattered when a terrible car accident left her in a wheel chair. This brings vulnerability into her stunning looks. The clothes she wore, always fit her perfectly. Her personal tailor always saw to that. Preferring the silk dresses, she looked timeless. Amazingly different whilst fitting into any stereo type she pleased. Anyone would have mistaken her for a super model, if it was not for her wheelchair.


Aged 17 Madeline is as sweet as she is beautiful, on the outside. Behind Madeline’s kind and vulnerable exterior there lies a vain and selfish girl. Playing on her terrible accident that left her paralysed from the waist down, Madeline could get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Although Madeline can turn on the tears whenever she pleases, she was not unhappy with her life. On the contrary Madeline loved life with all the endless attention and wealth. Madeline is used to the luxuries of her rich families’ estate, she has never been told no in her life. This seemingly perfect girl has had a constant stream of boyfriends over the years, all of which had a tendency to fall in love with her. She was quite the heart breaker. Although a full time wheelchair user Madeline preferred to be carried, due to her stunning looks and deceiving vulnerability, she was never told to be more independent. Her mother and father were arrogant and spoiled their daughter endlessly, she has never been taught to cook, or ever told to earn her own money. She was not an intellectual and never did particularly well in her studies.

Madeline had never considered the possibility of having to fend for herself. Until now, and it is a frightening prospect...

Powers: Madeline has not been able to walk since her accident but the disease has righted that. For the first time Madeline can walk, not just walk. But run, with unnatural speed. Her hearing has been dramatically improved, to the point where she hears the whispers of thoughts. Her eyesight has also been astonishing improved, colours are much more vivid, as though her eyes can now process much more light than before.


The rucksack which Madeline stashed some less than apropriate items, such as silk dresses and pretty shoes.


Madeline comes from a long line of rich families’; she is the only child as the parents where perfectly happy with their child with model potential. Her mother and father are both extremely arrogant and spiteful; they care not for other’s feelings but only for only their own gain in wealth. Her mother is the haughtiest of the family, and would often weep for her daughter’s misfortune. Not out of sympathy, but because her own dreams of having a super model daughter was shattered. The only way Madeline’s mother has ever shown Madeline love is through showering her with expensive clothes and jewellery. Much to her mothers despair, no matter how much money she spent on the world’s most renown surgeons, no one could ever cure Madeline’s spinal injury.

So begins...

Madeline Stone's Story