Exodar, EarthScarlett Rose

How can such a small child fight a force so much stronger than herself?

a character in “The Greater Good?”, as played by catherinebutcher

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Scarlett is 8 years old, she has blonde hair usually tied in ribbons. She was always very neat and tidy, enjoying pretty frocks and skirts. She will usually be found wearing smart shiny shoes, and for a 8 year old has great personal hygiene. She is small even for her age and supports a skinny frame. Despite her skinny frame she is always very healthy looking. Her hair has a dazzling shine, and her cheeks are almost always flushed rose pink. Her large round eyes are deep blue framed with long pale eye lashes. Her pretty eyes appear bottomless, she is clearly wise for an 8 year old and appears to look deep within you. When shy she will hide behind her hair and resist looking at you, she also has a tendency to shift from foot to foot in awkward situations. She is the kind of girl who any person would see and instantly feel great warmth, and an urge to sweep her up and her cuddle her.


Scarlett has always been shy and clingy to her mother. When younger she would be the first to cry when left at school, however she got slightly more independent as she got older but still enjoyed nothing more than a big cuddle or holding hands with her mother. Scarlett was always endlessly loving and once she was used to you she would shower you in love and cuddles. She was always the sort of girl which would make anyone want to protect her. Scarlett was always brought up well, meaning that she has impeccable manners, and is kind to anyone. Although she grew up being pretty well off, she was never one to act spoiled in anyway. At school Scarlett was quite a loner, preferring to sit quietly by herself looking through books or drawing. However she always had a couple of best friends who she would be extremely loyal too. She was always a dream to teach, always completing the work before anyone else. And yet would never speak in front of the class, and no coaxing could ever make her. Sometimes this caused some concern for her mother, but she was always hopeful that her confidence would increase with age. All in all, despite her shy exterior there is a very happy and content girl on the inside.


Nothing, except and old teddy which she keeps in her tiny back pack along with her mothers jumper.


For as long as she could remember, it had only been her and her mother. This meant that their bond was unbreakable. Oblivious to Scarlett, her mother was actually beaten by her father but ran away when she discovered she was pregnant, for fear of her baby being harmed. This explained why her mother had always clung to Scarlett at times and began crying. This had happened for as long as Scarlett could remember, her mum slipping into to her room at night and lying beside the small sleeping girl. Scarlett could sometimes feel her mother wracking sobs, but knew to not ask why. Scarlett just cling back as tight as she could and give her mother all the love she could muster, until slowly her mother would stop crying and they would both fall asleep. Perhaps this was why Scarlett was always so shy, and clingy to her mother, for she had, had such a reasonability to keep her mother going from an extremely young age. Perhaps this was also the reason that Scarlett was always so mature for her age, as she had seen both more love, and more heartache than many young girls would ever see. As mentioned before Scarlett had been used to a fairly well off life, due to her mother’s success in journalism, something which meant that she could work from home to be parted from Scarlett as little as possible.

After the disease, Scarlett has no family as her mother dies at her side. Find out how Scarlett as survives later....
Although Scarlett survives, she is still not very healthy, and is somewhat weak and exhausted for a long time, as if the disease has taken its toll of her tiny body, and as yet not discovered any powers. Unlike the others, Scarlett is worse off than she was before. But it is likely that she will just take a longer to recover, or will the disease be too much for her and claim another victim?

So begins...

Scarlett Rose's Story