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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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A pale light flooded through curtains that swayed softly in the breeze that blew through an open window. Slowly the sun was rising in the east, waking the world from its nightly slumber. But not all were to wake that morning...The gentle sound of birdsong could be heard, but nothing more than that. There was silence outside of the little flat. No car drove along the busy road, no person made a sound on the street below. There was just a complete silence. The room above the normally busy street was a bedroom. In the middle of the room a bed sat, with two lumps underneath a thick goose feather duvet. It was clear that one was male and the other female. The female stirred between the sheets, her head resting on the soft pillow, her hair fanned out around her head like a bizarre halo of some sort. The male was resting on his side, hair tousled, body completely relaxed. Both looked peaceful, in their slumber, but one was to never open their eyes again. Mia Roberts would be the one to wake into a world that had been destroyed by chaos and torn apart by one country's greed. Mia would never be the same again, her DNA had altered and yet she was totally unaware of this fact. Her world was just about to be turned upside down without a hope of it ever being restored...

Coughing into her hand, Mia Roberts moaned gently, not wanting to open her eyes. Her head was pounding, her body ached and all she could remember was the intense pain she had suffered over the last three days. She remembered vomiting blood, the foul taste on her tongue, the bile burning the back of her throat. Headaches that made it impossible for her to even raise her head above the pillow. A fever that had caused her to go hot and cold constantly and even more frightening was temperature she had reached. Had she gotten too drunk on her birthday? Had she eaten something that was off? No, this was more than a hangover and far more than slight food poisoning. Hadn't she heard a radio broadcast on the way to the venue? Something about a deadly disease causing havoc in Korea...

And today the Korean leader announced that throughout Korea a deadly waterborne disease has been released by his top scientist. The idea was that this would cull some of the growing population his country with relative ease. The disease is said to be contracted through the intake of water in certain areas and it is deadly. It kills within hours, if you're lucky then days. Uproar has risen throughout many of the other countries, most who have threatened to go to war over the matter, if the Korean leader doesn't, and I quote, 'pull the plug' on this extreme plan to stop the population growing. We've literally just had a report in two minutes ago that announces that...

Mia had switched the radio off at that point. She'd arrived at the venue and although she wanted to hear more, she was being tugged out of the car by various relatives. If she had continued to listen to the broadcast she would have heard the broadcaster announce that it was thought to have gone airborne and had been spread further than anyone first thought. And so she carried on with her life, going to her party and having an amazing time among friends and family. So what had happened? Without opening her eyes, she began to recall the events of the night. She had felt faint, before being sick. The family laughed it off, putting it down to too much alcohol. But Mia had known at the time that wasn't what it was. She had never felt this bad and she knew she had only had a few glasses of wine. Harry had lifted her into his broad arms, kissed her forehead and carried her to the car. Luckily he hadn't had anything to drink and was perfectly safe to drive. Once home, she had been placed in bed and told to sleep it off. However, later that night she heard Harry being sick in the bathroom that joined onto the bedroom. So it wasn't the alcohol. It must have been that disease they were talking about! Deadly they said?! I'm sure that they just over-exaggerate things on the news to make us scared! I'm most definitely alive. And I know Harry is because I heard him moving only last night...

Suddenly her mind flickered to Harry. She could feel him beside her; the duvet was slightly crooked as he'd pulled it off her, like he did sometimes in the night. Forcing her eyes open, she winced as she hauled herself up onto her elbow to look at him. Her throat had never felt so dry. She groped for the water that sat beside her bed. Everything she did caused her body to scream in protest. Every muscle she moved was completely agony and her head felt as though a herd of horses were galloping through her mind. Every movement sent pain shooting up her legs or arms or whatever limp she moved. What had happened to her? Why did it even hurt when she breathed too deeply? She couldn't understand it...Gulping down the water, it seemed to ease the burning sensation for a little while, but she knew it would return. This was no ordinary flu, she realised in an instant. Perhaps it was deadly in the sense that it caused the victim intense agony, so much so that they could barely move without it hurting them. But she would worry about that later. She had to make sure Harry was alright and had recovered as well.

Placing a hand over his arm, on top of the duvet, she shook him gently. "Harry," She whispered her voice still croaky, despite the massive intake of water. "Harry wake up. I'm feeling better now. Are you alright?" No answer. She tried again. "Harry, come on. Wake up sweetheart. Let me see those gorgeous eyes of yours." She shook a little harder, a faint smile on her lips. Harry did not even stir between the sheets. Frowning, Mia moved her hand beneath the duvet, shaking at his arm. It was deathly cold, like ice. Blinking, she shook her head, refusing to accept what she had just felt. "Harry! Wake up now! Harry please! You're scaring me! Stop it! Stop messing around!" The note of hysteria in her voice betrayed what her head already knew, but her heart was unwilling to accept it. Tears cascaded down her pale cheeks, as she continuously shook her head, shaking Harry even more fiercely than before. "No, no, no!" She shrieked at the top of her voice, clinging to his arm madly. "Please no!" Harry's other arm fell limply off the side of the bed, dangling hopelessly beside him. That clenched it for Mia, he was gone. He was dead. A scream forced its way from her lips, as she pulled away from him, hands over her mouth. Her face was drenched with the bitter salty tears that leaked from her beautiful eyes.

An instant reaction told her to grasp the phone that also sat beside her bed. She fumbled with it for a few moments before dialling the emergency number. Pressing it to her ear, she tried to compose herself so that the person on the other end would understand her. But all she got was a continuous beeping noise. The phone line was dead. A frustrated scream left her lips as she hauled the phone across the room. It hit the opposite wall, smashing. Burying her head in her hands she continued to sob, her body shaking. It was deadly. The disease was deadly. So why was she alive? How had she survived? Harry was dead, it had killed him. She was sure of it. But how was she alive?