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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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The last few days were somewhat cloudy too little Scarlett, she remembered when she first got ill. She cried a lot as her little body shook and convulsed. Her mother had carried her all the way to the hospital as the roads were gridlocked with people fighting to get to either the hospital or other loved ones. But on arrival her mother turned and ran right back, for the suffering was more than any little girl should see. She remembered bodies, some lying lifeless while others screamed and shook on the ground. Her mother had gotten the brief attention of a nurse who shook her head and commanded her mother to take her home. And then Scarlett remembered her mother telling her to close her eyes. Perhaps she had hoped Scarlett would be protected from such a sight. But closing her eyes, hadn’t stopped the images and the terrible screaming. Then, her mother began getting sick, too.

Back at the house vaguely remembered more convulsions, and more violent shaking. She couldn’t remember being put into her bed, but she could remember her mother lying next to her. Her mother was praying frantically, trying too sooth the little Scarlett all the while getting weaker and weaker herself. Though the soothing did little good when Scarlett was being showered by her mother’s endless tears of sorrow and despair. She also remembered long periods of blackness. Then her mother was getting weaker, fighting to stay alive for her daughter. Her mother’s arm became limper and limper but she stifled her own screams of pain. Scarlett also fought to be strong, but she was so scared. More scared than she would ever be again, for her mother’s comforting words were getting quieter and weaker, some made no sense at all, and sometimes Scarlett would fall limp and then her mother would muster the strength to shake her. And she would be awake again just for the same thing to happen over and over.

As the hours went on, they clung to each other. It was as though her mother was giving all of the life she had in her to the thing she loved so much more than her own life, and as Scarlett got slightly better her mother’s life drained away. Scarlett was much more aware of her surrounding, though not any stronger.

Her mother managed laboriously to wrap her arms around her daughter’s tiny frame and whisper ‘Find others... I’ll see you in heaven.’
Scarlett remember being weakly frantic.

‘Don’t leave me mum, please don’t leave me. You said you would never leave me.’ Scarlett cried again and again.

‘Mummy has to rest... I love you’ And with that Scarlett’s beloved mother died.