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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Cain stood silently, watching a piece of junk drift across the clogged streets of Exodar. Once these streets had been filled with roaring cars and the bustle of life. Now they were still filled but with the silent cars and clustered, decaying corpses of those who got lucky and died quickly, on the very streets of the once great city. Some people had even succumb in their cars, moving from place to place. The chaos just those few brought was merely a foreshadowing of what was to come. Hundreds, thousands began to collapse on the streets in pain. Some managed to find their ways home or to any available place and collapse there. Although the disease, the plague, didn't hit just like that. It began gradually, deaths here and there. People thinking it was just minor, a particularly bad strain of cold or something, continuing their lives. Spreading death to everyone they touched. Cain was one of the forerunners though, contracting the plague about a day before other cases had begun being reported.

He thought back to the days before, the weekend on the east coast. His father's house on the beach. The winds had been blowing strongly from the east, over from the fringes of the continent. It was a pleasant time with his slightly gruff, ex-sailor father. The day he left they had both reported feeling poorly, queasy, like food poisoning and yet hot and feverish. Smith senior put it down to the fish the night before and continued without and deliberation on the subject. However, Cain did not think so and avoided the other people on the number 65 bus from an obscure stop on a country road into the thick of Exodar's Chaos. The same day it was reported that the disease released in Korea, of which the large 19 year paid no attention to, was certainly and undoubtedly spread across the Asia. The flights were blocked, shipments stopped short of docking, and quarantine was issued on a people who had just arrived. It was already too late in hindsight, the disease had already become airborne. A few hours of re-entering his apartment the stomach ache had escalated to abominable levels and Cain's head felt like it would explode from the inside. Somehow he braced himself and managed to ring someone. Everything was blurry as Cain moaned the words into the receiver before falling from consciousness.

Comatose for the next few days the man didn't know a thing until he awoke in the white environs of a hospital. His return to life was a shock to every staff member, a number of cases like his had poured in over the following days. Filling every space the building had to offer. Many other suffers didn't even make it as long as Cain, the others didn't respond to treatment as Cain hadn't. It seemed everyone contracting this mysterious and deadly plague had no chance of surviving. Yet Cain Smith not only survived, but recovered. Despite pleading with the higher ups the first known survivor was discharged in order to accommodate the heavy influx of dying and suffering. Cain returned to his apartment, aimless for it was reported that all businesses were to be closed. Shopping malls and convenience stores shut and the radio station was restricted to either encouraging music or news. Soon after it was announced that even they were to be shut down, along with power stations and the city of Exodar dropped into a blackout of blitz proportions. After that all that remained was for the shielded man to watch the world around him die.