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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Setting: Exodar, Earth2010-08-07 01:10:19, as written by echored
Eris fell asleep with her head against the cool glass window of the plane. Everyone there was pretty silent. No family members, no friends that came together. Everyone lost someone and they were all strangers. Silence only made sense. What finally woke Eris up from her rest was a kick from behind her chair. Her eyes opened in a snap, then narrowed. There had been a kid behind her, though she wasn’t sure how he managed to get to the airport. He meant nothing of it... probably just bored, she had to tell herself, as if trying to reason not making anything of it. She was still sleep though, they had been on the plane for hours. She lost tack of how many now.

She looked out the window into the night sky, and though the only light came from the moon, Eris could see fairly well from way up here. Currently the plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean headed towards Exodar. The ocean was bright, and tiny shadows could be seen swimming underneath the water’s surface. She rubbed her eyes, still in awe over what was going on with all her senses. Vision was enhanced better than it ever was before, almost like a superpower. That was a silly thought though, there couldn’t really be people were super senses. Then it hit her. The disease that North Korea spread into the world could have been some heavy form of radiation that altered their bodies, causing weird side effects... Would her red eyes wear off back to normal over time? In a way she hoped because so far she had received several uncomfortable stares. People would look at her then look away, as if afraid to make eye contact. She wanted to start a new purpose in life of non violence, and this was certainly making it more difficult to convince herself she wasn’t evil. The red irises were getting to her, swaying her. I certainly fit the image of a badass killer now, she thought. It made her smile slightly, but she realized this and shook her head, as if trying to erase the idea.

Over the plane intercom the pilot came on and spoke, “Attention passengers. We will be at our destination by tomorrow morning.”

This piece of information was pointless. Obviously they were still over an ocean, he could have waited a few more hours. She was now becoming bored, restless in her crammed seat. Maybe a walk to the bathroom would help stretch her muscles. Eris stood up from her chair, maneuvering around the sleeping person to her left. They didn’t make a sound even though she bumped them slightly. The kid that was in the chair behind her glanced up, meeting her eye to eye. He didn’t seem afraid of her though. That made Eris feel a bit better, sending the boy a tiny smile then began to walk down the isle to the bathroom in the back of the plane. Little did she know the boy had stood up too, following behind her. Before she could open the door, she could feel someone close behind her. Her head jerked around to see yet again that little boy. Now she was getting pissed.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, crossing her arms in an annoyed stance.

“Do you know your eyes are red?” he asked in a squeaky noise that was almost to quiet to hear. Upon hearing what he asked, she rolled her eyes. Wasn’t that the most obvious question? Of course she knew her eyes were red. Eris nodded to him, words for it not even worth the effort.

Then the boy did something that threw her back a step. He smiled devilishly, continuing to speak on, “But did you know they get bright? Like right now, in the dark?” That little smartass. She didn’t know that, and it intrigued her. She opened up the door to the bathroom, but kept the lights off. They were a bright red, lit up even though there was no possible way light could be touching them. Was this the night vision she had been experiencing earlier? It was causing her to see so much clearer, but witnessing the change in her eyes was pretty scary. She covered her mouth, getting closer to the mirror, trying to peer inside these unfamiliar eyes. They were red beads in the darkness. She was scary. She liked being scary. God gave me these eyes. This must be a challenge, of course, yes... A challenge to not fall to temptations, to kill. This must be a constant marking of my past, He doesn’t want me to forget the promise. And with her pumped up speech, she exited the bathroom to see the boy again, still waiting there.

“You are right. They sort of glow, don’t they? Weird,” she said, as if trying to sound uninterested by the fact now. “I’m probably not the only one. There could be others with red eyes, don’t you think?” She knew there probably wasn’t, but the boy didn’t have to know that. He looked too innocent and fragile. For a quick second images of men her age that she had killed flashed through her mind. It was an intense feeling, knowing that those she had killed were probably all at once in their life just like this young, curious boy. She killed them. His small voice broke her concentration. “What is Exodar?” he asked.

“I have no clue, kid. Some sort of meeting ground that the media talked about. Like the fucking chosen city, excuse the language,” she answered in a smile. She reached forward, brush the kid’s cheek with the soft of her hand. Eris then walked back to her chair, getting comfy next to the window once again. The boy did the same, and to Eris’ fortune, he fell asleep quickly. It left her time for herself again. To get lost back in her thoughts. Sleep should be her main priority, but she was distracted. Anxious. Where would she live in this new city?

Her eyes shut a few minutes later, the last though running through her mind-- Morning isn’t coming quick enough. When she would awake, they would be in Exodar. This new life will officially begin.