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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Setting: Exodar, Earth2010-08-08 16:25:51, as written by echored
“Pst...” the young boy whispered, poking Eris in the shoulder.

It was morning now, and the pilot had just recently warned those on board that he would be landing at the Exodar Airport within the next few minutes. This young boy’s name was Jeremy, age twelve. A nice group of people found him walking the streets alone and dehydrated, and picked him up on their way to the airport. It was pure luck that they found him, or else he would have been dead in days with lack of care or knowledge on how to survive. When he got to the airport, the group he was with and others were gathering outside, talking to a sole pilot. He had been telling his story, and his plans for the future. He would wait until a decent amount of people could get on the plane, then fly to Exodar, and back-- rescuing anyone that would show up at his airport. The boy didn’t have to be smart to know that was a truly honorable thing to do.

Jeremy’s only belonging he had with him was a stuffed animal his parents had given him when he was born, and as he stood by the plane afraid and confused, he gripped on to the neck of Tinkie with all his might. It didn’t hurt Tinkie, and it took the edge off his nerves. Then he saw her arrive. Eris had zipped around the back drive of the airport dock, knowing that if there was going to be people, they would be by the planes. Jeremy watched as her car screeched against the pavement, making everyone draw their eyes over in her direction. But their eyes weren’t that of disgust, but of hope- another survivor had made it! Her car was filthy, clearly not having been washed in years besides occasional rain water. He watched the long legs of a woman appear from the driver’s side door, followed by the rest of her, pushing herself out of the car. Eris’s hair was slicked back in a tight ponytail. She looked kind of angry, eyes covered in dark black makeup and “punk” clothes, so his dad would have said. Upon further inspection (he had amazing eye-sight, after all) he could see directly into her eyes. And it almost took the breath out of him, seeing the red color. No one in his group had mentioned their eyes changing, or if his was a different color. They were all that of browns, blues, or green, but no red... And he had at least seen 15 people or so since the accident. Before she noticed that he was staring at her, he turned away, holding on to Tinkie even tighter.

On the plane when Jeremy realized that this same young woman was sitting in front of him, he saw this as an opportunity. He would watch her, maybe even talk to her if he could muster up the guts to. Maybe even ask her why her eyes were red. As so he did, following her towards the bathroom. Her mood upon first meeting him seemed annoyed, almost even scary, but then she had switched and sweetened towards the end. Like some strange bi-polar disorder (his mother has always had it) except effecting her emotion extremely fast. Jeremy wouldn’t be so confused if he knew she was actually crazy, and that crazy people can have crazy moods. He never got to really ask her why her eyes were red, but she obviously didn’t want to talk to him. The soft brush on his cheek from Eris made him feel slightly more comforted though. He walked back to his chair behind her, then fell asleep.

He woke up around 4 AM. Everyone on the plane was asleep except for maybe two or three, Jeremy including himself. Eris was asleep in front of her. And so he sat quietly, switching his stares from her to the window and back until the pilot had finally said they would be there in a few short minutes. He poked her immediately. “Pst....”


Eris stirred and moved in her uncomfortable plane seat as best she could. She felt the slight pressure of force on her shoulder. It had to be that same boy from the night. She turned around to look at him.

What? she sighed, sounding as if she was still sleeping, and wishing that she really was. Social interaction was certainly not her forte. The boy informed her that they were about to land. If she was going to allow one thing to wake her up, it would be for solely that. If he had said anything else, like “your eyes are red” again, she would probably see to it that the stuffed bear in his lap would be ripped to shreds. Just saying.

“Thanks for letting me know, kid,” she muttered, then turned back around. The overweight man next to her was awake now, eating a huge bag of potato chips. Some of the crumbs were landing of his shirt and then going on to her arm rest. It was disgusting. He was disgusting. But he is also lucky, because she gave up killing as if it was a thing in her past, and usually disgusting men were the first to go. She closed her eyes, trying to block out his smell which was foul, like he hadn’t showered in days. The plane landed eventually, almost muffled by the huge crunch sound coming from his chips. Finally.

Everyone got off the plane in a slow shuffle. They were in no rush, this wasn’t like a vacation trip any of them were planning. It was almost like a flight to a new life for all of them, in a new unfamiliar place, with other unfamiliar survivors. When Eris finally made it off the plane, her bag full of clothes and decently heavy weapons on her back, she could see larger groups clusters around. Their plane hadn’t been the only one to make the trip here, which was optimistic. There would be more people around than she thought. The young boy that had been sitting behind her connected eyes with Eris one more time. He was standing with the few women that found him and took him in. He gave a small wave to Eris, and that was the last time she had seen him in Exodar (or at least for now). Jeremy secretly wished he could go with her-- there was something about Eris to them that made the boy very curious, almost drawn to figure out who she is.

Instead, Eris walked the opposite direction away from all the people. She saw the boy wave to her, and she gave him a nod. Some watched her walk off in confusion. Hadn’t she came here to finally be around others? Yeah, she had, but Eris also knew that transportation was key. In the plane lot there were golf carts scattered around. She hopped into the closest one she found that still had keys in the ignition, and it turned on it a soft purr. Her bag was in her seat, and that was all she needed.

“Time to head to town, where ever that is,” she said half-heartedly, gripping the steering wheel and driving off down the road away from the airport. She got about 30 minutes down the road when the Empty Fuel light come on the vehicle. Dammit, she thought. But there was a gas station she could see in the distance. And did it matter that she had no cash to pay for the gas? Hell no, no one was even around, especially no gas station worker!

Eris drove on her last bit of fuel to the station. While filling up the tank with regular gas which she hoped worked, she walked inside the abandoned store. There were cigerettes, food, and drinks-- all for freeee she thought, hanging on that last word in a sick tone. She swung her body over the counter, landing roughly on both feet. She began taking packs of cigarettes, enough to fit in her arm, then began walking out to the golf cart again, shoving the packs in her bag. She kept one out, and walked a little way from the gas tanks so that she could light up. The smooth smoke of tobacco felt good in her lungs, and she sat down on the pavements in mere silence watching tumbleweeds roll by. Eerie, like a new found wasteland.

((sorry if my end seems rushed! wanted to gert a post in before I went to work!))