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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Crying her mother’s name over and over again had been no use, nor had clinging to her and shaking her. Scarlett had also tried piling blankets over her mum to warm her. But her mother still lay dead still, and was ice cold in her bed. She had to save her, she just had to. But what could she do? She had tried phone 999 like her mother had always taught her, in case of an emergency, but all she got back was silence. Tears streaming down her face, she ran out of the door to get help, still in her panamas. Maybe someone could save her mum! It was cold outside, and Scarlett still felt weak, but she had to get help as quicly as possible. Running out of the front door she expected to see cars, but there was no one. Running up and down her road, she found no one. No one would answer her cries for help. She was getting more and more exhausted but she had to get help or her mum really would be gone forever. She ran as fast as she could, further than she had ever gone alone before. At the end of the road was a parade of shops, perhaps one of the kind shop keepers could help her. But the exhaustion was over whelming, and she could barely walk anymore, let alone run. She began crying harder, as now she could hardly breath. She fell to her knees across the road from the shops, curled up tightly and cried. All of a sudden she sat up for she heard someone, and that someone was coming towards her. She cried harder only in relief this time. She tried to stand but her vision blurred and she had to sit down again. Coming towards her dressed in a beautiful short dress was an angel. She was sure of it.

‘Help me angel, help me.’ The angel began running towards her.

‘Are you alright?’ The angel asked, offering her hand for the little girl to take.

‘You have to help me, my mother’s sick, and I couldn’t find anyone to help. Where is everyone?’ Scarlett sobbed.

‘Everyone got ill little one, you’re the first person I’ve seen since I left my house. Calm down, tell me your name.’

‘My names Scarlett Rose, are you an angel?’. She replied trying to stand with the help of a hand, but again her vision blurred. The beautiful lady lifted the small girl into her arms and held her close.

‘I’m not an angel, Scarlett but I am going to help you. My name is Madeline.’