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A disease has gripped the over-populated earth, killing almost everyone in its path and leaving disasterous consequences. Not only did you survive, but your DNA has been altered. But is it for the greater good?

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Setting: Exodar, Earth2010-08-09 22:37:10, as written by syrafay
Amunet rolled her shoulders. It had been harder than she thought to find somewhere to rest. She was just about to find some tree to sleep in when she noticed an old man and a girl walking together. The girl appeared as if she was blind, and Amunet thought it strange that her only companion was an old man. Out of curiosity, she began to follow them. Eventually, they approached a mansion, and with Amunet watching from around the corner, the old man pushed some buttons on a keypad, and the gate opened. The two went inside, and the gate closed behind them.

Hmm... Amunet thought, One of them must be rich...most likely the girl. I wonder... Back when Isis was still alive, they would never have dreamed of approaching a mansion, ever...but with recent events, maybe those people would allow her to stay there in exchange for her help. With only a blind girl and an old man living in a huge mansion, it must be a little troublesome.

No! That's a stupid idea! Her inner thoughts were screaming with resistance. Amunet turned away, meaning to just leave, but before she even took the first step, she hesitated. What's the worst that could happen? They could say no. Okay. She could live with that. What's the best that could happen. She would get a nice place to stay, even if it was just for one night. Gathering her courage, Amunet turned back around and walked to the gate. Clearing her throat, she pushed the call button on the keypad. There was no turning back now.